Martha Calling

Martha Calling

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Our music is colorful. I see multiple rainbows and spectrums of light when writing these songs. We create dreamy atmospheres, and gloomy foggy graveyards. We aim to take your mind to other places; to capture your thoughts and free them in a universe only imaginable while under the influence of us.MC


We combine ambient guitar sounds with thick deep rhythm guitar sounds. Our keyboard usage is minimal, though it is used to add layering of sound and keep everything colorful. We stole our drummer from a jazz combo.
We take great amounts of influence from Radiohead, Animal Collective, and The Flaming Lips.
We love weird time signatures. 5/4, 7/8, and 10/8 are quite fun. My favorite part of music is the triplet. So most of our songs are written to where the rhythm could be in 4/4 or 6/8, depending on how you listen to it.
Our favorite part of gigging is watching people make faces with the expression of "What... is this?"
We range from overwhelmingly happy sounds, to highly sad depressing sounds. We want to imitate life with our sounds. We are commited to creating art which is alive.


We have two demo songs which are still without vocal recordings. We didn't have time to get them done in our short amount of time in Tyler's Tulsa Technology Center Broadcast Sound Engineering class's recording studio

Set List

Our sets are usually around an hour long.

Bots Fly Over Deserts
Gravity is Blankets
Big Rip
Grave Groove
Warning! Surgeon General!

and we do improvisational jams throughout.

Do You Realize?? - The Flaming Lips
Grass - Animal Collective
Knives Out - Radiohead
Cukoo Cukoo - Animal Collective
Myxomatosis - Radiohead
Oh, My Pregnant Head - The Flaming Lips
Spacey Rocko's Modern Life Theme Song