Martha Colby

Martha Colby


"Martha Colby scrapes, glides and plucks her way like a flame". Martha Colby music is what you get from a kid who wanted to be a lead singer and a bass player and wound up playing the cello, with a background of classical music, prog and 60's folk rock, dixie and swing, thrash and avante garde jazz.


If forced to, NYC freelance cellist, writer, singer and arranger, Martha Colby, labels her music as “acid folk”. Her debut album, Across Two Rivers, appears on the LWR Productions label, as well as her latest collaboration with Steve Raleigh, Christmas Present. Martha's songs are beautiful and vibrant --often visiting surprising harmonic ground, and frequently loaded with environmental and political commentaries.
As a freelancer, Martha can often be found performing with the band October Project, a duo with Anna Dagmar, jazz bands The Llama Dollies and Lyric Fury, and is principle cellist of the Hudson Opera Theater and the Spirit of America Symphonic Pops. She is featured on numerous recordings including those by Sloan Wainwright, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Gregory Douglass and Anna Dagmar to name a few. A recipient of the Joe Venuti Jazz Masters Award and several Meet the Composer grants, Martha has worked with world-renowned musicians including Matt Glaser, Billy Hart, and Kurt Rosenwinkel. She grew up in Guilford, CT

Steve Raleigh is the founder and president of LWR Productions, based in the Hudson Valley of New York. Besides being a first rate producer and engineer, he is a masterful guitarist and composer, and is really good at making people laugh. He is currently leading a crossover jazz/ funk/ jam band known as the Llama Dollies (formerly Inner Door).

Together, Steve and Martha create a sonic palette which by far is greater than the sum of the parts. They are currently working on a new album -- a song-cycle about the environment (political and earth) -- entitled "Bullet Catching Time".


Across Two Rivers - c. Martha Colby 2005
Christmas Present - c. Steve Raleigh and Martha Colby 2005

Martha also appears on recordings by:
Sloan Wainwright, Gregory Douglass, Anna Dagmar, Kati Mac, Pharaoh's Daughter, Dina Regine, Andy Guthrie, David LK Murphy, Cheryl Allison, Kris Roebling, Annie Minogue, Dana Mase, The Novellas, The Syrens, Mary Connelly,Cynthia Goddeau, Dillon Bustin and others.

For a complete discography from LWR Productions, visit www.

Set List

Typical sets for a solo performance by Martha would be up to 1 hour. Add one or 2 other people capable of improvisation and jamming, and we can make music for a long time.

A typical Martha Colby set would include the songs:
Across Two Rivers
The Tide Rises
Space Attack
Monkey River
Inuit Winter
American Entitlement
Alternate Side Rules

Other artists which Martha would cover (were covers requested)
Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash, Thomas Dolby, Annie Lenox, October Project and others.