Martha Frintzila

Martha Frintzila

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Daulute brings a unique and dynamic sound to the interpretation of Greek traditional music. It presents an extensive Cretan repertoire as a basis, while it also explores other Greek music idioms and improvisations.


Martha Frintzila is born in Eleusis, Greece. She studied acting and singing and she is a professor at the National Theatre Drama School ( During her career, she would collaborate with great Greek artists like Haris Alexiou, Maria Farantouri, Stavros Xarhakos, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Tania Tsanaklidou, Lena Platonos, Mode Plagal, Nikos Xydakis, Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Foivos Delivorias, Hanides, Michalis Grigoriou among others.

As a theatre director, she works with the National Theatre of Greece, the University of Athens, the Theatre of Neos Kosmos and Poreia stage. Since 1993, she works as a professional actress in public and private theatres and she takes part in ancient drama, contemporary and music theatre plays.

Since 1999, she has created and has been the artistic director of Baumstrasse music and theatre company. She teaches voice coaching and psychology of the voice to singers, actors and theatre companies.

In the summer of 2003, she performs with composer Thanasis Papakonstantinou in a concert tour around Greece and Cyprus. In 2007-2008, she presents Kubara Project at METRO concert hall in Athens. In 2009, she collaborates with singers Tania Tsanaklidou and Lena Platonos. In 2010, she works with Haris Alexiou and, in the same year, she performs with Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Tassis Christogiannopoulos at the Pallas Theatre in a program dedicated to Nikos Xydakis music. In 2011, she performs with Nikos Xydakis at Gazarte hall and with Panagiotis Tsevas at the baumstrasse studio. In 2012, she presents a musical project with composer and singer Foivos Delivorias.


Discography / participations :

“Martha Frintzila sings Themos Scandamis” (2010, Mikros Heros)
Martha Frintzila “2 nyhtes sta Megara” (2009, Mikros Heros)
Hainides “Kathodos ton saltimbagon” (2009, MBI)
Gerasimos Neofytos “Gynaikeios rolos” (2009, Seven Islands)
Vassilis Mantzoukis “Katerina Ismailova” (2008, Faos Music)
Endeleheia “S’ena megalo avrio” (2008, Sony BMG)
Themos Scandamis "Makrovouti" (2008, Kathreftis)
Yiorgos Dalaras "Tragoudia me ousies" (2008, Universal)
Vassilis Mantzoukis "Baumstrasse" (2007, Libra) 
Vagelis Fabas "The guardian's son" (2007, Sony BMG)
Dimitris Baslam "O Agisilagos" (2007, Sony BMG)
Thanasis Papakonstantinou "Diaphanous" (2007, Achos) 
Thanasis Papakonstantinou "I vrohi apo kato" (2006, Lyra) 
Dimitris Baslam "o Gargalistis" (2005, Sony BMG) 
Theros "Theros" (2005) 
Thanasis Papakonstantinou "Ta zontana" (2004, Lyra) 
The Diaspora of rembetiko (2004, Network) 
Vasilis Skoulas "Anastoroumai" (1998, Knosos) 

As a chorus coordinator and music advisor in :

2004 The swallow song dir. L. Koniordou (Getty museum Los Angeles) 
2004 S. Hatzakis Sacred Marriage dir. S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre) 
2003 N. Kazantzakis The last temptation of Christ dir. S. Hatzakis (National Theatre) 
2001-2003 S. Hatzakis The buck’s night dir.S. Hatzakis (Politeia Theatre) 
2001 Zoe Spyropoulou Songs for men dir.N. Bousdoukos (New Greek Theatre) 
2000 Euripides Alcestes dir.L. Koniordou (National Theatre) 
1999 Sophocles Electra dir.L. Koniordou (Binghamton University of NY) 

Documentaries :

Iro Siafliaki -Timon Koulmasis " Bienvenue chez Martha " (TV arte)
Thanasis Papakostas "Sta kerata tou tavrou" (Thessaloniki film festival)
Menis Theodoridis "Sea tale" (ERT)