Martha Redbone

Martha Redbone


Thought-provoking, hook-laden songs, an amazing voice and a CD that stays on the loop in stereos of an ever-growing fanbase. And live? With a voice like Aretha, a band like Prince, and her glowing stage presence, she just might be your favorite show of the year.


Since the 2002 release of her indie debut album, "HOME OF THE BRAVE" Martha Redbone has become the hottest new artist in the Native American community and is an ‘artist to watch’ in New York’s independent music scene. Her music – "a diagram of the American dream, equal parts folksy guitar strum, Hendrix swagger and Stevie Wonder-esque funk." Pittsburgh City Paper-.

Redbone has garnered major Native American Music awards, ‘Debut Artist of the Year’ at the 2002 Nammys hosted by Crystal Gayle and the 2004 Indian Summer Music Awards for ‘Best Pop Album’ and many BEST OF... lists including NPR's "All Things Considered" Open Mic series. With such critical acclaim as– Billboard Magazine-"Stunning disc… the kind of woman who sets trends." , AllMusicGuide- "Perfect blend of old and new" , Music Connection "Ingenious aural tapestry" - it’s no surprise that Redbone has received tons of airplay, on over 100 stations nationwide, and is fulfilling her dream of performing across the country. In the three years since she started playing to packed houses at the famed-for-Norah Jones' Living Room NYC, Redbone has performed at events from 2004 New Orleans Jazz Festival to the Gathering of Nations PowWow to a duet with Randy Brecker at the Bottom Line’s " Downtown Messiah" with Marshall Crenshaw, David Johanssen. Dar Williams, and others in NYC.

On "SKINTALK", her sophomore album, the songs reflect on everything from the war on terror to racism to the beauty and complexities of love, featuring her touring band and were recorded live for the most part. The result is a record that’s so fresh, spontaneous, soulful and organic, so personal, dynamic and powerful that over the course you will want to laugh and cry, dance, testify and trip… As ever, Redbone’s songs are not only smart and thoughtful but hook-laden, while the grooves range from the smelliest funk to ‘taking it to the ol’ skool’ slow jams to Sly-esque pop rock. And Redbone is a soul singer. From a whisper to a purr to a roar to a wail , she caresses her melodies, in the pure way, the old school way. In testimony to this are the guests on "SKINTALK", among them, trumpet legend Randy Brecker, the historical leader and founder of AIM (American Indian Movement) Dennis Banks and Turkish maestro Omar Faruk Tekbilek. As with "Home of the Brave" "SKINTALK" is produced and written by Redbone with her long term collaborator and keyboardist Aaron Whitby, a Londoner who began his music career in Europe playing with various jazz and World Music bands and as a writer/producer for many European-based RnB groups, including Brit Award winner Shola Ama. Whitby, now residing in NYC, has also recorded with George Clinton, Natalie Cole and Santana drummer Rodney Holmes.

‘It’s a humanitarian record for me. With so much going on in the world there seems to be a real breakdown of honor & integrity… everywhere. Hopefully not trying to sound preachy I came up with the word SKINTALK, a way of communication amongst all people…’


Martha Redbone -
"SKINTALK" (2004 Blackfeet Productions)
"HOME OF THE BRAVE" (2002 Blackfeet Productions)

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Set List

Martha ‘s live performances "dazzle, bewitch, mesmerize" her high energy, soulful and joyous stage presence sends crowds wild. She performs songs from the new album "Skintalk" and her award winning debut "Home of the Brave" plus generally. She may throw a funk cover into the mix , a Sprinsgtein song or even a standard, depending on the occasion and her mood.
Martha is available as an acoustic duo, trio or with up to a 12 piece electric band.

Ideal for events large and small Martha entertains a very diverse audience from college age to the neo- soul underground to coffehouses and AAA radio listeners.
Please see concert calendar for references.

Set lengths are flexible to the event.
Our rates are negotiable according to venue, occasion and budget.