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Martha's Trouble

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"Martha's Trouble have all the qualities that bands like 10,000 Maniacs with Natalie Merchant possessed - great songwriting, great melodies, and a great sense of timing." ~All Music Guide 2005



**Original song "Waverly" featured on Continental Airlines in-flight radio this winter 2007.
**Jen awarded FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE WEEK by reviewer's pick in the Americana Genre, Garage Band
**Song "Waverly" awarded TRACK OF THE DAY by reviewer's pick in the Americana Genre, Garage Band
**Song Brighter From Here placed in made for TV movie "Playing House" airing on the Lifetime Network May 15, 2006
**Animal Planet's "Horse Power" places MT music in 5 episodes this season
**Accepted for Border's Books & Music GLS New Emerging Artist Program in which BBM will feature MT's new Album, Forget October, in all their stores across the US. March & April 2006
**Adopted by (15th largest internet radio in the world) for their new adopt-a-band program.
**WINNER Best Americana Album of the Year, Just Plain Folk Awards (Sleeping Dogs 2004)
**New album Forget October goes to #3 on the Nude music reviews chart on XM Cafe CH45, XM Satellite Radio
**Song Brighter From Here featured in CTV (Canada) & Lifetime Channel made for TV movie "Playing House"
**Song Some Peace Tonight featured in CBS made for TV movie "It Must Be Love".
**Sleeping Dogs album selected Top 12 DIY in Performing Songwriter magazine, 2002
**Christmas Lights album wins partridge award, best holiday releases, Grand Rapids Press
**Falcon Ridge Folk Festival New Emerging Artist Showcase, 2002

If asked about the recent developments with Martha's Trouble, the responses are "things have come full circle," or "this was meant to be." For Jen and Rob Slocumb, things have never looked better for the long time duo. With 7 albums under their belts, the husband-wife act has not faltered in their dedication to make a name for themselves in over a decade. They aren't lacking in recognition, either, with numerous awards from national radio stations, magazines, and spots on TV movies.

The list is incomplete, and Martha’s Trouble has done fine with little change. Jen’s beautiful and enchanting voice pairs well with Rob’s provoking acoustic accompaniment. However, the duo has expanded their lineup in short time with welcomed additions to MT.

With the extra members now present, the 5-piece band has a promising future ahead of them. Both the guitarist and drummer were right under their noses in Auburn, while the bassist resided in Chicago. Prior to his return, the others were closely working with Rob and Jen to improve on Martha's Trouble. Guitarist Jacob Blount and drummer David Ytterberg were brought in to make MT the band that the couple had always dreamed of creating. "This has been over 10 years in the making," Jen says with an air of satisfaction. "We have patiently waited for this day to come."

One of the first things people notice off the bat with MT is how tight and focused the sound is. They have a chemistry that usually takes bands years to hone and perfect. When asked about this, David laughs and remarks "we tell people we've only been a band for a few weeks. Of course, that's not entirely true. Jen and Rob have been together for 12 years while Jake, Paul, and I have played for six years and counting.”

Jacob was the first to be added, and has in short time complimented Rob with great finesse and a style all his own. Based out of Atlanta and Birmingham, he has worked with talented musicians such as Nathan Angelo and Tim Wildsmith, and brushed shoulders with successful producers including Grammy-winning producer Jason Burkum. The combination of Rob's intricate guitar work and Jacob's bluesy, droning riffs is something that truly needs to be heard to be appreciated. The new guitarist also adds new elements to the band as a self-taught keyboard player with innovative pop and jazz melodies.

David was the next to be added, and it couldn't have been a better fit. Hailing from Houston, TX, his varying playing styles and dynamics are just what Jen and Rob have been looking for to be the foundation of their music. Paul speaks of him as "just a down to earth guy. He's a consistent and solid drummer, which isn't that easy to find." Taking style cues from drummers such as Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, and even Stanley Clarke, David uses an approach that carries the songs forward and keeps them interesting from start to finish.

A year ago, bass player Paul Dow never would have guessed that he would now be filling a slot for the band he enjoyed going to watch play in his hometown of Auburn, AL. "I loved the chemistry Rob and Jen had on stage, their interaction with the audience was inspiring." About six months after meeting them and enjoying their friendship, Paul moved to Chicago, IL to pursue other music ventures after thinking he had outgrown Auburn.

In the months preceding his move, Paul had wanted to play with Rob and Jen, but wasn't sure how. "Really, I just didn't know how to approach them ab


100 Miles To Charleston

Written By: Rob & Jen Slocumb

When we left that late November day, it was colder than I had remembered
Driving in an old Dodge Aries, we were trying to make our way down those snowy roads that storm delivered

we’re a hundred miles to Charleston
There’s still several more to go
The night is almost gone
there’s a lot of road behind me and the sky is black and cold
And I can’t wait to see the sun again

If there’s no relief in sight, we’re heading home
These plans we made will be long forgotten
How I’d love to make that drive down Summerville Road
And see your smiling face as we sit around the table

we’re a hundred miles to Charleston
There’s still several more to go
The night is almost gone
there’s a lot of road behind me and the sky is black and cold
And I can’t wait to see the sun again

I need something to help me stay awake
My eyes, they seem a little strained
So lead me on star and help me make it through the night
We’ve got to get to where we’re going

we’re a hundred miles to Charleston
There’s still several more to go
The night is almost gone
there’s a lot of road behind me and the sky is black and cold
And I can’t wait to see the sun again


Forget October 2005
Live @ Eighth & Rail 2004
Still 2003
Sleeping Dogs 2002
Christmas Lights 2002
The Road Ahead 2000
Tale of a Foreigner 1998

Set List

90% original material from 5 albums
10% cover