My music is Contemporary Christian-based praise and worship songs that send positive messages to younger generation to "get up, take heart, He's calling you."


It all started back in 2005, when I entered Teen People Magazine's songwriting competition featuring Ryan Cabrera, where the participants are given specific words to be included in the song. I won second place and was featured in the issue, that's the only competition I ever partake in.

Out of all the genres, I am truly passionate about the Contemporary Christian genre. I have been singing and playing in my local church, and just recently began to play at different churches, in and out of state. My biggest influences are probably Matt Maher, MercyMe, Sara Groves, Phil Wickham, and Brandon Heath. Their music compels me, for its simplicity, honesty, and sincerity. Simple songs that speak volume of the greatness of our Savior, even amidst a world, afflicted by pain and suffering.

The words I write are very simple, and often, very few. But, I pour my heart and soul into every song, for they are the physical interpretation of my love for God.


What are You Waiting For

Written By: Martha Wilson

The world you see around is choked full of lies
The jewels, the treasures promised never did I find
I know, cause He has opened my eyes
And I know, there's so much more to this life

This is your life
This is your time
Come, give your heart now
What are you trying to hide?
Sing all your songs
Lift up your praise
Come to His throne now
What are you waiting for?

The road I choose to take is a winding, narrow path
Though at times I can't go on, His hand pulls me back
I know, cause He has shown me the way
And I know, there's gonna be a brighter day