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Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF

Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF
Band Pop Children's Music


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Watch the video: "Wie sal jou kan liefhê soos ek?""

Wie sal jou kan liefhê soos ek?
Kom lê hier in my liefde. - Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

"Watch the video: "Wie sal jou kan liefhê soos ek?""

Wie sal jou kan liefhê soos ek?
Kom lê hier in my liefde. - Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

"Reviews and Quotes"

A South African woman in Saskatchewan
“I received your CD and was without words about the work you have created! Furthermore your voice is a combination of Mynie Grovè and Clarabelle Van Niekerk’s (on their most beautiful) blended with your own: which to me, is really pretty. You say something special in such a special way...all I can say is keep on doing your music: your unique style, beautiful voice and great songs!” Laurika Rauch, very successful Afrikaans artist in RSA., A South African Woman in Saskatchewan
“You never cease to amaze me with the intellectual brilliance of your poetry. What outstanding imagination” Brian Cavanagh regarding A South African Woman in Saskatchewan
“You have something unique to offer: something that is very prominent in every South African’s mind that is emigrating, being away from your family, your culture and a new more objective way of looking at things that were part of you earlier while still living in South Africa.” Jannie du Toit, A South African Woman in Saskatchewan, Very well known Afrikaans artist in South Africa
“We listen to (your CD) every day in the car! We enjoy it immensely!” Kemps, Canada about “A South African woman in Saskatchewan”
“I think your CD has been listened to until there is nothing left of it! “ Marnel de Kock, fan, Canada
“I have worn your CD out playing it...” Alma Oostenbrink, fan, Canada, South African woman in Saskatchewan
Bubblegum Blues
“This is just great stuff. I don't know how you do it - pulling superb melodies and lyrics, seemingly out of the air. And, to use one of your phrases, the words really do 'sizzle'.”
Brian Cavanagh: Bubblegum blues, Musician, Artist
“I just got your CD: your are bloody talented! I am looking at tracks to choose for my new CD. XX” Nadine Blom: Bubblegum Blues, artist: singer, South Africa
Childrens CD: Fak Liedjies
“My children are enjoying the Children’s CD a lot: My daughter went to the CD player and laid her head down on it!!!!” Suzanne Geldenhuys Fak children's CD, fan
“Thank you for the best childrens CD we have ever held in our hands! My son is jumping up and down with delight, clapping his hands and turning in circles! Have never seen anything like it!”Albertus Wilson: Fak kinderCD, Scientist working in Saudie Arabia
Enfer l’hiver
“It has been a pleasure to watch you work. Your talent and your songs are amazing. The work you have created for the show is stunning! ” Blayne George, Enfer l’hiver, actor, writer
“Thank you for writing the best awakening song I have ever heard”: Jill Stephanie Morgan, Enfer l’hiver, actor , writer
“Cool music: very captivating ”: comment sheet Enfer l’hiver
“Loved the songs: haunting and resonant throughout”: Comment sheet Enfer l’hiver
Perfect World
“The lyrics on your Perfect World CD are of a very high standard! Would you please send me a copy of the music?” Karin Hougaardt, artist South Africa

Stoot die blêddie bus/ Push the bloody bus
“Wow. I got cold shivers down my spine when I listened to “Sweet sweet”: You really sing it beautifully! wow” Morris Perreira, “Push the bloody bus”
Kingfisher Childrens gospel CD
„Marthie the songs you have created are so beautiful and spot on with what we wanted for our children’s ministries“ Magriet Lötter, commssioned and oversaw the project., South Africa, Kingfisher „KMS“outreach
Live performances feedback
“I've heard a lot of comments on how beautiful your voice is and how well you did at the McKenzie. Way to go! “ Chris Hamilton, artist.
“You have a beautiful voice and a person cannot help but be moved by your music.” Deb Mievre after performance at Ladies Breakfast Westhill Park Baptist Church, September 2004
“I would be pleased to be a reference for you and your remarkable talents!”
Jean Freeman, CAPS member
“When I was in Regina last Saturday at the CAPS Chapter meeting, I met
a singer/songwriter, Marthie Nel, who is a wonderful talent.” Patricia Katz, former CAPS president
“You were Fantastic! All my friends loved you! Thanks!!!” Jennifer Dow, Queen City Marathon, 2004: she booked the entertainment
“Last night we heard one of your CDs... we thought your voice was beautiful... a bit reminiscent of B. Streisand.”
Londono Velez, friend, lecturer in anthropology, University of Regina
“Incredible: we really enjoyed it!”:Phi & James Bastian (guestbook)
”Beautiful songs we enjoyed so much” :Sailaja and Vasu Nam (guestbook)
“You took my breath away”:Jim & Lois Eissen, Regina (guestbook)
“Marthie, You are incredible “:Wallis Zbitnew (guestbook)
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"The Leader Post"

... her voice carries a special charm. - Bob Hughes

"The Leader Post"

... her voice carries a special charm. - Bob Hughes


Songs from the Land of Living Skies (2004) Compilation
Commissioned by Tourism Saskatchewan to promote Saskatchewan and a Tourism trade show. “Prairie Love Song” was included in this production.

Enfer l’hiver
A recorded play of a magical, exciting, exotic, mystical, enchanting world of the winter people that awake during the winter to perform the ritual to ensure the return of winter each year.

Stoot die blêddie bus (Push the bloody bus) (1998)
Are you coming or are you staying? The bus is leaving for London detouring to Oxford. You’ll meet Jessie. in Stellenbosch and help push that bus all the way back to Cape Town, South Africa. Remastered with musical arrangements by Brahm Potgieter; recorded at Musicfront Studios.Unplugged version recorded at Musicfront Studios, Paarl, South Africa.

Commissioned by Magriet Lotter by the Kingfisher outreach project: the goal is to reach out to Christian children and motivate them to catch fish for Jesus.

Bubblegum Blues
A bit more jazzy and with blues elements.

I Love Regina
A collection of songs celebrating the beauty of Regina and Saskatchewan, Canada

A South African woman in Saskatchewan
So what is a South African woman doing in Saskatchewan? Turns out to be whiter pastures! This is the story of living your life in a small town: it is not Cape Town but you will find everything you wanted right here.

Perfect world
You know everybody tells you what you should be doing and instead you find a less perfect world struggling to live the perfect life? Here you will find very honest songs.

FAK kinderliedjies
This came into existence because of a burning need for me to help my children keep their language alive. Especially in all the folk songs that they would never hear from their grandparents, as I did from mine! I recorded this CD with 68 Afrikaans folk songs from the well-known source ”FAK” (a folk song book). It includes 13 lullabies, one of which is my own composition.



Award-winning singer, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, organ, guitar, recorder), engineer and playwrighter Marthie Nel started her career in Welkom, South Africa on the steps of a temporary classroom: singing to her friends all the Girl Scout songs she knew, later refusing to attend choir practice because she wanted to sing alone. She would sing in, direct, and write for small chamber choirs while still in school.

Marthie received classical piano and voice training, with a dream of writing and singing her own music. In her tours she found her voice and style…she would not just sing: she would sing cabaret!

In cabaret, Marthie believes you have great musical freedom to think outside forever turning hooks and drum beats. To communicate life and mutual life experiences; to touch somebody’s life; to make people laugh and cry…She sings about being lonely and happy and lost and the joys of motherhood, perfect worlds that do not exist, and how to find yourself amidst the chaos that life brings.

Marthie is currently in the process of recording her newest CD for release in the Canadian and South African markets, titled “A South African Woman in Saskatchewan,” about the ex-pat experience. It is the journey through new life experiences; trading your home country for a foreign country, and all the excitement that comes along with the ride to a higher level of happiness. It’s fresh and new and part of what is currently happening in the world – global migration in the global village! Her songs describe the thrill of watching the Northern Lights dancing in the air like a rainbow or experiencing the magic at Christmas when lights and snow create a glorious wonderland.

“Canada has been good to me; I have come to love the snowscape and call it home. I have found the people here to be friendly and warm. This is truly the land of opportunity.”

A children’s gospel CD was released in South Africa in February 2004 as part of the Kingfisher outreach drive. For this project she wrote eight songs and recorded the lead vocal in Canada in her home studio: the best part being 36 weeks pregnant at the time!

Marthie’s songwriting accomplishments include a honourable mention in the International Songwriting Competition for “How Long Can Your Love Wait” (2003) and finalist in the Unisong International Song Contest for “Dance of Snow and Light” (2003). Her recordings have received airplay on online radio stations, been featured as “Saskatchewan Artist of the Week” on CJTR FM, Regina and received airplay on CBC Radio One. She has also been honoured to be included on several compilation CDs including Saskatchewan Tourism’s “Land of the Living Skies”, distributed throughout Canada (2004). Marthie has written several plays including “Enfer L’hiver,” performed at Regina’s McKenzie Art Gallery (2003) and for which she did the arrangement and performed.

With a diverse range of writing styles covering pop, adult contemporary, rap, rock and folk, and performing in English and Afrikaans, Marthie’s music will takes you on a journey of scenery, emotions and stories. Through her eyes you will see the world.

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