Martians See Red

Martians See Red


We are a hard alternative rock band that writes catchy, singable songs, influenced from everything from old Metallica to David Bowie. We believe that lyrics should be understandable, personality should be an asset, and that ego isn't important because the music is moving, and that's what matters.


The Background of Martians See Red is as unique as the music itself. A collection of four young men, all idealistic and moved by great music of the past, coming together to try and add something beautiful and passionate to the world. Hailing from all over the Southeast, fate and hard times drew all of the Members of Martians See Red to Atlanta, where they have combined their experience and influence to form what they consider to be one of the best untapped talents in the country. Martians See Red believes in the value of hard work, and understands that the reward is the ability to rock faces and entertain people anywhere at anytime. They have driven all night to play shows, walked into to venues unbooked to get gigs, and roamed the streets for hours before shows to hand out flyers and talk to people in order to build crowds. The self-imposed motto for all of this work says it all: "All of this work may lead to nothing, but without doing this, nothing will definitely happen". Martians See Red will undoubtedly achieve success their combination of incredible songs and never-ending work ethic. This work ethic has helped them achieve a lot of accomplishments including sharing the stage with national acts Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Dropping Daylight, Socialburn, and Local H. says "This Atlanta based band is destined for great things and is bound to break out at any moment" With their new E.P. "When All Seems Lost" being released on May 19th 2007, the momentum this band has gained doesn't look to be slowing down.


Everything Is Falling Into Place

Written By: Kenny Brown (Martians See Red)

Complaining Done
Oh halfway house is finally gone
dont look back
leave that meglomaniac

and everything is falling into place

When empathy is my favorite enemy

Im still sorry
but only with my shades on

and everything is falling into place

Never felt better than I feel now
breathing is easier without you around.


Written By: Kenny Brown (Martians See Red)

Everything is so surreal
whenever your around
everybody wants something
but not the way that I want you
and no one can love like this
pale skin and a longed for kiss
drop everything and leave and trade the love you feel to intoxicate me

Intoxicate me

Because I only see in watercolors
everything is bending, everything is blending and no one can love like this.....

Intoxicate me

You won't get away from me


2005 - Self Titled EP - over 1000 in circulation
2007 - All Is Not Lost - Release Date - May 19th

Multiple Tracks from both of these albums have been featured on Atlanta Major Radio Stations Project 96.1 FM, 99x, and multiple internet radio stations.

Set List

Our normal set is 46 - 60 minutes with all originals and one to two cover songs. We do sometimes play multiple set gigs that last for around 3 hours, with 1o minute breaks between sets. Those shows are usually a 50/50 mix of originals and 90's alternative covers. A normal set list for us is as follows:
1) Watercolor
2) Channeling Aero
3) Dead Boys and Girls
4) Mourning Will Never Come
5) Moonage Daydream
6) Everything is Falling Into Place
7) Open Words
8) Waiting For Serenity
9) Windy Meadow Way
10) Skulls/Last Caress
11) Lost