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"This will please many melodic hard rock/AOR fans for sure. Hats off to this Danish rocker that sticks to his guns and released a great rock album!" -


Martie Peters is – or was – frontman for the Danish melodic hard rock outfit Push, who disbanded in 2002. Martie was the principle songwriter and vocalist, not to mention sometime guitarist and co-producer - alongside his longtime buddy Anthony Lledo.

This is Martie's first solo record – released under the moniker of MPG. But one look at the credits will please Push fans. For the line-up features Push drummer Jesper Werner and guitarist Martin Slott.
So MPG is the re-birth of Push – on a new label and with a new outlook. I didn't realize just how good this album sounded until I went back this week and played the old Push albums. I've always been a big fan of the bands songs –but the production behind the delivery has always been a little sub-par. I haven't let that get in the way of enjoying some fine classic style melodic hard rock, but the extra time Martie has spent putting the MPG album together really shows.

This is a sonically pleasing album in that for the first time it allows the catchy pop metal style songs to fully shine. This is an album that should see Martie reach a bigger audience, as he really has a classy record on his hands.

In continuing the re-birth of Push theme, two tracks from the last album are remade here - Only Dreaming and the essential feel good anthem Heart Is An Empty Space – both for the better I might add. They both feature a beefed up production and extra musical layers.

There are 8 fresh new originals, lead by the monster moody rocker The Beast Inside, which was previewed on my own compilation release last year. This track simply drips with lush vocal harmonies and a moody angst that makes it an ideal album starter.

Martie's Mike Tramp styled voice and White Lion friendly approach to rock n roll is carried on into the new album, but more now than ever he has a set of songs that really makes a cohesive record.
There are a number of highlights, with no tracks simply filling in space or time.

Riot On The 5th Floor is an energetic double-time Def Leppard styled pop metal tune; Takes Some Time is a soft haunting acoustic ballad; A World Without You is a thoughtful, somewhat moody mid-tempo rock song with a great chorus. Special mention for Bird On The Wire, which is one of the great songs of recent times – packed with harmonies, layered vocals and hooks to kill for.

Rounding out the 10 originals is the last track, Dixie Toot, a cover of the 1974 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood track. As expected, this cover packs in al the fun of the original, complete with a retro blues rock feel and some killer piano chops.

The Bottom Line

Take a bow Martie – each record has been better than the last and MPG sees all bases covered for the first time – making this a very fine melodic rock record indeed. While nothing style wise that won't already be familiar to most, the high quality sound and catchy songs featured make for a compelling argument to add this title to many must buy lists!

- Andrew McNiece at

"Holy Smoke! This is pretty much what you need to welcome 2005 in a powerful way!" 90/100 -

"I have been listening to this album the last month and I am very proud to be from the same country that originated this album, since this is a high quality product from Martie Peters that unquestionably will rank among the best releases of 2005. MPG surely makes a very worthy album of the month for February 2005." - Michael at

"Although Push was a good band, I think this outfit is even better, not only because of the great diversity of the material, but even more because of the similarities to early White Lion (when that band was at its best). Not a single weak track is to be found on this debut album and even the cover version of the Stewart/Wood track Dixie Toot (from 1974 and featuring old school guitarist Christian Thiesen) is pretty palatable. This is the sort of album that gives me a good feeling." - 5/6 - Chris Lambert at

MTM Music

It’s almost uncanny just how much vocalist Martie Peters’voice resembles that of Mike Tramp from WHITE LION. So much so that if they performed back to back, without looking, even the most seasoned ear would have a hard time telling them apart… and that’s exactly what happened when Martie Peters actually opened for Mike Tramp on his 2004 European tour. Instead of being insulted by the comparison as SOME vocalists would have been, Peters embraces it… but how could you not? The new self-titled, debut release by the MARTIE PETERS GROUP (MPG) brings out all the best of what the original WHITE LION once was.

This is exactly the kind of album WHITE LION or Mike Tramp should have put out years ago. Peters’ melodic and tasteful… yet harsh compositions bring back the glory days of WHITE LION albums like “Fight To Survive” and “Pride.” Without blatantly mimicking the band, MPG guitarists Martin Slott and Anthony Lledo add their own unique styling which can actually be compared to the heavy riffs of George Lynch or the brilliant, layered guitar sound of IRON MAIDEN rather than to those of Vito Bratta (WHITE LION).

The opening track, “The Beast Inside,” just builds from the opening guitar riffs through the pounding drums, to the soulful chorus and also features a sweet guitar solo. “Riot On The Fifth Floor” is a prime example of what I spoke about earlier. It starts off with some Dokken-ish riffs overshadowing some powerful double-bass drums, compliments of Jakob Schlein, but then kicks into that powerful, dual guitar harmony that MAIDEN is famous for.

“Take Me Over The Edge,” “Heart Is An Empty Space” and “Only Dreaming” are solid AOR tracks featuring some really nice melodies and chorus’. “Number 1” is a bit more laid back and almost has that heavier, power ballad feel to it but really kicks into gear with some very nice guitar work, an intelligent, well-balanced solo and some tasty keyboard fills making this one of my favorites on the CD. “Bird On The Wire” is a great track as well and almost reminds me a little bit of THE OUTFIELD in the beginning just before the vocals kick in.

“A World Without You” is another soothing power ballad. Very melodic with some very good acoustic parts as well as some nice electric overtones and it almost sounds like it could have been an outtake from “Big Game”… which wouldn’t surprise me if Tramp actually passed this along.

Finally, tracks like “Hard To Choose” and a cover of Rod Stewart’s 1974 hit “Dixie Toot” really compliment the CD with their more bluesy rhythms but still have that groove to them which works well with the rest of the CD.

This is a great release. Fans of WHITE LION or AOR in general will absolutely love this. MPG definitely fills in that void lost with the demise of WHITE LION so many years ago and stands out as one of the better MTM releases this year.


MTM Music

When reading in the bio that this Danish guy was being compared to Mike Tramp in the White Lion heydays, at first I was stunned with utter surprise. Then, I took my White Lion albums out of the closet, gave 'em a spin on the turntable, and found myself amazed at the fact that on "Pride", Tramp indeed did have this high-pitched, slightly hoarse, and slightly nasal quality in his vocal sound. But I'm still far from putting Martie forward as a Tramp copy!

For one thing, the music is quite a bit harder than the more AOR-oriented stuff from his past (or that of WL) with Push (or even the Sleaze Rock styled Sateria before that). Apparently a change which he needed himself as well (so learns us the same bio). What happened first, was Martie's teaming up with his long time friend Anthony Lledo to produce the album (and the fact that Anthony's also a multi-faceted musician playing guitar, bass & keyboards would only be the more helpful in the starting fase of this solo project), and former bandmate Martin Slott as a main guitarist. Then, BJ and Jacob Stein were added to the line-up as bassist and drummer respectively.

During the recordings (which took place during most of the year 2004) under the supervision of Tommy Hansen, guitarist Rene Shades (with whom Martie played in Sateria from 1987 to 1991, and who has recently toured with Mike Tramp) and old school guitarist Christian Thiesen were brought in to make for an even bigger diversity than Martie had done is his previous career.

And, as is per usual with Melodic Hard Rock bands, of course there's a couple of slower songs aka 'ballad's ("Takes Some Time", "Heart Is An Empty Space", and "A World Without You" follow each other conveniently on the album; "Hard To Choose" almost closes the album, however, the album is closed with a cover of Ron Wood/ Rod Stewart's "Dixie Toot" (a song which I never heard before, so, in all honesty, I can't compare this rendition to the original).

One thing is for sure: lovers of White Lion in their most successful period, and fans of somewhat harder AOR with a very recognizable vocalist are gonna love this! Younger Hard Rock fans (who may not have come in contact with any White Lion albums yet) may need a couple of spins of the album to get used to the vocals, but I'm sure they'll recognize this project for containing high quality in both composition and performance!

Push - On The Run
(Z Records)

Half the band's changed for this third from Denmark's leading hair metal torch-flamers (although new guitarist Martin DaRic is the band's original axeman), and the result is a tentative shift away from straight riff rockers into greater dynamic, scattering with increased confidence into acoustic, blues, glam, even heavier rock. Once more though, stellar production, carousing drums and highly rhythmic riffing carry the tune, along with Martie Peters' Enuff Znuff vocal style. A very nice cross-stitch of pop metal styles with the idea of metal, slammed home with big bass drums and crackling snare, each corner of the Push quartology doing a personality-projected job with his chosen weapon. Fans of Britny Fox, Danger Danger, GN'R, Chip Z'Nnuff, and Firehouse should have no problem copping to this well-appointed cock rocker. Note: a higher than is usual proportion of strident, southern, Slash-Poisoned power ballads.
Rating 7

- Martin Popoff -

MTM Music (2005)

New name on me that of Martie Peters and the band he’s been in these past ten years, Push. Top draw producer Tommy Hansen (TNT/Fate) adds a gloss to this gem of melodic hard rock.

Peters sounds at times uncannily like White Lion’s Mike Tramp and indeed fans of the latter band will enjoy this album immensely. ‘The Beast Inside’ could easily be White Lion tune but that’s to say its White Lion clone as ‘Number 1’ is a glorious slab of melodic hard rock. Of course you have to have ballads and ‘Takes Some Time’ doesn’t drag or sound to deritive like many band’s attempts at ballads. For me it’s the hard rocking numbers that do the business like the riffing on ‘Take Me Over The edge’ and the bar room stomp of ‘Dixie Toot’.

Top notch melodic hard rock with big choruses, catchy hooks and lots of guitar. A great release to start 2005 off with.




Martie Peters Group - Road To Salvation 2007
NL Distribution
Produced by Martie Peters
Mixed by Tommy Hansen

01. Fallen (Peters, Slott)
02. Chosen One (Peters, Slott)
03. Shallow (Tritico, Peters, Slott)
04. The Clown (Peters, Slott)
05. Wish (Peters, Slott)
06. For What It’s Worth (Peters, Slott)
07. Swimming In Your Blue Eyes (Peters, Slott)
08. Silence Sits At My Throne (Tritico, Peters, Slott)
09. Kill The Pain (Tritico, Peters, Slott)
10. Waitin’ In Line (Peters)
11. All I Have (Peters, Slott)
12. Road To Salvation (Peters, Slott)

Martie Peters - Vocals
Martin Slott - Guitars
BJ - Bass
Jakob Schlein - Drums


Martie Peters Group - Self Titled
MTM Music - 0681-119
Released: January 2005
Produced by Anthony Lledo & Martie Peters
Mixed by Tommy Hansen

Track listing:
01. The Beast Inside (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
02. Riot On The 5th Floor (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
03. Only Dreaming (Peters, Lledo)
04. Number 1 (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
05. Takes Some Time (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
06. Heart Is An Empty Space (Peters, Lledo, Tritico)
07. A World Without You (Peters, Shades, Lledo)
08. Take Me Over The Edge (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
09. Bird On The Wire (Peters, Slott, Lledo)
10. Hard To Choose (Peters, Tritico, Shades, Lledo)
11. Dixie Toot (Stewart, Wood)
12. The Will To Survive* (Peters, Slott, Lledo) *Japanese bonus track

Martie Peters: All vocals. Jesper Werner: Drums. Martin Slott: Electric guitar. Anthony Lledo: Electric & acoustic guitar, keyboards & bass. Rene Shades: Electric & acoustic guitar. Christian Thiesen: Electric guitar & bass. Morten Wittrock: Piano. Bent Jørgensen: Bass. Tommy Hansen: Tambourine.


Mike Tramp - Songs I Left Behind
Frontiers Records: FRCD224
Released 2004

Backing vocals on these tracks:
If I Was Real
I Won't Walk Away
I'll Be There
I Don't Believe Anymore
Falling Down


Push - For The Love Of The Game
Z Records - ZR1997074
Released April 2002
Produced by Anthony Lledo & Martie Peters
Mixed by Jan Eliasson

Track listing:
01. 4 The Love Of The Game (Peters)
02. Heart Is An Empty Space (Peters/Lledo/Tritico)
03. Only Dreaming (Peters/Lledo)
04. In My Blood (Peters/Lledo)
05. Time To Let You Know (Peters)
06. Not This Time (Peters)
07. Lucky Man (Peters)
08. The Best Thing (Peters)
09. More Than Meets The Eye (Peters)
10. Just A Man (Peters)*
11. Black Candles (Peters/Sogreen)**

Martie Peters: All vocals.
Anthony Lledo: Guitars, keyboards & bass.
Jesper Werner: Drums.
Musicians on *
Martie Peters: All vocals.
Martin Slott: Guitars.
Tommy Adler: Drums.
Kasper Sogreen: Bass.
Musicians on **
Martie Peters: All vocals.
Martin Slott: Guitars.
Morten Plenge: Drums.
Kasper Sogreen: Bass.


Push - On The Run
Z Records, ZR1997025
Released April 2000 & August 2000 in Japan
Produced by Push
Mixed by Jan Eliasson

Track listing:
01. On The Run (Peters/Slott)
02. Waitin' In Line (Peters)
03. Too Late (Peters)
04. Broken Down (Peters)
05. One Reason (Peters)
06. Believe In Love (Peters/Tritico)
07. Jokerman (Dylan)
08. Changes (Peters)
09. Never Too Loud (Peters)
10. Better Late Than Never (Peters)
11. Miracles (Peters)
12. Just A Man* (Peters)
13. Black Candles* (Peters/Sogreen)
* japanese bonus tracks

Martie Peters: All vocals.
Martin Slott: Guitar.
Kasper Sogreen: Bass.
Tommy Adler: Drums.
Morten Plenge: Drums.
Stevie Tee: Background vocals.
Anthony Lledo: Strings and synth arrangements.
Anders Haar: String and keyboard arrangements.


Mike Tramp - Remembering White Lion
Cleopatra Records: B000021XQ4
Released 1999

Backing vocals on these tracks:
Living On The Edge
Lonely Nights


Push - Shaken, Not Stirred
Z Records, ZR1997007
Released December 1998 in Japan & January 1999 in the rest of world
Produced by Push
Mixed by Jan Eliasson

Track listing:
01. Never Again (Peters)
02. Heart Attack (Peters)
03. Time Will Tell* (Peters)
04. Alone (Peters)
05. Almost Pornographic (Peters)
06. The Only One (Sogreen/Peters)
07. Ship Comes In (Peters)
08. Guess I'll Always Love You (Rod Stewart band/Taupin)
09. Need You Here (Peters)
10. Shaken, Not Stirred (Peters/DaRic)
11. Rock And Roll Livin' (Peters)
12. Casanova (Peters)
13. Those Were The Days (Peters)
14. Soul On Fire (98 version)* (DaRic/Peters)
* japanese bonus tracks

Martie Peters: All vocals.
Martin Slott: Guitars.
Kasper Sogreen: Bass.
Morten Plenge: Drums.


Push - Maximum Entertainment
Nordic Metal, NMCD1196
Released December 1996
Produced by Martin DaRic



In the early 1990's, MARTIE PETERS formed a band called PUSH and released four albums from 1996-2002 on a U.K. label called Z Records. PUSH enjoyed moderate success overseas and created a cult following with fans from all over the world.

PUSH toured with the likes of PRETTY MAIDS, RONNIE JAMES DIO and ROYAL HUNT, played shows in Sweden, Holland, Belgium and the U.K. to support all four albums. Reviews were fair, but a modern sound, raw guitars and multi-layered vocals became the trademark of the band and people began to take notice.

On a number of occasions, Martie has worked with MIKE TRAMP of WHITE LION and the two begun a friendship that has lasted through the years. Martie performed backing vocals for MIKE TRAMP'S albums "Remembering White Lion" (1999), "More To Life Than This" (2003) which was recorded at the famous Sweet Silence Studio and engineered by FLEMMING RASMUSSEN (METALLICA) and "Songs I Left Behind" for Frontiers Records (2004).

After PUSH went on hiatus in 2002, Martie wanted to grow as a singer and songwriter. He continues to define himself as a solo artist by pushing the limits of his songwriting, trying new vocal and musical styles and working with outside writers.

With this change, Martie has since moved on to form his new band, THE MARTIE PETERS GROUP. The band released their self titled debut album in 2005 through MTM Records.

In June of 2006, Martie wrote and recorded the official anthem for his favorite football (soccer) team Lyngby Boldklub. The single, performed by The Martie Peters Group, is in Danish and is called "Lyngby Boldklub's Viking Vender Hjem" (Lyngby Boldklub's Viking Returns). It has been released through the official club site (Note: the site is in Danish) and is also available in the souvenir shop. The song is played for over 2000 fans during every home game.

Four new tracks from THE MARTIE PETERS GROUP are now available exclusively through the bands MySpace page at ( and are a perfect testimonial to the band’s new direction and sound…HARD ROCK WITH A MODERN TWIST.

In January 2007, the single, "Shallow," was selected and entered into the Rock category of the 2006 International Songwriting Competition and was considered for the finals, but sadly didn’t make the cut. However, with over 14,000 songs entered, making it that far along in the competition was a great accomplishment for the band, proving that it’s all about the music and people noticed.

In October 2007, THE MARTIE PETERS GROUP played the Melodic Rock Festival in South Bend, Indiana ( and was one of the artists along with Jeff Scott Soto, 7th Heaven, Kevin Chalfant and Goodbye Thrill that opened for Nashville's All-Star Scrap Metal featuring Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Gunnar & Matthew Nelson (Nelson), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big). Other guests: Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions), Jimi Jamison (ex-Survivor), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple). The show drew fans and press from seven countries and 34 states, filling two downtown hotels.

Produced by Martie Peters and mixed by veteran producer Tommy Hansen, the new MARTIE PETERS GROUP CD, "Road To Salvation" is out NOW in Europe through Sheer Class Music/NL Distribution and Spiritual Beast in Japan.

The album is also available on CD in the U.S. from NEH Records, CD BABY, and online in digital format via iTunes, MusicIsHere, Tradebit & PayPlay and MusicBuyMail in Europe.

Music Buy Mail:
iTunes: type in (martie peters group)

Influences include but are not limited to: