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Footscray, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Footscray, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Pop Electronic


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You may have noticed that some of the best music is coming from Australia these days. Is it an elaborate PR scheme? A carefully planned government program? A coincidence? There’s really no way to tell, but what is readily apparent is that from trap to techno the entire continent has got something up its sleeve and is ready to show its cards. The latest of which is no exception.

Martin King hails from Footscray, Victoria, a small suburb 5 km west of Melbourne. His previous work includes The Harpoons and a duo known as Oscar + Martin. His latest project holds his given namesake and explores personal territory as a learned composer of minimal electronic music and upbringing in an “era saturated in Ministry of Sound.”

King’s solo project has been going for about a year now, but his last piece is what put him on the map for us. The collaboration with vocalist Juliet Rowe took his production to the emotional depth it needed. So much so that they’ve teamed up again for his latest, “PGF”. Where “Guilt Trip” was a ballad of “self-sabotage of a relationship past repair,” “PGF” speaks to the “bittersweetness of love unrequited.” Both feature warm pads and distant percussive elements familiar to minimal electronic music.

Listen to the premiere of “PGF” below, and keep your eye on this newfound pop heartthrob via SoundCloud and Facebook. - Nest HQ

The minimalist qualities in Martin King's newest track "Guilt Trip," is what immediately drew me to the offer for a premiere I received earlier this week for the track. During the summers, the sound music tends to become happier, bouncier, or conversely, darker, and deadlier. Either way, music becomes dramatic to fit both the daytime and nighttime party life.

King however, decides to bring out things we don't necessarily feel comfortable talking about. Relationships that walk down the wrong path, and the story of self-sabotage, and still makes it into a piece that approaches uncomfortable lyrics with surprising ease. It's drippy, emotional, and full of realism that's hard to shake.

We're super excited to premiere this one with you guys today. Check it out below! - Earmilk

Post a doozy of a 'Like A Version' for Triple J, Melbourne nu-soul artist Oscar Key Sung has unwrapped a host of remixes for some of the lead tracks from his 'Altruism' EP.

Although up for a free download (to those in Australia) we've got streaming dibs on the Martin King remix of "Brush", one of our favourites from the release.

The remix by the Melbourne producer pitches out Oscar's casually smooth vocals just a touch higher into rnb-pop territory while stitching it together with bumpy drums and an oh-so-sweet breakdown.

Other remixes land via Darcy Baylis, Null, Thomas Willian and Zuri Akoko of which one or two might be played during the final two shows of Oscar's Australian tour dates in Brisbane and Sydney.

Again, free download here and tour dates below.

Friday 26th June – The Brightside, Brisbane, QLD (Tix)
Saturday 27th June - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW (Tix) - Stoney Roads

There’s an incredible bout of producers coming out of Melbourne, particularly as of late. It may have something to do with the well-fostered nightlife that is so present in Melbourne, or even the ever-growing dance community.

MARTIN KING is one of these producers. You may know him aside from his solo work with his other projects THE HARPOONS and OSCAR + MARTIN.

His work makes definite nods at 80’s staples, and utilises a crafty bout of synths to the n’th degree. However his latest song ‘Guilt Trip’ sees a more melodic side to his production, with a gorgeous focus on not only production this time, but vocals too.

He’s enlisted the help of JULIET ROWE in lifting this, and the scope of this one is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s predominantly filtered with a cool spectrum of trap hi-hats and a crafty eye for layering, particularly with those synths.

Martin King has a particular eye for the details, and as shown in ‘Guilt Trip’, his percussive ear is definitely on point. - Purple Sneakers

Martin King — “I’ll Be”

Not much personal detail can be found on Martin King, except that this YouTube upload via Australian independent label Two Bright Lakes cites Arca, 2Chainz and Iggy Azalea as his influences. “I’ll Be” guides you through all of your senses with a steady hypnotic beat that matches the vibrant background colors of his cover art. - Dazed

Ciara — 'Got Me Good (Martin King remix)'
One half of Australian legends Oscar + Martin, Martin utilises Ciara to shape top 40 from commodity into art. There’s absolutely nothing safe about this bootleg remix and yet it’s as danceable and accessible as the original. - Oyster Magazine

If there’s one thing that’ll keep creative enclaves around Australia up all night, it’ll be this EP. From Northcote to Newtown, rest assured that those dripping in cultural cool will have their ears tuned to this latest offering from indie/art powerhouse, Two Bright Lakes.

If you’re familiar with Oscar + Martin or The Harpoons then there’s no doubt you’re familiar with Martin King. One half of the former, and a staple of the wider community of Two Bright Lakes, King has finally given us something of his own. Renowned for his production skills on a series of releases on top of 2011′s For You, he’s a man that’s well seasoned in the art of production.

So, you’d be excused for assuming that this EP has a lot to answer for. And while that may be a trap, there’s no escaping the lineage that it stems from. On the face of it, you’ve got the elements that TBL’s been renowned for over the past few years: a performer who collaborates with a series of other ‘hip’, ‘up and coming’ acts, on top of an aesthetic that seems to tap into the cultural zeitgeist (or whatever buys cultural capital from TBL’s audiences).

But, trying to place King on a spectrum of sorts, this is something that gets tricky very quickly. The retro-soul of The Harpoons differs greatly in style in comparison to the urban minimalism of Oscar + Martin. Speaking to Melbourne-based photo-editorial website, Grilling Me Softly, King spoke of his admiration for Iggy Azealea. And if you think that’s something that bred consternation for those reading that, then you wouldn’t be the first. But then King went on to say this:

“I’m not really sure why (I like her) because some of the stuff she does is really atrociously bad, and her rapping is not very good, but I just like that she’s representing Australia”

So, looking to what Fitness Vol 1 does for local music is maybe not the right question. Make no mistake, this is a release that’s bound to make an impact – to the right people – but this may not be the definitive release that Oscar + Martin fans might have been hoping for. Be patient.

When describing this EP to Grilling Me Softly, Fitness was designed with 80s synths and Euro-trap in mind and that comes across in parts. ‘I’ll be’ nods to the 80s, but soon descends into a bass line reserved for contemporary RnB. On the whole, there’s no clear single that leaps from the stables, or a ‘banger’ – for a lack of a better term. Intended or not, the EP has this restraint that’s refrains from tying itself to an overt genre. I mean, on face value, and with the lineage that King has, you could easy mistake of pigeon holding this into RnB – which it sometimes steps into, but not entirely. Here, the tracks are short, tight, and sweet, straddling a musical aesthetic that’s eponymous of King’s past work. The only thing that sprung to mind was Collarbones‘ mix for Oyster Magazine, but even then there’s elements to this EP that belong solely to King himself.

And that’s exactly why I for one, prize the impact that TBL’s had on Australian music over the past few years. With Collarbones unabashed avowal of pop, to Brothers Hand Mirror’s re-imagining of Australian hip-hop, it’d be strange to imagine a musical landscape without TBL. And I’m glad it’s the likes of King who’s the next in line to do this. - Who The Hell

What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | Oct 07, 2013 | Total plays: 3,610
Brought to you by Melbourne label Two Bright Lakes, Martin King is an artist that flies under the radar but resurfaces with a pretty insane collection of tracks found on his most recent release, Fitness By Martin King Vol. 01.

Titled "I'll Be," this is a track that is definitely on the more experimental side of things and will haunt your ears in the best possible sense. What caught my attention straight away was the catchy hand claps and tribal backbeat that almost forces you to turn down the lights and get a little weird. For fans of dark electronica, this track wont disappoint "“ especially once it combines with that harmonious R&B swagger around the one-minute mark.

Let's face it, music like this isn't something you come across everyday. So when all of the vocal and production elements combine together in such a fluid manner, you know it's that good shit. Enjoy. - Indie Shuffle

​Representing some of the best names in Australian creativity, Two Bright Lakes has grown into one of the most prolific and ambitious labels on the scene. What's most impressive is their dedication to existing artists. Martin King is a veteran with the label. We're unsure if Oscar and Martin are still writing together, but over the past few years both members have been releasing solo records. Martin King is the most recent one to drop some impressive music. With his interesting, albeit short, Fitness EP, Martin demonstrates his knack for child-like sounds and intricate production. Some of these tunes come off as little blips of what could have been a completed song, falling just short of delivering the familiar resolve we all feel at the end of a traditional song. Overall, however, they're a collection that's just too interesting and aurally stimulating to pass up. - Live for the funk


2015 - All Alone DEER - Independent [co-Writer/Performer]
         - I Am Not Sorry Banoffee - Dot Dash/Remote Controll [Producer] 
         - Brush [Martin King remix] Oscar Key Sung - Warner [Producer]
         - Guilt Trip/PGF [ft. Juliet Rowe] - Independent [Producer/co-Writer/Performer]
         - Ready For Your Love The Harpoons - Independent 

2014 - 
Falling For You The Harpoons - Two Bright Lakes [co-Producer/co-Writer/Performer]
         - Ghost Here [Martin king remix] friendships - Independent [Producer]
2013 - Fitness by Martin King vol.01 - Two Bright Lakes [Writer/Producer/Performer]

2012 - Walk Away/Keep You Around ep. The Harpoons - Two Bright Lakes [co-Producer/co-Writer/Performer]

2011 - For You Oscar + Martin - Two Bright Lakes [co-Producer/co-Writer/Performer]

2010 - Recognise ep Oscar + Martin - Two Bright Lakes [co-Producer/co-Writer/Performer]



Martin King has been refining his sonic talents both in the studio and on stage for years, with an impressive resume of supports including; Caribou, Fortet, Coco Rosie, Mount Kimbie, and Gotye (to name a few). If you were thinking, hmm i’ve seen that face before. You’re right! Martin King was one half of Melbourne duo Oscar + Martin. Now solo, King explores the depths of his own complex musical imagination creating spacey slow jams and party anthems once described as "James Blake in the Favela".

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