Martin Alex Aucoin

Martin Alex Aucoin


Martin Alex Aucoin is a jazz/blues musician with a broad musical IQ. His influences are from jazz to country and everything in between. The album "So Far" consists of clever lyrics and an honest, sincere vocal delivery, both set to a jazz/blues groove. The soloing by all involved is exceptional.


Martin Alex Aucoin is an award nominated songwriter/producer/keyboard player. This year he is nominated for the ECMA's in the Jazz category for his own album "So Far"; he is a Maple Blues Awards nominee for Best Songwriter & Producer, and The Johnny Max Band album "A Lesson I've Learned" (for which he wrote/co-wrote 11 songs and produced) has been nominated for a Juno.
Originally from Nova Scotia, Martin grew up with Acadian folk songs, Celtic fiddle music, country music, and whatever was on AM radio in the late 60's and 70's. Seeing a clip on television of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell performing "The Letter" from the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour proved to be an epiphany. He soon began to play chords on the family piano and learning tunes by the Beatles, Burt Bacharach, and other pop songs of the day. By the end of high school he developed an interest in jazz and blues through Dave Brubek, Duke Ellington, and Muddy Waters records.
After some soul searching (hitchhiking all over North America, Spain and Morocco, working on a rail gang, tending bar, an aborted stint in the Canadian Armed Forces, etc.) he decided to study music seriously and enrolled in Toronto's famed Humber College music program. Essentially a jazz program, Martin studied piano, orchestration, and arranging. He worked his way through college by playing local gigs, and upon graduation, immersed himself in the bustling blues/R&B scene in Toronto. Playing with Juno award winners Morgan Davis and Jack DeKeyser, he was also playing on country sessions in local studios.
Becoming increasingly disenchanted with Toronto and the Canadian music business in general, Martin moved to Nashville, TN in 1990. He soon found work in local nightclubs, backing singers of varying talents, where the hours were long and the pay was short. Eventually, he landed a job with one of his favorite singers, BJ Thomas. From Hawaii to Alaska, California to New York, Vegas to Timbuktu, it was a whirlwind experience marked by breath-taking views of the USA and bone-crushing boredom on airplanes, buses, and in hotel rooms.
After a year and a half, Martin left the road and set upon the task of breaking down the Nashville studio session door. He supported himself by going back to nightclubs and playing radio shows on the weekend. He was Musical Director on an amateur show airing out of Russellville KY, called "Live at Libby's" and was part of the Grand Ol' Opry radio/tv show for 4 years, playing with the great Cajun singer, Jimmy C. Newman. With so many artists and musicians playing on the Opry every week, it was fantastic to meet and talk with so many of his Southern heroes.
Songwriter demo sessions began to come in and Martin played on countless songs that were recorded by country greats Garth Brooks, George Strait, John Michael Montgomery and more of the current Nashville stars. Playing on these sessions gave him a sense of structure with regard to his own songs. He also squeezed in some stage time with jazz great Larry Carlton, funkster Tony Joe White, Johnny Gimble (from the Bob Wills band), country-jazz fiddler Vassar Clements, Ricky Van Shelton, Alan Jackson, and others. He raised a small stir when he got a job playing in a Black Baptist church just across the Davidson county line in Lavergne, Tn. Local white church members came to a service at the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church and brazenly offered him a job at their church. He refused, being more at home on the African-American side of the gospel groove.
Family matters brought Martin back to Toronto in 2000, and he re-integrated himself in the Toronto music scene. Remaining true to his musical split personality, he found himself in blues/R&B Bands, playing on country sessions, doing jazz gigs and writing sardonic and heartfelt songs suited to a countryman living in the city.

The beat goes on……


I Don't Mind

Written By: Martin Alex Aucoin

We used to have a future but that’s all in the past
With the way that you’re behaving how long can we last
I got the feeling you’re leaving me behind
Well go ahead baby, I don’t mind

Living here with you is no fun I swear
It’s like doing 30 days in the electric chair
You’re holding up the scissors to cut the tie that binds
Well go ahead baby, I don’t mind

You tell me that I’m lazy and that you do it all
Your yelling and screaming echo down the hall
Your words are like knives, they’re so unkind
Well go ahead baby, I don’t mind

I saw you talking to some other man today
You said he was a friend it didn’t look that way
Careful what you wish for, you may not like what you find
Well go ahead baby, I don’t mind

Gotta Get Over You

Written By: Martin Alex Aucoin

Vs 1
My stomach’s in knots and I can’t eat
I can hardly stand on my own two feet
I’ve been to a doctor, psychiatrist too
And they say,
I’ve gotta get over you

Vs 2
I’m banging into things and I’m losing weight
I could use some sleep man it’s way to late
I haven’t slept a wink in a week or two,
I’ve gotta get over you

I’ve gotta build a bridge get over this already
Find my bearings keep the course steady
Someone help me please relief is overdue
I’ve gotta get over you

Vs 3
Have pity on me why don’t you cut me loose
We could call it a day we could call a truce
You leave me breathless you leave me blue
I gotta get over you

4 letter Word

Written By: Martin Alex Aucoin/John Mcaneney

Vs 1
I try not to think about it no not much
The feel of your fingers, the softness of your touch
The moon was shining seduction in the air
You took me in you threw me on your bed
Did things to me got inside my head
We crossed a line and now you don’t seem to care

Send me signal show me a sign
That it wasn’t a dream and that I’m on your mind
The sound of your silence is the loudest I’ve heard
Love is a 4 letter word

Vs 2
Was I time to kill, a story to tell
A laugh with your friends about the way I fell
For you, was it all in fun
Now I’m waiting for an e-mail, a letter or a call
A carrier pigeon anything at all
Just to set the record straight for what you’ve done


Vs 3
Well there you have that’s my story
And I’m sticking to it, but not to worry
There was no crime
Just some failed expectations I did not realize
And if I could give a word to the wise
If you had some time
You could



LP : So Far
Songs w/airplay: I don't Mind
Gotta get Over You
I Feel Your pain

Set List

I Feel Your Pain
I Don't Mind
Gotta Get Over You
I Got The News Today
Running For Cover
So Far
Miss understanding
4 Letter word
Drinkin the Blues
I Told you so

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All Right OK - Joe Williams
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