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Martin Alvarado and Quinteto Otra Vez

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | SELF

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | SELF
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"El tango a la manera de Martín Alvarado (Tango in the manner of Martin Alvarado)"

By Sergio Perez
Music Review

The troubadour Martin Alvarado (i) offered a tango concert in the auditorium of the Municipal Museum. Included among the songs was Milonga del Trovador.
Francisco Valencia accompanied him on piano.

The cultural landscape expands in Guayaquil, a port city, reluctant to refinements and subtleties of art. Guayaquil journalist, Janina Suarez Pinzon, who is pursuing a master's in Buenos Aires, is responsible for the concerts by the handsome troubadour Martin Alvarado in Guayaquil.

This young cultural manager of acute perception, with producer Jina Kusikawasay, in combination with Ramon Sonneholzer, have tried to transcend the cultural stereotype in Guayaquil.

Thus, in the auditorium of the Municipal Museum, with good sound and Francisco Valencia, a veteran expert on the piano, a smiling troubadour called Martin Alvarado with long hair, began the concert with something called Milonga del Trovador, singing with a sound close to his heart, a song composed by Astor Piazzolla, the incomparable tango genius, about a singer looking at his ethnic origins with nostalgia.

Already by the second song, a waltz, sung very softly, and very lyrically, it was very clear that he was a truly original artist. From the beginning he sang in a very high register, with very precise and delicate notes, and then, modulating the song, using all the necessary medium registers.

Moving on, we arrived at Mujer y Amiga, a song of true romance which speaks of a couple "loving each other with our eyes." Despite a flawed and outdated sexist commentary before it, he sang in very high tones, with intimacy and nostalgia.

Then the "kid" Valencia took the stage, playing the instantly recognizable classic tango La Cumparsita followed by Volver, a song which is inextricably linked to Carlos Gardel, whose style defined tango singing, and which Martin Alvarado turns on its head.

There is no such sententious baritone of the classic tanguero. Rather there is a small voice, very high and sensitive that gradually opens up, surprising in its precision for the whole song. Following was the classic tango Uno, again unfolding and sung with with much feeling and excellent handling of the lower registers.

His version of Alfonsina y el Mar, to many unpleasant for being unrecognizable, lent a finale of memorable beauty in his very peculiar form of singing pitched voice notes.

Singing his own composition he confirmed his preoccupation with the love saying: "I know that here I'll stay with you until the end."

Best of the night, no doubt, was La Misma Pena, one of the few compositions by Piazzolla which is not known, with Esposito's wonderful lyrics which say: "When silence is imposed, it is all the more atrocious. My loneliness does not believe in God. "

Martin Alvarado showed how a true artist always breaks the mold.

Por Sergio Pérez
Críticas de Música

El trovador Martín Alvarado (i) ofreció un concierto de tango en el auditorio del Museo Municipal. Incluyó entre las canciones Milonga del Trovador. Francisco Valencia lo acompañó en piano.
El panorama cultural se expande en Guayaquil, ciudad portuaria, reacia a los refinamientos y sutilidades artísticas. La periodista guayaquileña, Janina Suárez Pinzón, quien está cursando una maestría en Buenos Aires, es responsable por los conciertos que está brindando el trovador bonarense Martín Alvarado en Guayaquil.

Esta joven gestora cultural, de aguda percepción, y de nombre escénico Jina Kusikawasay, en combinación con Ramón Sonneholzer le han ofrecido a Guayaquil la oportunidad de salir del estereotipo cultural.

Es así como, en el auditorio del Museo Municipal, con buen sonido y la experta veteranía de Francisco Valencia en piano, un sonriente trovador con pelo largo llamado Martín Alvarado empezó el recital con algo llamado la Milonga del Trovador, compuesta por Astor Piazzolla, genio incomparable del tango progresivo, que propone reflexiones é - El Universo, Ecuador

"And who knows what he is blinking?"

Tango was so good that breathtaking. The musicians were inspired by his own game, and the singers sang about overseas artistic suffering.

Although not sold-out, but grateful crowd had gathered. Shouts of "Bravo!" And the flowers - everything was. We can say the concert «Asi es mi tango» Philharmonic on the stage was a success. But, besides the beautiful songs and beautiful singers, there was something not quite the aspect that is profane. Although not as passionately as criticized in the Argentine tango their former temperamental singers.

This concert opened the International Festival of Arts "Onego Classic". Opened softly, sparingly, without fanfare. The audience, filling the room, it seemed, did not guess that is present in such large-scale event. The familiar scene decoration: white wings, gray background. Lights dim. Unexpectedly, the relative silence of the room chatting, under the sound of his own heels came the leading Tatiana Talitsky. Announced the happiness that awaits all those present. She spoke very confused, not noticing some errors in the speech, outlined the entire festival program.

Then went to the scene and the director of the Philharmonic Society, do not be surprised, Minister for Youth, Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, Deputy Head of the RK Alexander Voronov. Mr. Minister, smart and fresh, in a strict elegant suit was succinct: Congratulations, we wish! .. But it is worth emphasizing - literate. A director of Philharmonic would like to see is not in the office dress, but something more grand, an overwhelming to open the international festival.

Yes, the minister of culture was in the room and watched this solemn part. But it is not honored ... If this is the cultural festival for the city, why not on the stage instead of the cultural authorities go racing? We are not at the opening of the Olympic games are present.

Tycho began to appear and take their seats the musicians, the audience realized that this is it, the beginning of the concert, and broke into respectful applause. Without the words and explanations of the artists set to work. Tango is in Karelia and the tango! Good sound, pace, team-work. The arrangements are simply brilliant. It would be nice even know what songs so passionately performs ensemble "Kompaneros."

But the lead is no longer produced. Because anonymous the entire concert and sounded great in the tango virtuoso and a talented ensemble, directed by Mikhail Totsky. Musician who gave Karelian music lovers not just one perfect encounter with tango different cultures: Finnish, Russian, nuevo (modern) and the traditional Argentine tango. And this time, at the opening of the festival presents new songs, not been performed previously, which I would like to know.

Saved not only in words but also in the light. Persons musicians were barely distinguishable, and the light shines only on the singers, but he, intrigue illuminator flashes and leg violinist ensemble. I must admit - beautiful! A spectator in the next series of loud whispering indignantly: "My God, what a short dress, and she is also a high chair for all to see!".

Indeed, the charming violinist on the gray background of scenic, even once enlivened the overall picture. Add zhivinki were colored, and projections. But they wandered restlessly on the walls, as you know, peripheral vision is particularly developed in the audience. And all of a sudden, and soloists, singers arrived. Good thing we do in the face of already know, and Saul is not confused with Martin.

Saul read out a summary of the executable in Spanish numbers. Then, my conquering a velvety, the sonorous voice, gave dreams and fascinated audience. No wonder her name is crystal-clear voice of the tango. But the transatlantic guest Martin Alvarado, something still was not enough. He diligently something to say that in Spanish, then English, waving his arms, but no one to help him did not come. Kompaneros proved he did not k - The Republic of Karelia, Russia

""Homeless," an Argentine singer spoke about his love for the tango, football and Petrozavodsk"

(Translated using Google translate)

I'm going to talk about the tango with the present Argentine and, of course, tell about it to friends and colleagues. Curiously, all interested in only one thing: whether or not a master class on, so to speak, an authentic culture of the dance medium. I had to explain that Martin Alvarado - singer, the young voice of Buenos Aires and one of the most famous Argentine planet. Yes, imagine, tango is also possible ... to sing.

"Tango - this is life"
Martin Alvarado has already given a concert in Petrozavodsk, a year ago. And then, and now with him at a concert attended Saul Iskakova - zastuzhennaya Artist of Russia, which masters of the genre known as "crystal voice of the tango." But Saul is not only sings the Tango - the soloist of the St. Petersburg Musical Theatre "Looking Glass" is one of the best performers of Mozart arias complicated and Rossini. The opera and tango, according to the most Saul, for her as a yin and yang, something sublime and something earthy, like the dreams of the soul and the desires of the body - one without another loses sense and harmony. Perhaps not coincidentally the name "Saul" in Kazakh has three values: "Ray", "light" and "reflection."

- Martin, Saul, you have been familiar?
- Five years.Saul - the best singer I know of Argentine Tango - first meet Martin. - And it is an amazing person.

- The best singer of Argentine tango, even if we take the Argentine singers?
- Saul is much better than many Argentine singers.

- When I first heard the voice of Martin, it was surprised, because in our view, the tango - it's something brutal and passionate, - said a few embarrassed recall Martin Saul. - But the voice of Martin sensual and sometimes even very gentle. Martin works at the highest professional level. I am very pleased that we have to work together, because for him and for me it is the discovery of something new. For example, I've never seen a tango singing a duet. And I never thought that together we will read poetry - amazing that Martin is always open to any creative experimentation.

- What do you tango? The style of music, dance and lifestyle?
- I can not say that my life changed dramatically when I started to sing the tango - says Saul. - But after I started to dance tango - from then my life has really changed. Dance - it's still a special psycho-physical action. For me, tango - a dive into the knowledge of his own nature, and through it - the knowledge that surrounds you.

- Martin?
- This is my life. Tango for me - the embodiment of my dreams, because it gives me the opportunity to travel around the world. And for me the most important thing is that the tango - it is a living language of art is not something dead, or from history, but that is constantly evolving and is living at present. I, honestly, is closer to tango artist who lives in a rock 'n' roll.

- In Russia, there are national "chips" - come to foreign visitors and for them there and then organize the evening of the Russian romance or lead to the ballet. In Argentina, tango is also a "trick" or do the tango sounds in every yard and every bar?
- Romances and ballet? Where? - Martin looks back. - When you come to the Russian bar, listening to poppier music that it sounds like. The same is true for Argentina bars. You will not hear the tango at every turn. It is necessary to look for and need to know where to go. If you are a tourist in Buenos Aires, then not so easy to find. In Argentina, there is only one radio station, which sounds extremely tango, and there was no actor and tango, which would collect stadiums.

- What do you think about today's music is playing in bars?
- Well ... I have not heard of interesting music in the bars have a lot of years.

- What do you listen to besides the tango?
- Rock music of the '70s, '80s, '90s. One of my favorite singers - Stevie Wonder, because it always works for excellence, always finds ways to improve. And that is what - Guberniya Daily,Petrozavodsk, Russia

"Martín Alvarado une a las generaciones con su tango (Martin Alvarado unites the generations with his tango)"

The singer, musician and composer visited Guayaquil Argentina to offer his show 'That's my tango', in which he played 15 new songs, including two of his own

The appearance of Martin Alvarado is far from that of the classic tango with hat, scarf, jacket and dress pants. There is no tie, nor bow tie nor braces.

Rather he prefers long hair and a beard that resembles the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis. Sometimes he wears a jacket and his shirt half open. Sometimes he opts for a shirt outside without a jacket or a dark sweatshirt dark (as he wore this time).

And it's intended - Alvarado puts a modern twist on the genre that fuses Argentine and Uruguayan culture of European immigrants, descendants of African slaves and native of the Rio de la Plata.

The 'look' of Alvarado has nothing to do with how Discépolo, Enrique Santos or Carlos Gardel looked. The idea of ??his tango, 38, is to unite the generations with his music.

With the emergence of groups like Bajofondo and Gotan Project ten years ago, adopted a style of tango-pop. However, Alvarado does not use that style, his tango retains the essence of the classical players, but with a modern twist.

Alvarado arrived in the country last Monday to offer two shows in Guayaquil.

Alvarado is proof that the tango, is still alive and can combine both audiences, filling an auditorium in less than two minutes. Well it happened last Tuesday when an hour before his presentation the auditorium of the Municipal Museum was filled.

He said his unique style of interpreting this genre is because it belongs to another generation.

"Robert, my father, is the largest amateur tango fan He only has to listen to the music for a few seconds and he can tell you the artist's name, year and who the musicians were. But to be honest, when I went to study guitar and piano at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires, at the age of 19, the tango was my least favorite genre and now it is my passion, " he said.

Although his musical beginnings were like that of his classmates with the genre of rock and pop, he never abandoned his 'look', and stressed that it forms the base of part of his essence.

"Back then I work my hair long. I wore black and jeans, played in bars and was a rock crazy romantic, "recalls the Argentine.

His musical identity changed at age 25 when he discovered himself as a musician and singer and began exploring new genres, finding a strong calling for tango.

"I started to play creatively, setting aside the traditional and including my rock and modern influences. The liked it as a formula because it is an honest one because I interpret it as it touches me. I think to be an artist you must be convinced and love what you do, leaving aside other issues and trends that have nothing to do with art as such, "he says.

Later he recorded his first album called 'Martin Alvarado'. Then he went to Europe where he excelled and was recognised.

"Argentina suffered a foreign exchange crisis. I had to migrate to Spain to seek a better future, "he says.

"Playing in Spanish bars.Two Finnish ladies there kept telling me that I sang beautifully, they were filming me and I always praising me. I never imagined that this would be my turning point, for the following month it was they who invited me to participate in major festivals in their country, " he said.

Finland is not only was the first country where he came to the fore and won much acclaim but also became his second home and where he found love.

"It was crazy. I was in a country where people speak Finnish and Swedish, and I singing in Spanish, and filling venues. I think the most wonderful thing about my career is that I can do it in Spanish in countries that have other languages, "he says.

His opening was picked up by the Finnish media and led to invitations in other countries for the guy who did not look like a tango singer and grabbed the attention of young and old lovers of good music.

His concept of - PP El Verdadero

"Martín y su tango sin disfraz (Martin and his tango without disguise)"

(English translation by Google translate)
The Argentine musician is presented tonight at the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre

The Argentine Martin Alvarado does not use the hair slicked back, nor elegant suits or hat that characterizes the interpreters of tango, his looks rather leads to a rocker. His long hair and uncomplicated chorrudo is the dress is only part of the concept.

"This is my tango," which will present today at 18:30 at the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre, free of charge.

"This is a very particular that I have to face the tango, which is generally seen as a thing of the past and I see it as something present and future. My tango today is honest, undisguised and creative with this dye cutting edge. "

That with which the musician proposes a repertoire of classics like The Day You Love Me, famous by Carlos Gardel, Enrique Santos Discépolo One and The Troubadour of Astor Piazzolla, but also others not so hackneyed and his compositions: Female and friend, and the Finnish tango Stay known forever, he hispanicized.

Martin has heard that while tango since age five by his parents, was about 25 years was caught with it. "At first I could hardly sing, but then I discovered how to do it my way and develop a style." One proposed successfully in Finland, Russia and Ecuador will try now.

El argentino Martín Alvarado no usa el cabello engominado, ni tampoco trajes elegantes o el sombrero que tanto caracteriza a los intérpretes de tango, más bien su pinta conduce a la de un rockero. Su cabello largo chorrudo y lo descomplicado que es al vestir es solo parte del concepto “Así es mi tango”, que presentará hoy, a las 18:30, en el Centro Cultural Libertador Simón Bolívar, de forma gratuita.

“Esta es una forma muy particular que tengo de encarar el tango, que en general está visto como una cosa del pasado y que yo lo veo como algo de presente y futuro. Mi tango de hoy es honesto, sin disfraz y creativo con ese tinte vanguardista”.

Ese con el que el músico propone un repertorio de temas clásicos como El día que me quieras, famoso de Carlos Gardel; Uno de Enrique Santos Discépolo y El trovador de Astor Piazzolla, pero también otros no muy trillados y sus composiciones: Mujer y amiga, así como el conocido tango finlandés Quédate por siempre, que él castellanizó.

Martín cuenta que aunque escuchaba tango desde los cinco años por sus padres, fue cerca de los 25 años que quedó atrapado con este. “Al principio me costaba cantarlo, pero después descubrí la forma de hacerlo a mi manera y desarrollar un estilo”. Uno que propuso con éxito en Finlandia, Rusia y ahora probará con Ecuador. - El Telégrafo, Ecuador

"Martin Alvarado - tango coming from the heart"

City Guide able to interview the best Argentine tango singer Martin Alvarado. Martin, nice and simple person who loves life, music and people. It turned out, St. Petersburg is one of three artist's favorite cities. May 18 St. Petersburg will be able to hear the present Argentine Tango at the Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta."

- Why the love for the tango?
- The fact that all of my childhood was the sound of this music. I grew up with the rhythms of the tango. My mother has played a huge role in the formation of musical taste, but it was the decisive attitude of my father to tango. He was a fan. I grew up in Buenos Aires and tango - is the soul of this city. I have never worked, I was always involved in music. When people ask me if I have a dream, I say, "My life is - this is my dream."

- What did you sing?
- Tango, like any art, about life. But life - it is love and separation, feelings and emotions. In a sense, the tango - the music of love, but in its broadest sense. It is important to understand that when we talk about the tango, it can not be separated from Argentina. This is our banner, we are trying to take advantage of the world, telling of his soul. And if anyone knows and loves us, then the merit of this beautiful music.

- You studied music?
- Yes, I have decided to study music as a child. Some time went to music school, after he studied at one Argentine theater. I did not graduate from conservatories. Generally, people are interested in learning go to Europe, particularly in Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam. By the way, in Holland a lot of Russian, who study the tango. The best Argentine tango masters working in Paris, so it is best to learn from there. But I learned all by himself. My teachers were great performers Carlos Gardel, Argentine, Ruben Juarez, Maria faces that I listened to his entire life.

- It is believed that the tango music of middle-aged. Is this true?
- I would not say. At my concerts goes a lot of young people. And for me it's a great joy. Yes, and I do not like the old (laughs). I think their task to convey to a broad audience of the new language of the tango style of performance, arrangement. Come to the concerts kinds of people: very young, my father's generation, the grandparents. Of course, this is not a mass music, it can not collect the stadiums, as say, a Madonna, but still great interest in it. Tango, like jazz, a fairly conservative area of ??music, but it gets its development in the new versions, variations. I sing songs that were written forty, fifty, or even a hundred years ago, but every time they sound fresh and modern. The latest revolution Astor Piazzolla did.
- What creative plans?
- Now I'm writing the Spanish version of your song "Dark Eyes," "Oh, those black eyes", "Burnt by the Sun." I translate texts into Spanish, and I want to record an album. We perform these songs in the style of Astor Piazzolla, I'm trying to add to them a little bit of his. I really like this music, and I am glad that so I can express my gratitude to the Russian audience. Here I take as anywhere in the world. I played in England, Finland, Argentina, but this sensual and appreciative audience not seen anywhere else. And I love St. Petersburg. This is my third favorite city after Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

- What kind of music except tango you love?
- I write and perform songs not only in the style of tango, and rock. Yes, I'm a big fan of rock music. I enjoy classical music. In short, all quality. The fact that we now hear from you (nodding his head toward the waitress) really bad, but pop is good, too. One of my favorite bands «Deep Purple». I'm a fan of Stevie Wonder. Each time leaving the scene I'm trying to challenge the popular culture of consumption, although, of course, difficult to resist against such powerful enemies as the media, show business, etc.

- Can you describe in one sentence the tango?
- Life. It takes only one word. Tango for my life.

- City Guide, St Petersburg

"Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio - Más Allá"

Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio's Más Allá, released in 2010 on the Argentinean Fonocal label, is Alvarado's latest recording to date. (However, new releases are in progress with an anticipated release date of next year.)

Alvarado, the ambassador par excellence of Argentinean tango songs and others, should need little introduction. Gifted with an outstanding tenor voice that often veers into the operatic, Alvarado has long been a star of the European concert stage, with numerous TV and radio appearances, in addition to in his native Argentina. Over the past six months, he has also graced the UK scene with two brief acclaimed tours, following his one week appearance in the popular Midnight Tango dance show starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace last May, where he stood in for British based Argentinean singer Guillermo Rozenthuler, who first introduced Alvarado to a packed private soiree earlier last year.

For Más Allá, Martín Alvarado teamed up with the Horacio Avilano Trio, a most highly regarded Argentinean guitar and guitarrón (a slightly deep-bodied guitar-like instrument with a bass-baritone range - there are several instruments of this name across the Latin-American world, all different from each other) trio. The combination is electrifying. The trio's accompaniment is perfection.

On this album, Alvarado presents an exquisite selection of classic tangos, milongas, vals, cancións and other songs from Argentina. Often sad, these songs are filled with passion and romance. (The original Spanish lyrics are included in the sleeve.) Deeply emotional, straight from - and to - the heart, Más Allá has it all and presents a veritable microcosm of the songs of Argentina.

Most importantly, the rendering of these songs by Alvarado is never less than perfect, his voice beautifully expressing all the pathos, drama, passion and romance. With Más Allá, Alvarado could go straight to anyone's heart and rip it out. He truly kills one softly with his songs. Without, of course, ever descending to melodrama, let alone schmaltz. Alvarado is pure class, and so is this gorgeous album. His immense charm and charisma carry across well to the recording, and it is as if you had Alvarado singing privately just for you in your living room. And while Alvarado never shows and expresses less than the greatest love and respect for the tradition, he also is not afraid of occasionally pushing the envelope and taking the art towards the future.

As brilliantly consistent as it is consistently brilliant, Más Allá completely seduces and mesmerises with its sheer beauty and depth of emotion. Moreover, Alvarado makes the language barrier completely irrelevant with his exquisitely expressive voice - emotions have a universal language that, at the hands of such a masterful singer, transcends mere spoken language with ease. Más Allá, and Alvarado, are utterly irresistible and one feels compelled to play this album again straight after it finishes, time and again. Alvarado at his very finest. Let him melt your heart!

Indubitably, Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio's Más Allá is an absolute must have for just any true music lover, let alone of course for the connoisseur of tango and Argentinean songs in general. Beg, steal, or borrow, but preferably buy Más Allá while you can! Let yourself be utterly seduced!

- Rich Rainlore's World of Music

"Martin Alvarado - 'Asi Es Mi Tango' with Jonathan Taylor at The Light Temple, Austin Street, London E2, Saturday 26th November 2011"

Martin Alvarado, something of a force of nature in the world of Tango, is considered one of Argentina's finest new generation Tango singers, and he has long taken much of northern Europe by storm. Now on his 20th European tour and his first full tour of the UK, it was a great pleasure to be able to catch up with him again and his Asi Es Mi Tango programme last night at The Light Temple in Shoreditch, London.

On this occasion, Alvarado was accompanied, in addition to his own guitar, by distinguished tango, jazz, and jazz tango (among others) pianist and co-founder of renowned tango ensemble Tango Siempre, Jonathan Taylor.

The performance started almost an hour late, on 'Argentinean time,' you might say, in good part due to a good proportion of the audience arriving late. Yep, definitely on 'Argentinean time.' (If you have never been to Latin America, or much of the Caribbean for that matter, be advised that anything scheduled for, say, 7 o'clock, will almost certainly not get started until 8, if not later. With the exception of cricket matches, especially international tests, in the Caribbean. Almost guaranteed to start on 'standard' time!)

Finally, a quite respectable audience had assembled and the performance got under way. Argentinean time.

Of course, no true music lover, and especially no true tango lover, would have minded the delay in the slightest. The performance by Alvarado that followed was more than worth the wait.

The first set, just shy of an hour, was followed by a prolongued interval filled with tango lessons and a milonga, or dance, before the rather shorter second set followed.

The performance included both classic and modern tangos, including the tango nuevo of Astor Piazzolla, as well as original songs by Alvarado. All of the songs are available on one or another of his albums. The programme furthermore included a breath-taking virtuoso keyboard solo by the formidable Taylor.

Alvarado is a singer with not only a rather operatic tenor voice, but also an impressive, dramatic operatic stage presence. At the same time, he is able to connect with his audience with great charm and charisma.

Saturday night proved no exception. Alvarado gave a simply stunning performance that just has to be experienced. Interpreting the songs with emotion and passion as well as authority, and engaging his audience with witty, charming banter in between, he completely mesmerised. Every minute of Alvarado's performance was so much more than just a performance, it was an experience. An experience not to be missed.

Moreover, the setting of a real tango club, The Light Temple in London, seemed to enhance the atmosphere and authenticity. In short, an evening of sheer tango magic!

Fortunately, another UK tour is already being prepared for next year, so if you had to miss the extraordinary Martin Alvarado this year you will have more opportunities to experience this veritable phenomenon coming along. And the sooner the better! - Rich Rainlore's World of Music

"Alvarado puts his words to the tango"

TANGO, the dance that originated in the bordellos of Buenos Aires more than 100 years ago, is now fantastically popular here, thanks to the appeal of Strictly Come Dancing.

The sexy antics of Flavia and Vincente beneath the glitterball have done wonders for the dance – even if theirs is a rather melodramatic take on the real thing.

What you don’t learn from Strictly is that tango also embraces a style of singing and singers who are artists in their own right – not just crooners who accompany the passionate twists and turns on the floor.

Martin Alvarado is a renowned tango singer from Buenos Aires for whom international acclaim blossomed when two Finnish women heard him busking in the centre of Barcelona and later invited him to perform in their homeland, where there is a huge tango scene.

Soon he was performing across the world. He has released two well-received albums and toured this year with the show Midnight Tango.

Those who hear Alvarado’s show in Leeds will find a 21st century version of tango. The anguished songs of love are there, but he favours a pared-back, less embellished style of performance than many of the old school.

He says: “My performance is about honesty, and I tend to avoid the ‘top 50’ songs. I try to sing in a heartfelt but modern way.”

Martin Alvarado is at Seven Artspace, 31a Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD at 7.30pm on Wednesday, November 16. - Yorkshire Post

"Tango treat as Argentinian tenor visit city"

World class Argentinean tango singer Martin Alvarado visits Chapel Arts Centre, Bath, on Wednesday, November 23 at 8pm.

Martin is considered one of the best tango singers of the new generation in the world today, with a particular style to phrase songs and a warm and powerful tenor voice which has won acclaim across Eastern and Western Europe and in his home country.


He visits Bath as part of his debut UK solo tour and follows performances earlier this year in the successful Midnight Tango Show starring Vincent and Flavia, of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing fame.

Alvarado discovered his talent to sing at the age of 19 while studying guitar in Buenos Aires.

A few years later he travelled to Spain where he was spotted singing in Barcelona and invited to perform in Finland, where tango is a hugely popular activity.

News of his talent quickly spread in Finland and within two months of arriving there, he was performing with the Tampere Filharmonia orchestra.

Since then he has had numerous TV performances in Finland, Russia and Argentina and collaborated and performed with renowned Finnish tango quintet Otra Vez as well as some of the leading musicians in the genre in Argentina, including the highly revered bandoneon player, Leopoldo Federico, who was a guest performer on his second album, Asi es mi tango, and Horacio Avilano, a prominent guitarist who worked with him on his last album Más Allá.

In 2008, he starred in the cutting-edge El concierto del Nuevo Tango with internationally-renowned conductor Patrick Gallois, Otra Vez and symphony orchestras and, separately, with Finland's celebrated UMO jazz orchestra.

In 2009, he took part in Astor Piazzolla's tango operetta María de Buenos Aires on its first Polish version and several times in Finland.

As a solo artist, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Alvarado is renowned for having a charismatic approach to his audiences and a unique repertoire including new tangos, old ones that have few recordings, as well as all-time classics.

Many of his songs have a romantic emotional slant and a particular poetic quality.

Recently he has been pre-producing his fifth album with Horacio Avilano and performing in Buenos Aires.

In October he toured Spain with Otra Vez and in December, he will be performing in Russia, including a concert in St Petersburg, where he will be headlining at the Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall, one the biggest theatres in Russia.

Tickets cost £10 in advance and £12 on the door.
- Bath Chroncle

"Martin Alvarado live radio performance"

Martin Alvarado is regarded as the best new singer to emerge from Argentina in recent years. Listen to A World In London this week, and you’ll hear why! Upholding the Tango tradition with his fine tenor voice, he sings LIVE accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and Mikko Helenius on the bandoneon. See Martin perform at the Temple of Light in Shoreditch this Saturday! - Soas Radio

"Martin Alvarado, Birmingham (20/11/11)"

It’s not often at all that we get to hear tango singers in this country, let alone of singular quality. So when I heard that the Argentine tanguero Martin Alvarado was coming to the UK in his first official solo tour, I was especially eager to go and see him. He had been in the UK earlier on in the year as a part of the show “Midnight Tango” at Birmingham Hippodrome which featured Strictly Come Dancing’s dancers Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, but this was a completely different kettle of fish - a tour of the UK with just a guitar and Finnish sideman Mikko Helenius on bandoneon and keyboards, and of course that fabulous voice!

The concert I went to was in the intimate setting of the Hexagon Theatre part of Birmingham’s art centre, mac. Intimate, but cold. Very cold. For some reason the air conditioning was blowing cold air from under our seats onto the back of our legs. Not the best of starts. However, with very little fuss or fanfarra Martin and Mikko walked on and began, kicking off with a traditional tango, “Volver”, by the most famous and legendary of all tangueros, the iconic Carlos Gardel. I must admit I’ve never been overly fond of Gardel’s voice (I can already hear a chorus of abuse being thrown at me from 8,000 kms away!) and part of that was to do with the pitch of it. For me I much preferred singers like ‘El Polaco’ Roberto Goyeneche or ‘El Varón del Tango’ Julio Sosa. However, I’m always willing to re-evaluate my opinions and that night I was to be taught a 24 carat lesson in the beauty of the higher registers. And the man to deliver that class was Martin Alvarado.

The quality of his voice is something very special indeed. Light, supple, full of subtle colours and nuances, free to fly like a bird, or to hit home like an arrow to your soul. He uses it like a delicate instrument to paint emotions in your heart, a curious bittersweet sensation, a mixture of honey and mate amargo.

This was illustrated by the next pair of tangos, written by such great tango poets as Eladia Blázquez (probably the most important female tanguera) with “El Corazon al Sur” and Homero Expósito’s “La Misma Pena” (beautiful and with heartfelt delivery). In between songs Martin spoke to us (in quite excellent English) making every effort to put us at our ease and comfort, often creating comic situations (for instance getting the audience to cheer him on as if we were at a rock concert!) to counter the effects of what can at times be quite austere music, stripped back and sparse with minimal accompaniment.

Aah, but such accompaniment! His musical partner for the night was the diffident and oft-times saturnine Finnish bandoneon and keyboard player, Mikko Helenius. Together they were like magicians Penn and Teller, with Mikko taking the non-speaking part but creating quite a comic effect with his little hat and rather fey and mercurial facial expressions. Luckily none of this detracted from his real talent - Mikko Helenius is one gifted musician, with a delicacy of expression, quirkiness of invention and intuitive sympathy for Alvarado’s changes of voice and pace.

As the night progressed Mikko showed us more and more of his abilities, for instance accompanying himself on bandoneon during the beautiful “Milonga Triste” by virtuoso whistling - a quite startlingly rich sound with some fabulous harmonies. I must also mention Mikko’s again quite jaw-dropping ability to play keyboards and bandoneón at the same time! It was like listening to two completely different people playing each instrument and yet was no mere party-trick - his interpretation of Piazzolla’s instrumental work “Oblivión” with the skin-tingling use of vibrato was a highlight for me.

In fact in a show with so many highlights it’s difficult to pick out just a few to illustrate the experience. I have to include Alvarado’s rendition of Ariel Ramírez and Féliz Luna’s “Alfonsina y El Mar” about the suicide of the celebrated Argentine Poet Alfonsina Storni who - after having posted off her final poem “Voy a Dormir” (I’m Going to Sleep”) to the La Nación newspaper - walked into the sea . . . Martin performed this as a zamba (a form of Argentine folklore more associated with the north of the country), accompanying himself just on acoustic guitar. I felt like I was standing on the shore watching her frail body disappear inch by inch into the waves.

In Demare and Manzi’s “Malena” Martin showed what amazing control he has over that fabulously mellifluous voice. We were also treated to Gardel and Le Pera’s anthemic “El Dia Que Me Quieras”, Troilo’s “La Ultima Curda” and Ferrer and Piazzolla’s “Chiquilín de Bachín” (a story about a young boy who in his poverty has to sell roses in clubs and low dives to survive).

Talking to Martin afterwards I asked him how he chooses his playlist for each night (it can change from concert to concert and is a curious selection of big names and unknowns). His answer was that it was all about the poetry of the piece - ea -

"My gift: to play, sing and reach people's hearts"

HE is considered to be one of the best Argentinian singers of his generation, has performed in theatres across Europe, and most recently came to Nottingham with Vincent and Flavia's Midnight Tango show at the Royal Concert Hall. Which begs the question: why is he playing in the function room of a suburban Notts pub?

"Well, we have tried to make the concert at Wembley Arena but it seemed to be reserved for some local artist called Paul McCartney," laughs Martin Alvarado, who'll be at Lady Bay's new pub, The Poppy and Pint, on Sunday.

"I must say that after having worked with Vincent and Flavia in Midnight Tango for one week at the Royal Centre I got to meet lovely people from the tango community in Nottingham. They kindly invited me to perform my music in a very intimate way, which is something I really enjoy.

"I love to perform in festivals and great halls with big orchestras but I also love and need to perform on my own. I can have a completely different repertoire and sing completely freely."

It was after he sang a few numbers at a Fritango milonga (tango social dance) at Clifton Village Hall, which was attended by members of the cast of Midnight Tango, that Lisa Cherry-Downes decided to try to get him back for a full performance.

"About three hours before the milonga I had a text from my friend and neighbour where Martin was lodging during the run of Midnight Tango, saying that if I could lay my hands on a guitar, he would sing for us," says the mum of three.

"I quickly texted my tango friends and one of them offered her old guitar which had been gathering dust in her bedroom for years. Despite the ancient strings, Martin brought the instrument to life and I was just enchanted by his passionate singing. He has the most wonderful voice.

"I heard him again two days later playing in my neighbour's living room and thought, 'that's it, we have to get him back'."

Adds Alvarado: "I put the same energy and passion even if I perform at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, Birmingham Hippodrome or, as I did, in my friend's living room.

"As long as there are some sensitive souls willing to listen to me, I am happy to make music for them."

It was when he was 19 and studying guitar at music school in Argentina that he suddenly discovered he had a talent to sing, but it was not one of the tango legends of Buenos Aires, such as Carlos Gardel, who inspired him but a hairy 1970s rock star from the West Midlands.

"I am a singer because of Glenn Hughes," he says of Deep Purple's former bassist and singer.

"I even wear my hair long because of him. I still remember the impact of the California Jam video in me when I was a teenager or that album he made with Black Sabbath (Seventh Star). He is one of my biggest influences together with Stevie Wonder and Terence Trent Darby in pop/rock music. Ruben Juarez is my main influence in tango music."

Although Alvarado is from Argentina, it is Finland which has the biggest tango scene in Europe and where he has spent much of his time for the past three years. So how did that happen?

"While I was singing in Barcelona I met two Finnish tourists who bought my album and invited me to play Tampere. In a very short period of time I was invited to sing with Tampere Filharmonia, a very important artist."

He adds: "I have visited Finland 18 times and sang in almost all the festivals around, in their most important theatres, some TV shows and made two records there. Finland has been amazing to me."

Alvarado has also won over audiences across both Eastern and Western Europe.

"I believe that I have been given a gift to play and sing and reach people's hearts," he says.

"In addition this gift takes me around the world and makes me meet wonderful people, great musicians, historic places and live a life I never imagined I would live.

"People often ask me what do I dream of and I answer, 'I am living my dream'. So giving it all whenever I have the chance to perform is my way to honour that gift I have been given."

Martin Alvarado is at the Poppy and Pint, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay on Sunday, 7.30pm-11pm. Tickets are £10 on the door. The evening will include several interludes for dancing to tango, salsa and modern jive. For more information, call Lisa Cherry-Downes on 07530549570 or email
- The Nottingham Post

"Martin Alvarado + Mikko Helenius Review"

Thursday 01/03/2012

Live at the Forge

When I got an email inviting me to review Martin Alvarado and Mikko Helenius Tango performance, I thought absolutely. I adore listening and watching Tango in all its forms.

To my eternal shame I had not heard of Martin Alvarado or Mikko Helenius before. However a quick search on YouTube got my appetite whetted enough to be genuinely excited. The performance was at the Forge in Camden. This is an intimate and very acoustic venue and the sound there is magnificent.

The evening kicked off with ‘Volver’, a classic sung by legendary Tango singer Carlos Gardel, better known to the UK public for ‘Por Una Cabeza’. Track which appeared in movies like ‘Scent of a Woman’, ‘True Lies’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ to name only a few.

For me one song that stood out the most, to be fair I could waffle about every song but I guess that would be dull, was the Argentine classic ‘Alfonsina y el Mar’. It’s about a Swiss born Argentine poet, Alfonsina Storni. The legend has it, that after bouts of depression, she wrote one last poem and walked into the sea in Mar del Plata.

This timeless classic has been sung by many legends over the years. Great artists such as Mercedes Sosa, Tania Libertad, Nana Mouskouri, Mocedades, Andrés Calamaro, Katia Cardenal and many more so Martin had to live up to some serious versions. He did so with aplomb. Although in my eyes, still, no one is going to better Mercedes Sosa’s version. Martin described this as a “jam”. Originally it was supposed to be played with Mikko on the Bandoneon. However once on stage they decided that Mikko would perform it on the Piano.

That is how the whole night went. It felt like there was no real set list; they seemed to play what they felt like. This made for a very unique performance. Tailored to the particular audience, a piece of art if you like. I had been promised a world-class show and that is exactly what I witnessed.

I planned to leave early, to hit the legendary Cuban band ‘Los Van Van’ playing in Brixton, but after the first set I thought, Los Van Van can wait. I have seen them a few times before so I was even prepared to miss them. I was witnessing something truly special.

So now it was time for a beer, or three, and with that I settled in for the second part of this majestic performance. And what a performance it was.
Martin Alvarado live at the forge | Review

Martin Alvarado live at the forge

If you have not been to watch a Tango singer, musical or recital before, then you can’t go wrong with Martin. He sings not exclusively Tangos; he throws in Zamba’s, the national dance of Argentina, as well his own compositions. His voice is truly inspirational. He sings with great ease and passion. His stage presence is full of sheer confidence and his joy to be on the stage is visible to all. He was very witty but never aloof so in my opinion his show is a must for anyone, not only tango novice’s but also for those aficionados alike.

As for Mikko Helenius, a Finnish bandoneon and pianist, a master of two instruments, he didn’t disappoint either. To prove his great talent he played both at the same time on what if I recall correctly was an Astor Piazolla piece ‘Oblivion’. And just like Martin he gives you more, by throwing in his own compositions, funky musical arrangements, Tango’s from Finland.

Martin Alvarado

I could only sit back in awe and admire the mouth watering musical communication between those two soon to be legends of their craft. These guys played to such a high standard that they not only had fun with the audience but also with each other. Just to give you example they managed to throw in a few bars of ‘Let it Be by’ the Beatles, as well as Violeta Parra’s ‘Gracias a la Vida’ in the middle of another monumental Argentine classic, ‘Chiquilin de Bachin’. They took this noble art form as serious as the most consummate professional. Still making themselves, and its music, completely accessible to one and all, which is no mean feat.

All that was missing were the Empanadas, a table, some Maté, una botella de vino tinto, Churrasco gaucho and you would feel as if you were at a ‘café concerto’ in Buenos Aires.

If you ever get the chance go and see them together, or as individuals, I promise you will not regret it. It is not often that you get this kind of quality Tango in the UK.

Gracias Martin y Mikko for a truly inspirational night. A huge thank you for bringing to a small part of London a chunk of Buenos Aires.

Set List

1) Volver (C.Gardel – A. Le Pera)
2) El corazon al sur (E. Blazquez)
3) La misma pena (A. Piazzolla – H. Exposito)
4) Las sombras del desamor (Siks oon ma suruinen) (T. Karki – K. Mustonen / Spanish version by Martin Alvarado)
5) Alfonsina y el mar (A. Ramirez – F. Luna)
6) Milonga triste (S. Piana – H. Manzi)
7) Oblivion (A. Piazzolla) Mikko Helenius instrumental
8) El dia que me quieras (C. Gardel – A. Le Pera)

2nd set

9) Taysik - Latino Music UK

"Martin thrills his city fans"

THANKS to Strictly, people's appreciation of dance in all its forms is on the up and Martin Alvarado is hailed as one of the best Argentinian singers of the tango genre.

Finely-tuned phrasing and a certain Latino charisma mesmerises his audiences and has won him wide acclaim across Eastern and Western Europe.

He also has an ardent following in Nottingham.

His set featured new tangos and old ones, including those that have few recordings as well as all-time classics.

Perhaps the song that stood out most was Ultimo, because the emotive phrasing was pure Argentinian seduction.

Equally talented was Martin's bandoneon and piano player from Finland, Mikko Helenius.

The enigmatic Mikko played a one-off instrumental which was a true feat of dexterity because he played both instruments simultaneously.

As an interlude the talented Tango Milonga dancers, Nicky Parsons and Slim Ross, displayed their impressive skills.
- The Nottingham Post

"Martín Alvarado - 'Asi Es Mi Tango' with Mikko Helenius At The Forge"

What a pleasure to catch up again with Argentinean tango ambassador and singer extraordinaire Martín Alvarado, now on his 21st European tour, and his Asi Es Mi Tango programme, this time at the wonderful The Forge in Camden Town, London. What a pleasure also, that his frequent accompanist Mikko Helenius, not encountered before, should feature on bandoneón and piano.

Alvarado is always a guarantee for a very special evening, and so it was again with Martín Alvarado - 'Asi Es Mi Tango' with Mikko Helenius At The Forge last night. Although the turn-out sadly was far short of the thousand-plus audiences Alvarado attracts elsewhere, he remained completely unfazed and it might as well have been a packed out house. Twenty or a thousand, the seasoned pro that he is, Alvarado takes it all in his stride and makes any crowd equally welcome with his usual warmth and charm.

Over the course of two full sets, Alvarado's huge stage presence and charisma shone as much as his outstanding tenor voice and huge interpretative talents.

We were treated to an exquisite selection of classic tangos, valses and modern songs, accompanied sometimes by Alvarado's guitar, mostly by Helenius' excellent bandoneón and piano. Sometimes, both of the latter simultaneously! Helenius has mastered the rare art of playing the bandoneón with his right hand while playing left-handed piano. A remarkable feat indeed. Further demonstrations of Helenius' outstanding talents came in the form of a piano solo and a piano-bandoneón solo, both of which took the breath away.

The prodigious vocal gifts of Alvarado should hardly need mentioning. All the same, they never fail to impress, and his often heart-rending renditions of what are frequently songs of great sadness get the message right across the language barrier and straight into the heart.

The always beautifully intimate The Forge somehow seemed even more intimate than usual, as if transformed by the passionate voice and presence of Alvarado. This might have been someone's living room, with the singer addressing everyone present personally.

However, it would be misleading to give the impression that passion and sadness alone pervaded the atmosphere. This was far from the case. Alvarado and Helenius provided a good deal of well judged light relief also in the form of some fine musical comedy. This was considerably enhanced also by the Finnish Helenius' absolutely dead-pan poker face - I would not play poker with this man for anything! Never!

Martín Alvarado is taking tango to a whole new dimension, while showing the greatest respect and love for the tradition. A combination that works, and indeed works well.

All in all then, Martín Alvarado - 'Asi Es Mi Tango' with Mikko Helenius At The Forge was an experience that really should not have been missed. The UK is very fortunate indeed that Alvarado included it in his present tour. I am only sad that I have to miss out on his second London performance tonight at Negracha Tango Club! The UK leg of Alvarado's tour continues until March 11th, so make sure you catch him somewhere! - Rich Rainlore's World of Music


Martin Alvarado (2004)

1 Una Tarde Cualquiera
2 Requiém Para La Última Esquina
3 Callejera
4 Alfonsina Y El Mar
5 La Última
6 Milonga Del Trovador
7 La Calle Triste
8 Soledad
9 Sin Tu Mitad
10 Toco Y Me Voy
11 Cuenta Conmigo

Asi Es Mi Tango - Martin Alvarado (2006)

1 Estás en mi corazón
2 Campo afuera
3 Nostalgia de andenes
4 Bien Bohemio
5 La misma pena
6 Cuando tu no estás
7 Se te hace tarde
8 Tú
9 Adónde vas?
10 Cualquiera de estas noches
11 Tu penúltimo tango
12 Quédate para siempre (Liljankukka)

Tango Norte Tango Sur - Quinteto Otra Vez and Martin Alvarado (2008)
1 Caminito
2 Sur
3 La vida pequeña
4 Quedémenos aquí
5 Las sombras del desamor (Siks oon mä suruinen)
6 Sattumaako
7 Quédate por siempre (Liljankukka)
8 Carmín y overol
9 Uno
10 Chiquilín de bachín
11 Volver
12 Valcecito amigo

Mas Alla - Martin Alvarado and Horacio Avilano Trio (2010)

1 Mas Alla
2 Milonga De Corralon
3 Mujer Y Amiga
4 Solitario
5 La Ultima Cita
6 Viento Dile A La Lluvia
7 Vieja Casa
8 Tapera
9 Gracias A La Vida
10 Milonga Triste
11 Petit Bar
12 Campo Afuera

Nuevo Tango - Quinteto Otra Vez & Severi Pyysalo (2001)
Otra Vez! - Quinteto Otra Vez & La Nueva Orquesta de Cuerdas

Many of Martin Alvarado's tracks have had airplay on Radio Stations in Argentina, Finland, Russia, Spain and the UK.



Martin Alvarado first came to prominence in 2003 in Finland. He had been spotted the year before singing in Barcelona for tourists and was encouraged to go to Finland to perform.

Within just two months of arriving, news of his fantastic talent had spread and he was invited to perform with a major orchestra, the Tampere Filharmonia.

Shortly after that, he returned to Argentina to record his first album and over the following decade has returned to Europe 21 times to tour various countries including Russia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Norway, Spain, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

He is renowned foremost for his particularly beautiful and powerful tenor voice. One well-known Finnish artist, Juhani Markola, recently described him as: "The best male voice I have heard in my career of 40 years: the beauty and the emotion of the voice, the exact intonation and hitting of the boldest intervals paired with the joyful and unpretentious performing makes him a great artist."

But Alvarado is also acclaimed for his unique tango repertoire which includes some new tangos, old ones with few recordings and some all-time classics. The main thread running through his repertoire, is the poetic quality and timelessness of the lyrics. He chooses work by some of Argentina's most celebrated poets and composers, including Astor Piazzolla.

He also writes his own compositions and lyrics. One well known Finnish tango, for which he wrote Spanish lyrics, even reached the Finnish top ten - something practically unheard of for a tango song anywhere in the world - after his TV performance of it last year (2011).

Alvarado's live performances have a mesmerising and emotionally engaging quality, combined with a relaxed, confident and easy-going stage presence and rapport with his audiences. As well as the aestheticism of his amazing voice, it is the particular way Alvarado phrases his songs which sets him apart from other artists in this genre.

He cites his main influence in tango as Ruben Juarez - but his inspiration to become a singer came from a quite different genre: heavy metal. He is a huge fan of Glenn Hughes, former vocalist and bass player for Deep Purple, now a successful solo artist, and has also been influenced by Stevie Wonder and Terence Trent D'Arby.

He has perfomed at a number of major concerts, venues, and festivals and in 2009 starred in Piazzolla's Tango Operita "María de Buenos Aires" on its first version in Poland. The following year he performed in it again at the Kuhmo Music Festival in Finland and is returning to perform in it at the festival again this year, due to popular demand.

Spending so much time in Europe has meant he has been able to work with some of the most innovative musicians in tango nuevo today: Quinteto Otra Vez. Together they have performed regularly to sell-out audiences at major music festivals and concerts in Finland, Norway, Argentina, Spain and Russia. In recent years the quintet, founded in 1999, has been widely acknowledged as the creator of a new musical phenomenon in Finland, nuevo tango Finlandés. With a deep respect to the Piazzollian tradition, the quintet has, together with world class composers, soloists and vocalists revolutionized the nuevo tango genre.

With Alvarado, they combine innovative elements of tango nuevo Finlandés with the rich tradition and roots of Argentinean tango to produce an outstanding concept – one which is already being emulated - “Tango Norte, Tango Sur”.

This project has produced a new and surprisingly fresh tango and even multiplied to a huge symphonic project “El concierto del Nuevo tango”. Eight remarkable pieces flowing on stage, combining traditional tango roots, three of them from Gardel, Stamponi and Piazzolla arranged to a totally new shape; five of them composed by Otra Vez itself expressing the whole scale of tanguedian influences with music as a radically free material. The project started as a co-operation with Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä and its famous conductor-in-chief and flautist Patrick Gallois. Later it was performed with Oulu, Kuopio and Kymi Symphony orchestras.

In 2010 Otra Vez wrote a full concert of music for tango quintet, soloist and big band. The project culminated in a sold out concert in May 2010 in Finland together with UMO Jazz Orchestra, one of the top big bands in the world. Also in 2010 Otra Vez was invited to perform at the revered Buenos Aires Tango Festival, with Martin Alvarado. The concerts in Buenos Aires gained special critical acclaim, and the band was noted as one of the world’s most innovative tango nuevo ensembles.

In 2011 Otra Vez renewed itself once again, and wrote and performed a completely new program with Gallois. Otra Vez also wrote a full concert program of new compositions for tango quintet and string orchestra – the project was comissioned by Mikkeli Strings, a renowned Finnish string o