Martin Bernt

Martin Bernt


"If a young David Bowie and PJ Harvey had a baby - he would sound like this"


Martin Bernt has written and composed all songs on his debut album Juxtapose. An album of 11 hook-laden 3-minute popsongs, all wrapped up in fuzz guitars, spherical keyboards, streetwise, in your face girls singing back-up with New Yorker cool, a drop of late-night, big city melancholy and choruses that keep you hanging on for more. To quote a girl from the audience at the legendary New York spot Don Hill’s: “If David Bowie and PJ Harvey had a baby – he would sound like this!!!”

Right from the opening line salvo, we're crashing in on Martin Bernt's world, a place populated by late-night, big city souls, broken hearts falling in love all over again, the adrenalin rush of momentary, inexplicable happiness. Sometimes Martin's the man in the crowd looking on as the stories unfold, sometimes he’s the protagonist jumping headlong into another sidewalk adventure.
Live and in performance, Martin Bernt and his Famous Friends are an explosive and intense experience. The songs get an extra kick of adrenalin and Martin’s evocative lyrics are burned deep down into the audience’s consciousness.


New album in work progress - should be ready by the end of the year.
Martin Bernt: Juxtapose (2006) album
Martin Bernt: Demolicious (2003) EP

Set List

9 - 10 songs approx 35 - 40 min.
Songs from Juxtapose

1) When We Came To The Party
2) Check Your Head
3) Instant Happiness
4) I'm So Gemini
5) Illuminated
6) F.O.P.
7) Supercreep
8) You Know They Trick You
9) City Crawlers
10) Oscar