Seattle, Washington, USA

Catchy melodies, fresh indie pop/rock heartfelt songs, served with assertive guitar riffs and mellifluous bilingual vocals.


“You thought I’d be salty as cheese, sweet as chocolate, smart, sharp as an army knife” ~swiss girl, martine

This is Martine, in a nutshell - Energetic. Insightful. Sassy. She embodies them equally within three cities, two languages and one incredibly big heart. Already well-loved in jazz communities across the globe, Martine is quickly gaining accolades in the indie-pop scene. Bolstered by uplifting, yet poignant, performances that span musical styles with ease, Martine is on the move. And she wants us to come along.........

In her self-produced debut album “Swiss Girl”, fresh out of the studio, Martine evolves from one pop feel to another, alternatively reminding us of Corinne Bailey Rae’s sensible musicality, Ben Folds’ straightforward quirky energy and Cassandra Wilson soulful sound. Yes! Very versatile indeed, for “Swiss Girl” is an invitation on a musical journey of well-traveled emotions and experiences, not only of the physical trips between Lausanne (where she was born), Montreal and Seattle, but also of personal struggles and triumphs along the way. Crisp, clear vocals provide the perfect vessel in which to navigate such intriguing stories. Each song, supported by intricate harmonies, is served effortlessly, moving along catchy melodies. Her lyrics, both incredibly profound and intimately accessible, provide visual poetry to an already vivid landscape. Martine's musical arrangements complete the aural adventure, full of thoughtful keyboards, assertive guitars and edgy effects that beg to reflect a raw intensity yet always pull back, just in time, allowing us to savor the moment.

This is the work of a jazz trained musician gone indie-pop – someone who understands that complexity and joy are best when delivered together. With this irresistible pairing of sophistication and familiarity, Martine begins to convey her life story in a way that makes us believe – wish, even - it was our own.

With a debut album under her belt, Martine is ready to take to the stage with sheer musical force. She will be hosting a CD release party in June for “Swiss Girl” in a local Seattle venue before heading east for her 2011 Switzerland fall tour. Along with performing in her current hometown of Seattle, Martine teaches vocal technique in Bellevue, WA and is collaborating on a jazz vocal project, The Siren Trilogy.


Swiss Girl

Written By: Martine

Swiss Girl
I’m a Swiss girl
Haven’t you ever heard me sing
Haven’t you ever crossed my way in Seattle
I’m a Swiss girl
The one with “un je ne sais quoi”
Who makes you wanna ask her right away
Where do you come from

You’d thought I’d be salty as cheese
Sweet as chocolate
Smart, sharp as an army knife

I’m a Swiss girl
An ocean in her beating heart
Yearning waves pulsing between two shores
I’m a Swiss girl
Who marvels at a rainbow’s arch
How does a palette of emotions change
And where does it start?

You thought I’d be icy as snow
Secret as a bank account
Quiet, crispy clean and right on time

I love it here, I love it there
For you all make my day
I will be myself anywhere
Even when far away

Little Perfections

Written By: Martine


Blue skies and sunshine
I take a deep breath and close my eyes
Can you feel it passing by
Can you let it come inside
Most of the day I’m in a turmoil
l know it is the same for you
Can you lose yourself in wonder
Can you feel the air
Can you breathe
We all need a little distance
All need a little presence
For life’s little perfections
Sipping a beer with a lemon
There’s a good tune on the radio
Do you feel like dancing around
Sing it out, girl, sing it out loud
Sometimes you think you’re not enough
Dissatisfaction keeps you down
Can you look a little closer
We’re fine as we are
Oh yes, we are
We all need a little distance
All need a little presence
For life’s little perfections
It’s the middle of the night
All is still, all is right
I remember the stars
I tuned into the Universe
When such a moment passes by
Just hold it tight, hold it tight
It’s only simple joy and
This is what it’s all about
We all need a little distance
All need a little presence
For life’s little perfections


"Swiss Girl" released Jan 19, 2011