Martine Littlestone

Martine Littlestone


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Written By: Martine Littlestone

Verse 1
There's something about today
Nothing seems to be going my way
I feel empty inside
Like I'm not alive
Are you hearing what I have to say?
I'm lost in the crowd, can you see me?
I'm screaming out loud, can you hear me?
Why, why, why is everyone passing me by?
I'm unidentified.
Verse 2
This reality I don't wanna face
I'm not sure that I'm in the same place
I feel so alone
Like I'm out on my own
Like I've vanished without a trace
Repeat Chorus
I can't take this anymore
Just wanna live my life again
Look into my eyes and you will see
This isn't meant to be
Can somebody set me free?
Verse 3
I'm out in the crowd, you can see me
I'm laughing out loud, you can hear me
Now, now, now it's me that's passing you by
I'm finally identified.