Martine Locke

Martine Locke

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Martine Locke plays solo with enough energy, enthusiasm - and talent - for a whole band. She can be tender, she can be refined - but she can also cut loose with an amazing wall of sound that will blow you away.


Australian singer/songwriter Martine Locke has never worked a 9 to 5 job. She has never worn a skirt to work. She has never had straight hair. She has never played the tuba.

She has had only one dream her entire life.

To play music.

Put driving acoustic rhythms together with alternate tunings, a powerhouse voice, intelligent stage banter and intimate life stories that will leave you wiping the tears from laughter one minute and pondering the next.

Martine Locke spent the first part of her life on the run from the police. Her father, wanted by the Sydney police, became the living, breathing embodiment of Australian convict history when he gathered up his family and evaded jail time by hiding in the Australian outback. Some would say that it was this formative experience that prepared Martine for the life of an itinerant musician. Traveling the world in search of stories and tales to tell, expressing them through her songs and indeed through her stories….and perhaps, occasionally, running from the law (although, at least one of those things is not true). Music, performance and creativity is all Martine has ever known and she passionately lives, breathes and tackles all of life’s concerns through the heart of a creative soul.

Self-releasing 6 solo CDs (Fly, On The Verge,Undone, Live, Live at The Irving and deconstructed) and 4 CDs with her Australian duo, The Velvet Janes (Live, Opus No.3, Venus Calling & THE Ep), has shown Martine to be an astute and capable business woman in an industry that traditionally lacks integrity.

Passionate about her independence, Martine has continued to book/manage/promote/produce and perform every show she does in three countries. She has toured as opening artist for acts such as Ani DiFranco, The Cowboy Junkies, Tommy Emmanuel, Arlo Guthrie, and Australian favourites Weddings, Parties, Anything and The Waifs, and has managed to realize her desire to develop more house concerts all across the US & Australia.

Performing solo, as a duo (with cajon & harmony vocals), as a trio (with a kit drummer and djembe player) or as a full band, Martine performs at festivals, schools and house concerts across the country - from one side of the US, & Australia, to the other and proves that the independent spirit is alive, well and thriving in an economy that would otherwise seek to discourage them.

Martine Locke brings a rambunctious, spirited, dynamic performance each time she performs and as columnist Lucky Clark wisely wrote once ‘…they will aim for your heart, as well as your feet’.


Fall From Grace

Written By: Martine Locke

Lying in this darkness
I can’t find your face
Confusion, wins it’s race
Questions swirl around me
Like flies about to die
Madness descends in the night

CH: The Further I Get From Where I Started
The Further, I Fall From Grace

Whisper your name out loud,
Whisper it through a cry
You’ve long since, left and died
Looking for these answers,
Searching through your eyes
Misguided, romantic child


I take a breath, I choose to breath
I give my soul a chance to grieve
Watching, you fall away
I hold my head, I hold my heart
I give myself a chance to start
Walking, the other way

Don't Hold On

Written By: Martine Locke

If you take what you want,
there’ll be nothing left
If you squeeze as you go,
you’ll take all my breath
In that moment when you reach, take one for me
For what i was,
for what i mean’t
For what i saw,
for what you see

Don’t hold on
Don’t hold on, to me

In your deepest dreams,
do i run to you
Do i beg, do i plead,
do i bleed, what do i do
When asked for the cause
what will you say
Will you look at me,
or point the other way


In your waking hours,
when you think on me
Do you smile at what i gave,
or what you took from me
When real life she does come
does she scream at you
Or push you to your knees,
hail mary, adieu


Devil's Clothes

Written By: Martine Locke

She’s got rust on her game
In a juicy fruit kinda way
My heads saying no
As my body pulls over that way

How could I know...
She wears the devils clothes

She aims to please
As she falls down to her knees
Took my heart, took my mind
Took whatever she could find

How could I know...
She wears the devils clothes

One look,
One look is all it took
And I just knew
She was trouble
through and through
With long dark hair
and eyes of brown
Swept my feet right off the ground
Never to return again
Surely she was heaven sent

How could I know...
She wears the devils clothes

She’s got rust on her game
In a juicy fruit kinda way
My heads saying no
As my body pulls over that way


The Brand new release (Release date June 9th, 2013) features Martine Locke alone. 11 songs solo & acoustic.

Live At The Irving
They had so much fun the first time, they figured why not do it again! Recorded live at the Irving Theater, Indianapolis featuring Martine Locke and her band - Jamie Price (Djembe & Vocals), Dionne Ward (Drums & Vocals) & special guest Steph Dlugon (violin)

Recorded live in Indianapolis, IN at the Indy Indie Concert Series on November 6th, 2010 to a sold out audience. This cd captures the essence of a Martine Locke show. 15 songs - some old, some new and all spontaneous!

Undone - Undone refers to the story being told. As you'll hear, this work is anything but Undone. It's Australian singer/songwriter, Martine Locke's third solo release and her most sophisticated work to date as she's chosen to team up with recording engineer and producer Evan Brubaker (Cake Records, Forgiveness Studios) and acclaimed musicians Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Bruce Cockburn), Vicki Randle (The Tonight Show Band), Pam Delgado (Blame Sally), Mike Grigoni (Anais Mitchell) and Darin Watkins.

Unquestionably rock, Locke brings in elements of country, blues, even a hint of gospel, to underscore the complex story lines of loss, love, endings, and passion. Twelve songs – a mixture of surging melodies, hard rocking riffs, and some sweet gems; a lyrical landscape and explosion of sound that will surprise you and bring you back again.

ON THE VERGE - Recorded and mixed in San Francisco and in Perth, Western Australia, by Martine Locke and Gary Mankin, ON THE VERGE features the talents of: Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, Bruce Cockburn) on keys and vocals, Deb Lane (Pele JuJu) on drums and Chad Heise (Box Set) on bass. Showcasing 10 diverse tracks, this is Martine’s most sophisticated work to date. Her songs range from folk to rock, from pop to a powerful ballad performed with the haunting harmonies of Rose Farrow (The Velvet Janes).

FLY - distributed by Passionfruit Produce through Goldenrod Music Distributors, CD Baby in the US. Chaos Music in Australia. Recorded at Loop Studios, Perth Western Australia. Produced by Martine Locke & Gary Ridge. Featuring Gary Ridge (drums, percussion), Roy Martinez (bass).

Songs Include:

1. Under My Tongue
2. Crazy
3. A Moment Ago
4. Smells Like Rain
5. 50 Windows
6. History is Laughing
7. Stranger Things
8. Going Mad
9. Once Too Many
10. not what I do
11. Fly

2000 - Live At The Velvet Lounge
Recorded live in Perth, Western Australia, The Velvet Janes latest album.Produced by The Velvet Janes. Engineered by Don Morrison - with Roy Martinez (bass) and Gary Ridge (drums/percussion)

Featuring Songs:

2.Lover Of Mine
3.Shame On Me
6.Zac's Song
7.I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For
8.Wellington St
9.Shades Of Blue
10.Waiting(is not what I do)
11.Girl Like Me
12.Wherever We Go

1999 - Opus No.3

Critically acclaimed album by The Velvet Janes. Received radio airplay and press coverage around the US & Australia. Recorded at Loop Studios in Perth, Western Australia. Produced by The Velvet Janes. Engineered by:Graeme Owens, assisted by Don Morrison. Featuring Matt Branton (bass), Hayden Meggitt (drums), Gary Ridge (perc),Orlagh De Bhaldraithe (Bodhran/Tin Whistle)

Featuring Songs:

1. Wrapped Up
2. Purple
3. Waiting (is not what I do)
4. Loser
5. Zac's Song
6. Wellington St
7. Rivers Of Orange
8. It's All Right
9. Shades Of Blue
10. Away
11. Shiny Black Shoes
12. Sunflowers

1998 - Venus Calling

Recorded at Loop Studios, Perth Western Australia.Produced by The Velvet Janes.Engineered by John Gailbraith. Featuring: Matt Branton (bass), Hayden Meggitt (drums), Dave McDonald(Drums), Carol Hall (Piano)

Featuring Songs:

1. Venus Calling
2. Shame On Me
3. Lover Of Mine
4. Hey You
5. Bob & Beau
6. Final Breath
7. Ahhhh
8. Sorry I Am
9. Girl Like Me
10. Don't Waste My Time
11. See Me Crying
12. I Will Follow
13. Somedays

1997 - The Velvet Janes EP

Recorded at Loop Studios and the Upper Room in Perth, Western Australia. Produced by The Velvet Janes. Engineered by John Gailbraith. Featuring: Matt Branton (bass), Vince Crea (drums), Ian Martinez (perc), Geoff Grubb (electric guitar)

Featuring Songs:

1.Don't Waste My Time
2.The Flying Song
4.Somebody Tell Me Why

Set List

Martine's high energy performance can be 35-90 minutes in length, depending on the show. It can be broken into two sets or played as one complete set. Can include some covers into the show, depending on the audience. Sets can be tailored for specific audiences (ie colleges, folk clubs & festivals, rock clubs etc).

Martine tours solo, as a duo, a trio or a full band depending on what you are looking for.

Costs depend on length of performance, personnel required, travel costs etc. Email for more information: