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Martin England

Portland, Maine, United States | INDIE

Portland, Maine, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter




"Review of Razed and Reconstructed"

"Personality, human frailty, emotion, and honesty resonates through (England's) music." - Bill Huffman - Conway Daily Sun

"Review of Martin England's Razed and Reconstructed"

It is his songwriting that sets him apart and defines his work to himself and others. With a signature that is accessible to people from all walks of life and ages and mentalities, he is a reporter telling stories, a doctor spooning out elixir, a traveler suggesting routes. - Such Cool Stuff

"Razed and Reconstructed Makes Top 10 Albums of 2010"

In a word, "wow." England has been around the block a few times now, and this — his debut solo release — is quite simply a collection of some of the most stunning tunes he has written in his young and brilliant career. Some albums start slow and ease you into the mix, "Razed...;" grabs you right out of the gate with the shimmering, "Do What the Man with the Gun Says." It took me a half-dozen listens to get to track 2, and that's a good thing. - Seacoast Media Group

"Review of Do What the Man with the Gun Says (track one off Razed and Reconstructed)"

“Aboslutely LOVE ‘Do What the Man with the Gun Says’ (first track off Razed and Reconstructed), especially the lyrics and the vocal character.”
- Sylvia Massy - Grammy Award-winning producer for Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Review of Martin England's Razed and Reconstructed"

England is too literate a writer for country, and his arrangements vary enough that we can keep our path in sight.
-Darius Rips - Oliver di Place

"Miles of Music review of Coalesce"

"Coalesce is an interesting journey as it is a pseudo concept album, taking the listener on an arc from sunlight to dark of night." - Jeff Weiss - Miles of Music

"Americana UK Review"

"(Pondering Judd's) Coalesce is a great record to listen to after a hard day's grind." - Americana UK

"Rootstime Review of Coalesce"

"Emotional and poetic songs which provide a strong melody amalgamate to a nice whole." - Rootstime Belgium

"Portland Phoenix Review"

“...(Pondering Judd) shows no signs of letting up on the gas pedal.” - -Sam Pfeifle, Portland Phoenix - Portland Phoenix

"Northeast In-Tune Review"

"Americana has hope in (England), and we have hope that there is still good music such as this out there waiting for our ears."-Daniel Lavagna - Northeast In-Tune Magazine


Martin England - Razed and Reconstructed (2010), Pondering Judd, Coalesce (2007), Pondering Judd, Lonesome Heart Strangers (2005), Pondering Judd, Succumb to Hell (2005), Pondering Judd, October at Our Heels (2002), Pondering Judd, Curve of Her Soul (2001), Pondering Judd, Live (2000). Received significant airplay in Europe and the US, most prominently on SomaFm (San Francisco) and WXRV (Boston, MA)



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There is an avenue that runs through the heart of singer/songwriter Martin England. To know him, all you must do is travel it. The signs are clear and readable, the parks and haunts are accessible, and the pave is warm even when it is sharp. This road, his road, has its way of telling you exactly what there is to be experienced in his heart, and exactly where to find it. The heart-trip soundtrack of Martin England’s music is that of all great American troubadours; Americana, folk, roots rock, and occasional old school country. It’s the common language he shares with contemporaries like Ray Lamontagne and founding legends like Johnny Cash, equal parts light and shadow cast in emotionally-charged, heart-harvesting songs.

“I feel like everything I’ve written is already inside of me. It’s really just a matter of living enough different experiences to hatch those songs and bring them to life,” muses England. The hatching began at age 13, just two years after he started playing guitar, when his lack of formal musical training made it easier to write his own songs than to decipher the work of others. His rural hometown of Rollinsford, New Hampshire and its dearth of childhood stimulus required Martin to have a serious imagination to thrive, and through its thorough ordinariness evoked a mental agility that has benefited him greatly as a creator and deeply sensory songwriter.

It is his songwriting that sets him apart and defines his work to himself and others. With a signature that is accessible to people from all walks of life and ages and mentalities, he is a reporter telling stories, a doctor spooning out elixir, a traveler suggesting routes. That traveler thing is literal in England’s case, as he is most often struck with inspiration while at the wheel of his car and makes use of any available scrap of paper to scrawl lyrics on, most notable among them being his marriage certificate. Yep, his wife loves that little anecdote. Yet, as she knows better than anyone, everyone and everything around Martin is fair game for the song tornado as he mashes up memories and philosophies and people from all decades and corners of his life for the sole purpose of poking at the heart of the listener.

The tornado has served him well with more than 350 songs to his credit, penned over 30 years of making music. Even so, he considers himself a late bloomer and feels like he’s just now coming into his own in a time of transition from band member to solo artist. For 17 years England was part of the Northeast regional powerhouse Pondering Judd, writing and recording six records, rocking a national tour in 2006, and receiving a constant stream of nominations and awards. Having had his musical experience so deeply entrenched in being one of four in a band, it was a massive switch to understand himself as a solo artist, a process tipped off when Lost Sailor Records offered him a contract as a solo artist and called him up to a new level of confidence in his work.

Razed and Reconstructed is England’s solo debut, sharing 10 of the 18 songs he wrote for the record in Americana style and sound. While the focus is squarely on the songs and not on any performance in particular, the list of players on Razed and Reconstructed include keyboardist Jason Cohen (Ryan Montbleau Band), guitarist Adam Terrell (Assembly of Dust), and 2009 International Bluegrass Music Association Mandolin Player of the Year Jesse Brock. This hit squad followed England at the helm on vocals, and acoustic guitar, creating a passionate, driven, imaginative collection of sounds and sensations.

In his solo work Martin England has found, after many years of music-making, another new road to welcome listeners down. Liberated as a songwriter with just one voice to write for and one opinion to satisfy, he is free to get at every song that waits inside him. The purpose for Martin, though, is not only to writ