Martin Harley

Martin Harley

 Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA

Cheap, sleazy, rag tag and bob tail, Charlie Khan and his partners in crime revel and delight in the relentless tattoo of human progress and the misfortune of those left by the wayside. All a mish mash of skiffle, cabaret, and theatrics, his music and live show is a heady vaudevillian brew.


Martin Harley is a phenomenally talented UK guitarist, singer and songwriter. As well as his solo work, he also fronts The Martin Harley Band, testament to his tireless work ethic and devotion to his craft. A life long devotee of acoustic guitar music, especially the ageless blues and roots sounds, he has travelled the globe absorbing a plethora of diverse influences and honing his craft into the classic songwriting style he posesses today.

With such a wealth of experience under his belt, it is no surprise that his life is interwoven with his music, every song telling the tale of a life well lived. As a player he fuses remarkable musicianship with intuition and a deeply ingrained musical understanding, resulting in songs that are at once world-worn and timeless. Renowned for his prowess as a slide guitarist, he is almost unique in the UK in his playing lap slide. In other areas and styles, however, he has proved himself a master guitarists and consistently astounding songwriter.


"Martin Harley" (Villainous Records 2003)

Set List

Carnival Girl
Money Don't Matter
Winter Coat
Hand To Hold
How Long
One For The Road
Steady Rolling
Some Fires
Chocolate Jesus
Crossroad Blues