The Martin Harley Band

The Martin Harley Band

 Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA

Cheap, sleazy, rag tag and bob tail, Charlie Khan and his partners in crime revel and delight in the relentless tattoo of human progress and the misfortune of those left by the wayside. All a mish mash of skiffle, cabaret, and theatrics, his music and live show is a heady vaudevillian brew.


The Martin Harley Band are the UK’s premier blues and roots-influenced acoustic combo. Fronted by the inimitable singer and guitarist Martin Harley (also an accomplished solo performer), and based around his sublime songwriting, the MHB (as their fans know them) truly are a band like no other. With a strong DIY ethic and a love of unusual instrumentation, from Martin’s distinctive lap-slide guitar to balalaikas, double bass and tiny cocktail drumkits, and bolstered by delectable three-part harmonies, the band have crafted a unique, timeless sound that has seen them develop a sizeable following both in the UK and abroad.

The MHB have garnered a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands around, with an almost unbroken program of gigs, tours and festival appearances at home and overseas, so you can probably expect to catch one of their legendarily energetic live shows at a venue near you. Despite their hectic schedule, however, they have still found time to record two excellent albums, with their latest offering, ‘Drumrolls For Somersaults’, due on 12th April, marking an even more impressive progression of their British Americana sound.


"Money Don't Matter" (Villainous Records 2006)
"Grow Your Own" (Villainous Records 2008)
"Drumrolls For Somersaults" (Villainous Records 2010)

Set List

Love In The Afternoon
Summer Shadows
Small Voice
When I Go
Thousand Miles Of Sky
Carnival Girl
One For The Road
Drumrolls For Somersaults
Can't Help Moving
Chocolate Jesus
Winter Coat
Lonely With You
Blues At My Window
Money Don't Matter