Martini Bros.

Martini Bros.


The Martini Bros. have been pounding out their charismatic brand of roots driven rock 'n roll/rockabilly mayhem for seven years. The trio's live performances are legendary in the mid-atlantic region.


Deuce Gibb, Mike Mead and Rej Troup are the Martini Brothers and their story began with winning a Battle of the Bands at the Great Interstate York Fair in the Fall of 1995. Since then the band has performed from New York to Los Angeles, released several CD's, shot a video for "Spinning On An Axis" in Venice Beach, CA and been featured in and independent documentary film "One Night Only".


1995 -7 " Single "Up All Night" & "Tor UP", "Smokin'"
1997- "Portable"
200 - "TransMission"

Set List

Martini's usually like to do one long 90 to 120 minute show, but more often that not we'll do 2 60's. Obviously when touring or on a bill its a tight kick ass 40 to 60 minutes. They're an original band but can throw in some Motorhead, AC-DC, Beatles etc