Martini Henry

Martini Henry


Intense drumming mixed with a tapestry of bass interwoven with guitar. Confusing phrasing and time changes with soaring vocals to boot.


Martini Henry is a progressive rock trio spawned in Baltimore, MD. Starting around June 2005, the band consists of Garrett Henritz (bombastic pontificator) Ken Moore (necromancer) and Matt Graboski (barbarian destroyer).

After attempting to share with the middle east coast their acoustic, electric, effected, atmosphereic rock music, the band has since moved to LA to take on the beast directly.

With influences ranging from Dave Matthews, The Mars Volta, Primus, Tool, to Pearl Jam, Martini Henry's musicianship is quite the spectacle. From studio to the stage, every angle is covered, no stone left unturned, and no face left unrocked.


Legion of the Moose

Written By: Martini Henry

knew it was coming
i could not stand the wait
it hurts my head
the world in one eye
two will bring mistake
falling apart
falling apart

how long must we sit in our
conscious and surreal
what is
right towards the inside looking
at my soul

maybe it's different
maybe they will say
we are not awake

no way is this me i am
faulting my return pray i
make my final stand into...

days weeks the minutes
we've lost
admire the stream persisting
to you i will stand
am i that alone
already i have known time
we don't understand

they are righteous
castrating everyday
a weak ideal
you will know
you will see
my own

firm hold your post
hold my terms apart you can't
i am sleepless while you dream
holding me
helpless walking to the stream

god you are me
when you're laughing you are me
i am you

Drag of the Mask

Written By: Martini Henry

which one
to choose
it just seems
too hard
they fall
to nothing
we are

it is wrong
no it is right
just make up
your mind
you will feel it no
you will not
you left it so far

you lack
you were

oh no there you go again
breathing fire
called it your right
called it your name
and still we feel it

End of the beginning

Written By: Martini Henry

child when
will you be
allowing me to
forget all promise
you see how
i believed in you

a tired feeling
retired notion afraid
there's something leaning
something beside me

all things die
all things bleed
you never believed
you never believed

a tired feeling
retired notion afraid
there's something leaning
something beside me

and you know inside you feel it
you looked away

March to Darkness

Written By: Martini Henry

I mean to step out of the tantrum
Impervious to reality
She permeates through flip screen
Showings of her sea
The violent oppression
Attacked undressed
But now call has come too late

She’s fine
Do you detect alittle
Sarcastic rejoice
She’ll die but only in her head

A bruise with a dragging sensation
To boot isn’t enough of her body defaced
Aloof we are detained through regression
Timeless was her moment undone
The coward is still standing
Head glued to a gun

From these cold dead hands
Heads will roll for this
Go get the rope I said
Heads will roll for this


Matt Graboski " Drag of the mask" (2003)

Martini Henry "Airaid" (2005)

first offical web presence.

Set List

Drag of the mask
Emperor X
Beast on Hollins Street
Legion of the Moose
Gun pointed at the Head of the universe
Stand under the water in the crest depth
Mutatis Mutandis
god out of the machine
March to darkness
Mad Mardygan
Rising Darkness
End of the begining
Suicide Conductor