Martin Herford

Martin Herford


My music describes who I am, and what I have gone through. I feel my music is healing to the mind, body, & soul. I want my music to tell a story to the people.


Music has been inside of me since the young age of five. I give the most credit to my God and my wonderful parents who are now with the Lord. I also lost my brother who was a great musician. I like my lyrics to describe what I've gone through, and where I am going. I've had the opportunity to sing with great singers who now sing back up vocals for Kirk Franklin (who I've had the privilege to work with). I have sung with one of the greatest praise teams in the nation, Bishop "TD JAKES" praise team. It was an honor & pleasure to be able to work with him. I've sang back up vocals for Rocket Ismal of the Dallas Cowboys. Singing was put inside of me in order to touch some one who needs new direction in their lives! One of my greatest influences has been the grammy award winner "Fred Hammond".My dream as a singer is to do what i love to do and change lives while doin it.To goye therefore and teach all nations with my music about God and his love. I have what it takes to be a recording artist, because god put this gift in side of me. I pray for others that have dreams, that they will become not just a dream , but their dreams a reality1 the bible says that without a vision we will parish.


In 2004 I completed my first album. It was fun and a great learning experience, I wasn't happy with the quality of the production.

Set List

If I do a full show I would do about four to five songs depending on the program. at least 2 -3 hours. but i all ways consider the time.