Martin Luther King Jr lecture

Martin Luther King Jr lecture


This MLK Holiday show kicked off the new millennium, displaying today's King movement relationship. An actor as well as a trained public speaker, this season Phil was in “Rent” with Rosario Dawson & Taye Diggs, Orlando Jones & Rob Estes' “The Evidence” & Will Smith’s “Pursuit of Happyness"


Perhaps Walker has become one of America's most successful speakers not just due to his more than thirty (30) hours public speech training but also because of his over three (3) decades of teaching experience.

Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Art from the University of California~Davis.

Master of Arts in Theatre History/Criticism from the University of Illinois~Urbana.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Loyola University of Chicago.

Philllip has worked in more than 300 live productions, modeling assignments, films, TV shows, etc. and has performed in every United State at least twice!

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This fast paced lecture/discussion strives to accomplish two goals:

Written By: Phillip E. Walker

1. To review the legacy of the “King Movement”.
The first is both an informational and observational goal. In addition to the normal highlighting of political/legal accomplishments now enjoyed due to the work of the King movement, plus a look at who benefitted from the Movement’s accomplishments, this session is unusual in its review of various popular culture celebrations of Reverend King.

2. To encourage the development of a new African American leader on the scale of MLK.
The second goal is attempted through inspiration. The lecturer pinpoints the preparations, circumstances and motivations which caused Dr. King to become the most popular serious Black leader America has ever known. In doing so, Mr. Walker hopes to illuminate the similarities between these facts and the training / environment of today’s developing Black leaders. Hopefully, some young college student will see that today’s African American community has similar needs as it did in Martin’s day, causing this young person to recognize that they posses the same abilities to do for today, what King did for yesteryear.


1. King's Preparation
2. King's Actions
3. King's Legacy
4. Building Future MLK Holiday Celebrations

Set List

One (1) hour workshop including interaction, questions & answers.