Martin Messent

Martin Messent


Singer songwriter Martin Messent takes in folk, alt. country and fingerstyle playing, uniting these with a love of jazz and Americana and a lyrical, freewheeling approach to songwriting rooted in classic form.

Influences include Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Davy Graham, Neil Young and Paul Simon.

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What The Seagull Feels

Written By: Martin Messent

When you feel like you’ll go crazy with sorrow
But there’s no point in making a sound
All your goodbyes and all your tomorrows
Are lost right where they were found

Your daddy wasn’t a gambling man
Your mama frozen and pale
Your moonlight forgiven, your money religion
You’ve spent all your change in the grave

A soldier, a guide, a flowering bride
Pancakes with sugar and lemon
Alone in the sun we all come undone
Heartaches and plans lie forgotten

A planet spins, a baby cries
The birds have mastered what we despise
A lonely cry that wheels away
What the seagull feels

It’s plain to see there’s no place that’s free
No papers to file or receive
The check well spent, now indifferent
To the fate of you and of me

Rising Early

Written By: Martin Messent

Would you take my hand?
We both know it’s empty
Of seeds and plans I’ve planted
Us just came up strongest

Could you understand
Why I won’t cut back ivy?
I can’t stop things growing
Nature is my bride

We tumble through the seasons
Scribbling on the scenery
Our little hearts are bursting
With contradictory designs

I’m not used to sharing
Somehow I grew up lonely
My sisters got the lion’s share
Of practicality and pride

There’s a kind of peaceful longing
In the gentle song of early morning
I miss it mostly catching up
On joy and rest denied

I’m not getting up
No, I’m just rising early
A line appeared so clearly in my mind
Would you take my hand?

Letting in a moment
Somehow brings us closer
Could you bring these cautious eyes
Nearer to your love?

For Everyone

Written By: Martin Messent

In the roof it’s cold
A warm man gets blue up there
No one brings a torch
He learns it is expected of him
To discover fire all over again
And it’s the same for everyone

I don’t want anything
Or anyone; ambitionless
I want to drink the sky
Be the waves, live as a bird or fish,
To discover fire all over again
And it’s the same for everyone

Don’t listen to the voice
That tells you not to listen
It may be you shivering in blank eaves
Asking to be set free
To discover fire all over again
And it’s the same for everyone


Written By: Martin Messent

You can’t beat them
You can’t join them
Look at them go on
Fish and trees and honeybees
Lose nothing but their lives

You’re like a volcano
No one knows when you’re going to blow
And everybody likes it
Everyone but you

Close the window
I don’t want to hear it anymore
Someone’s shooting out the stars
I’ve seen enough of it for sure


But I’ve got a clue
I know what not to do or try
I just want to ride my bike
Downhill to your green eyes


Someone else's cat is at my window
I let her in before
Now I’m not so sure

Wild stop motion melody’s
Entrusted to the birds
Man made nature into
An ornament - idiot