Martin N'Terry

Martin N'Terry


Martin N' Terry & The Beneere Band is a SOUL REGGAE band that mixes Jamaican Reggae Roots with African Reggae. Their music is a message of equality, justice, freedom, love, hope, and harmony.


Martin N'Terry and the Beneere Band have a rich and diverse musical experience that is indeed shared and connected with audiences of all ages and backrounds. Lead by musician and composer Martin N'Terry from West Africa's Burkina Faso, Martin's passion and joy for music has lead him to become one of the most appreciated African Reggae artists in Burkina Faso.

Now based out of Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. Martin N'Terry and the Beneere Band has had the pleasure to perform at such venues and festivals like, The Hempfest, Lake Union Festival and several other festivals and venues in Seattle Washington. Mafrika Festival and SOB's In New York City, some of the biggest venues and festivals in Burkina Faso and many more.

The songs are in English, French, Moore, and Dioula (authentic West African languages generally found in Burkina Faso, Mali, and The Ivory Coast). The band consists of six (6) main musicians and can be augmented to fit larger venues as needed, with addition of brass section, african percusions, and more. Martin N' Terry is a tight professional unit comprised of some of Seattle's best reggae musicians ready to deliver an explosive stage show.



Set List

45-60min. original west african reggae material.