Martin Savery

Martin Savery


Heartfelt singer-songwriter with soulful bluesy energy and a jersey voice with music to stand the test of time.


Solo Singer-Songwriter that fills the gap between two cups of coffee and back to bed. Passion and feel behind each word and a simple guitar style still has found uniqueness in what I present to listeners.


I joined Sonic Bids to begin my journey. At age 42, I did this just for fun and since building studio out of a detached garage I spent more and more time, just laying down how I felt at the time in song and whether it be for healing, love or politics each song has a special meaning to me, but lyrically written in an open context to allow listeners to grasp their own meaning as it pertains to their life.

Set List

Think of You
This world's gone crazy
Let it Go
In the mood
Reaching out
I Am Only
Learning to Love Again
Let me feel you
Here with you
The Hardest Part
We've done our time