Martin Scott

Martin Scott


Rock / Gothic / Sub-pop Emotions come first... in impassioned mind and music. Music soothes the soul and is a universal communication method.


Martin Scott's formative years were the 90'S grunge period, which caused his addiction to music. Later on, he discovered the 70's / 80's new wave / glam rock / gothic genres which drew out his vision and capacity to create music.

As time goes by, Martin Scott discovers an increasing need to express his emotions through lyrics and music... and it is all about the music. His lyrics are based on personal experiences, emotions, struggles, worries, deceptions, love stories, delusions, bad days, crises, tribulations, moments of truth, life's lessons, etc.


Demo: Out of Sight (2003) (The Perfect Spill)


- Cold skin (2003)
- Golden door (2003)
- In your eyes (2004)
- Messed up (2003)
- Running again (2003)
- Under the rain (2004)
- Up and down (2003)