Martin $ky

Martin $ky

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Martin $ky is an artist who's style of music has reached out and claimed new fans from outside his city, and even country. He has a very distinct sound that is easily enjoyed by all types of demographics.


Martin $ky is a 19 year old musician born and raised on the South side of Chicago. He’s gaining considerable national acclaim for executing the true essence of good music through the what he writes and produces in just under 2 years at work. On Sept. 16th, after a packed pre-release event at JUGRNT his highly anticipated debut tape TIME(less) released and grabbed the attention stretching from just reviews from exec-level industry leaders, to actual fans stretching as far as the U.S to London.


"POLAROID" - released March 25th, 2013.[Stream + Download]

"PEARL GAWD" - released July 7th, 2013.[Stream + Download]

"TIME(LESS) TAPE" - released September 16th, 2013.[Project Stream + Download]

Set List

- One Artist On Stage
- Introduction
- 20 to 25 Minute Set