The O`Connor brothers create a solid backbone that appeals to the primitive being in all of us, with compliment from Koelbel, Conti and Delehanty. Their shows of high energy, radio ready ' Dark Pop', command an audience of any size.


Formed in 1994, members Dave and Paul met while in school at SUNY Plattsburgh, NY. The band was completed with the additions of Chris and Dan ( 1997 ) and John ( 2002).
Martly has performed on the MP3 Music and Technology tour with The Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic and Fono, as part of their tour of the greater northeastern US during October of 1999. Martly has also appeared at the 1999 Edgefest in Altamont, NY with such acts as Rob Zombie, Smashmouth, and THe Claypeople. IN addition, Martly has also performed with Orbit, Everclear, LettersTo Cleo, Patti Rothberg, and Francis Dunnery.


Three independent releases
Fascination - Video and select tracks on website

Shuteye Records-low watt document vol.1
Scarlet East Studios , Scallions, Pepper and Turnip
WPYX 106 FM-Capitaland Rocks
Crumbs-Jukeboxes Only
J-Bird Records - Jed Davis Tribute
Water Concepts- Water Joe

Set List

Set list size ranges from the 30 to 40 minutes, when playing in NY or Boston Clubs . 1 to 3 hrs when playing colleges and festivals.
Other bands Martly has covered include , O-positive, The Cure, REM, and The Allman Brothers.