Tampa, Florida, USA
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One of the most golden voices of the 60s, 70s and still to this day, the tender and blissful Singer/Songwriter Marty Balin croons his famous loves songs to all generations. He is truly a man for all seasons and his fan base continues to grow as evidenced by his sold out performances today.


Founder and Lead singer for the Jefferson Airplane, the pioneering psychedelic rock band from San Francisco. Also experienced success as a solo act, notably with the 1981 single, "Hearts". Released two albums, Baliance: A Collection(1990) and Better Generation (1991) with the band Wolfpack.

As of 2008, continued to perform part-time with Jefferson Starship and had intended to record lead vocals for two tracks for their latest album, Jefferson's Tree of Liberty. However, the art touring schedule conflicted with studio sessions and instead the track "Maybe for You" from the German release of Windows of Heaven was included.


Solo albums:
Balin (1981) (includes the single, "Hearts")
Lucky (1983)
There's No Shoulder EP (1983) (Japan only)
Better Generation (1991)
Freedom Flight (1997)
Marty Balin Greatest Hits (1999) (All New Recordings)
Marty Balin 2003 (2003)
Nashville Sessions (2008)
Nothin' 2 Lose (2009)
Time For Every Season (2009)
Compilation albums:
Balince (1990)
Wish I Were (1995) (German - Beverly Records/AMMC International)
The Aviator - Lost Treasures (2005)
with Jefferson Airplane:
Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (1966)
Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
Crown of Creation (1968)
Bless Its Pointed Little Head (1969)
Volunteers (1969)
Early Flight (1974)
Jefferson Airplane (1989)
with Bodacious DF
Bodacious DF (1973)
with Jefferson Starship:
Dragon Fly (1974)
Red Octopus (1975)
Spitfire (1976)
Earth (1978)
Deep Space / Virgin Sky (1995)
Windows of Heaven (1999)
Across the Sea of Suns (2001)
Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)
with KBC Band:
KBC Band (1986)

Set List

"Its no Secret," Balin
"Somebody to Love," Balin
" White Rabbit," Balin
"3/5 in 10 seconds," Balin
"Comin Back To Me," Balin
"Today," Balin
"Miracles" (Marty Balin)
"Atlanta Lady" (Jesse Barish)
"Plastic Fantastic Lover," Balin
"Count on Me," Barish
"Today" (Balin, Paul Kantner)
"Hearts," (Barish)
" ST. Charles," Balin
"Caroline," Balin
"Runaway," (N. Q. Dewey)
""Summer of Love," Bali
"With Your Love," Balin, Joey Covington, Vic Smith
"Volunteers," Balin, Kantner
" Gold," Balin
"Feelin The Love Again," Balin
And other famous "Marty Balin" songs including songs from Marty's New CD Blue Highway.