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"One Voice Takes Music on the Road"

"Contemporary Christian band One Voice is taking its music to the next level as they begin touring regionally in April and continue in the fall with shows in twenty-three states" -Kathy Stewart, p 1 (March 23, 2011) - The Merchandiser


We are set to release our first LP "Captivated" through TMG Records in April of 2011.



Marty Loose and One Voice is a new contemporary Christian music group. We create a warm "down home" country/acoustic rock sound. Experiencing one of our live performances would make you think we've played a lifetime together. We have all been performing live entertainment as musicians for at least 15-20 years. For the past 20 years Marty Loose has been performing live in southeastern Pennsylvania as a highly energetic crowd pleasing artist and worship leader. In 2009 Loose joined Jesus Now Ministries as worship leader where he met lead guitarist Michael Brady, who was playing on the team for the previous 4 years. Brady and Loose have "gelled" ever since the first time their guitars clashed. They both knew that something great was on the horizon, that God had laid a path for the two to embark on a musical journey together. Adding drummer Kroehl Brown to our lineup was the last piece of a harmonious puzzle. Coming from a gifted family of musicians, K.B. has developed an "ear" to produce graceful rolling beats that ice the cake on all our musical performances. Our band members live from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. The music that we play is our passion. We drive from beyond states to get together for simple majestic practices and songwriting sessions. Together our strength is mighty. Together we are "One Voice".

Last fall Marty Loose went to Oklahoma City, OK and recorded his first LP "Captivated" through major record label Tate Music Group. We are currently setting dates to tour the album. Please know that since we are signed with TMG they provide marketing promotions for us at all venues that we perform. They contact all local newspapers and christian radio stations within a 100 mile radius of wherever the event is. Producing more broadcast for your event is something we can all agree on!! We are all skilled professional musicians who are looking to positively touch the lives of many with our music. We greatly appreciate any consideration you give us to perform at your venue.

Singing had always been a motivation to Marty Loose who loved putting on "Beatles" shows for family and friends when he was a child. Marty was influenced by music from the 1970s and 1990s, and rock, country, and gospel. Now he enjoys many of the contemporary Christian artists, especially Chris Tomlin. In the 1990s, Marty decided to sing publicly and began singing lead in numerous local bands throughout Berks County, Pennsylvania. Marty felt compelled to write songs and at age 30 taught himself to play guitar. Eventually he found the right connection with his 12 string acoustic, melodically capturing his songwriting and voice. Loose believes that timing is important—God's timing. Through serving in various worship teams and leading, he feels incredibly blessed to have a strong calling to proclaim our Lord and King through music to all. The songs on "Captivated" are completely Holy Spirit-inspired, uplifting, and easy to listen to. Performed in a more classic rock manner with a touch of country, the songs are deeply connecting, engaging the listener in praise and worship. Marty resides in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, with his wife Una and four children.

For more information on booking Marty Loose and One Voice please contact: Michael at 610-334-1221 or Marty at 717-269-9270