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SBM reporter Sam Cochrane met up with Marty Lowman after a gig at Windsor Folk, November 7th, 2008.

SBM: It’s been a few years since you were musically active – what happened to get you back?

ML: Yeah, more than a few - I can’t attribute my return to music to anything one thing in particular – kind of a series of events – life’s like that though – step by step and you end up where you’re supposed to be.

SBM: I was wondering if Cuff the Duke’s success has had anything to do with your renewed interest in performing.

ML: Laughs – you know it’s great when your son achieves some success in the music business. It’s been great to join him on stage from time to time when Cuff plays in the area. His success has pleased me greatly, but I don’t know that it’s a motivating force for me – could be though – I’ve never really thought about it in those terms.

SBM: Your songs have a lot to say about life and following dreams. Where does that inspiration from?

ML: I guess a lot of it has to do with getting older – you tend to look back over your life and evaluate. When you know time is running down you have to make what’s left count. I guess that’s true now matter how old you are – any day could be the last.

SBM: I can hear a lot of different influences in your music, everything from Leonard Cohen to Pink Floyd, but it seems you’ve really established a unique sound for yourself. Can you talk about how that came about?

ML: Laughs - Yeah, I’m sure all of those influences are there – I have a very eclectic taste in music. I can’t say how my own sound kind of developed, other than it’s a whole lot of genres and styles that I’ve paid close attention to and when I write something they all kind work their way into the song. It’s not something I do deliberately when I’m writing – a song doesn’t have to sound a certain way. I usually write lyrics and melody at the same time. I just try to find a melody and style that flows with the lyrics and the mood of the lyrics – it works the other way around too. I write a lot of other stuff too – what you heard tonight is some of the more serious stuff. My music does have a message, but music is also for entertainment – some of my stuff is designed to get a laugh, or at least a chuckle from the listener – oh, I’d even settle for a smile.

SBM: So, you’ve been to Nashville a few times recently – what’s shaking down there?

ML: Well, the whole Nashville thing is a long story – probably, beyond the time you have to listen – it goes off in a whole other direction, but it’s a good example of going step by step and allowing things to happen rather trying to force things. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities open up for me down there and they all fell into place – very serendipitous. Let me just say, I’ve had songs sent out to a large number of major artists. Nobody’s cut anything so far, but at least they’re listening.

SBM: I hear that you are heading out on tour next summer. Do you have any highlights you can share?

ML: Not really, at this point – still working on setting things up. In a way I’ve been reluctant to get out on the road – I’ve done that before. It’s not easy. But I feel so extremely fortunate to be in the position of writing songs again and I feel I have to share them. The thing is much of the process is beyond me – I’m taping into a resource. Call it the muse, call it the Universe – doesn’t matter what you call it – it’s just that I feel like I have an obligation to share with other’s what’s been shared with me. You know, obligation is probably too strong a word – it’s more like a payback to the muse, but I guess that’s an obligation isn’t it? (laughs).

SBM: So when is the album going to be released?

ML: Well I’m hoping for spring 09. Obviously, I want it done before I start touring in the summer. There’s still some tracks to finish off and deciding which ones will actually make the album is always tough – the mixing and tweaking, does it ever get finished? You’ve heard the EP and I want to get the sound warmed up a bit for the final album.

SBM: Best of luck with your CD release and tour – we’ll be watching your success.

ML: Thanks Sam. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.
- Sound Byte Magazine

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Dancing With Father Time - Rockin'Frog Music - 2009

Two Sides to the Coin - Rockin' Frog Music - set for release in November 2010.



Dancing With Father Time is a new independent release from Essex County, Ontario, singer-songwriter Marty Lowman. The album was released August 22, 2010.

The album crosses several guitar driven musical genres and includes several themes. Time is one of the obvious themes and Lowman reflects on the passage of time in the title track and “My Sixties” as he reminisces about the Sixties with a tongue-in-cheek look at what his future might hold. He explores the sentimental aspects of a relationship the country/folk style in “Let’s Go Back In Time,” and then switches to a social justice theme in “My Neighbours,” “Asking Too Much?” and drives the social justice message with hard-driving rock in “See the Children Marching.” “Trust the Guide” and “Let it Flow” explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life’s journey.
Lowman’s lyrics are powerful and punchy, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, Dylan and Kristofferson. There are many layers in the lyrics so freshness remains after repeated listens, with a new element emerging with each play. Musically, you can hear the influences of David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler in the guitar tracks and Leonard Cohen in the vocals.

Dancing With Father Time was released digitally on iTunes and in December, 2009. It has also had over seventy thousand plays worldwide on the internet radio station Here are a few comments from fans:

“One of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Really nice to hear some lyrics written by someone with a few years under his belt. The guitar(s) on this song are stunning! It's like listening to a folk singer backed up by 70's Floyd. A brilliant piece of music. A must listen. A must own.......” Ilana R. New York City.

“ People -- this guy has style. He is real and in this biz that is more rare than common. Marty -- some of us really get it so don't stop. ” Thomas C., London, Ontario.

“ Like Dire Straits and Serge Gainsbourg had a baby. ” Wes B., Chicago, IL

“This CDs a revelation. Why haven’t I heard of this man before?” Vajra S. Bangalore, India.

“A gem of an album: Dylanesque Pink Floyd with a touch of Cohen. A must listen, must buy.” D.R.B, Manchester, UK

“ Great stuff! An unsung pro! ” Mark V. Coco Beach, FL.