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Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Band camp"

"this song is so hilarious I had to post it. Poppala takes the beat from Rhymefest's "Brand New" and replaces the chick saying "brand new" with the girl from American Pie saying "band camp" and works the names of over a hundred rock bands into his verse. Shit is completely silly but kind of genius." - Goverment Names


Ashlee Simpson - Boys Remix [Producer]
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head Official Remix (2008) [Producer]
Cash Rules (2008) *Movie Score/ Main Theme and Original Soundtrack* [Writer,Producer]
Stars & Stripes (2007) [Writer,Producer]
The Pope (2007) [Writer,Producer]
Extra Clips (2007) [Writer,Producer]
Hood Chronicles (2007) [Writer,Producer]
Crusade Level One: Confidential (2006) [Writer,Producer]
Crusade Level Zero: Singles (2006) [Writer,Producer]
Harm City Mixtape (2005) [Writer,Producer]
Mash Infantry Presents: The Gators In - The Mash Monster Marathon (2004) [Writer,Producer]
The Passion Of The Mics (2004) [Writer,Producer]
Taxi Driver (2003) [Writer,Producer]
The Bourne Identity (2003) [Writer,Producer]
The Mash Mixtape (2002) [Writer,Producer]



(Self Written Bio)

I am a songwriter/producer born and raised in Baltimore. As part of a team of a conglomerate of producers and songwriters, I’ve written/ produced for the Pussy Cat Dolls & Ashlee Simpson to name a few. But, now I’m finally preparing to break out into the performance world as a solo artist. Instead of the normal Bio which is written by someone else (or in many cases written by the artist themselves just in third person) I wanted to provide you with some knowledge about me in my own words. However, the “Official Bio” is posted below. Anyway…

I've been musician since forever ago. No. I did not come out the womb singing like a lot a musicians claim about themselves. Nope. I didn't dance before I could crawl or even walk. I was and still am pretty normal. In fact, I only started singing professionally literally in April this year (2008...incase this stays on the internet for 15 years).

"But, you just said you were a musician since forever ago!" Yes, I did say that. About 16 years ago my cousin and I were battling our GI Joes with the Ninja Turtles figurines while listening to Kriss Kross "Jump". My cousin actually turned around and nonchalantly said, "We should start a rap group." To which I naturally replied, "Ok". Neither one of us had any prior musical experience. This was back in the days of cassettes. We got some beat tapes for our older cousin, set two boom boxes in front of each other- one with the beat tape set to play, the other with a blank tape set to record. I still remember that first recording. Every word. I never stopped making music since. For those that are curious, my cousin did not continue.

Back to me now! So, how did I get from there to where I am now? I rapped for many years since then, which lead to me producing (beat making) out of necessity. Either I couldn’t afford to purchase tracks or the ones that I could afford or were free were just not my style. So, I dove into producing myself head first at the age of 15 not realizing what a serious asset that skill would be for me in the future. Down the line, I began producing for local up and coming singers. Making sure they always sounded their best vocally and lyrically I wrote and referenced songs tailored for those newcomers I so much believed in. Some of my fully composed songs luckily made it into the hands of established artists.

So, began my ascent into the embodiment as the straight male version of Gwen Stefani. In April, when I was making my regular round at the post office, the nice lady who recognized me as the guy who mails lots of CDs asked, "Do you sing?" I said "No. I actually write for other singers." She said maybe you should...sing that is." This scene almost mirrored the day my cousin suggestion we form a rap group (Minus Destro kicking the crap out of Donatello. There's only room for one character whose name begins with "D" and ends with "O"). By the time I got back home from mailing my music off, her comment still resonated with me. She couldn't hear me as I silently replied, "OK".

That very same day, I started coming up with ideas. Then, my monitor exploded! It literally went "Poof". During the next few days, before I could purchase a new one, I wrote "Take the Money And Run", "On The Go", And "Lily Pad". Not necessarily in that order. I can't really recall the order actually. Immediately after I hooked up my new 24" widescreen that I’m in love with, (so much that I want to take it in back of a middle school and get it pregnant) I began recording, jumping from one song to another then back never entirely finishing one idea before getting a new idea and pursuing it. “Nail in the Coffin” came later as I previously wrote and produced it for another artist to sing. I then adopted for myself it as it was not being used.

Speaking of adopted…The name Marty McFly obviously comes from the "Back to the Future" films. In real life however, my last name is Martin. And you know how people call you by your last name at work? Well, Martin transformed into Marty. And being that "Back to the Future" is one of my favorite films of all time I jacked McFly for a minute. I'll give it back when I feel like it or if it infringes on any copyrights. Lol

Anyway, thanks for bearing with my long winded novel. Hope you enjoy the music.

Selected Performances

The Latin Palace (Baltimore)
The Funk Box (Baltimore)
The Eight by Ten Club (Baltimore)
Arundel Community College (Baltimore)
Mondawmin Mall (Baltimore)
MTV: Rock The Vote Concert (Baltimore)
Club One (Baltimore)
Fittin2BeNext Seminar (Baltimore)
The Pocono Mountains (Pennsylvania)
Rodney Jenkins Talent Show (Virgina)
Anthony Jeters "In The Spotlight 2006" (Baltimore)
Remote Lounge (New York)
Hammerstein Ballroom (New York)
Brass Monkey Saloon (Baltimore)
Five Seasons (Baltimore)
Club Sonar (Baltimore)
Tainted Ink Modeling Group: Fashion 101 (Class is in Session) (Baltimore) *Headliner
The Sherman Theatre (Pennsylvania) *Headli