MartyMoney formerly 1.8.7
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MartyMoney formerly 1.8.7

Hartford, CT | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Hartford, CT | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Hip Hop R&B


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1. My Style (She Feelin Me)

Single released May 16th 2006



1.8.7, who are they? “What does 1.8.7 stand for?” Is it good or bad? They are always asked that question? For those wondering, it does not mean “murder”.

The meaning has evolved: 1 (One family, each member having a unique style), 8 (Eight Members of the team) and 7 (Seven, bought from heaven, “just that lucky number, here to guide through the rough times”).

You are now focusing on the 1.8.7 artists, signed to Fiya Bars Entertainment, an independent record label out of Manchester, CT. The group was signed in May 2006. Their music is hardcore, straight forward “Rap”. Studio/Recording sessions based out of New Haven, East Hartford and Manchester, CT.

Members born and raised in Hartford and Manchester, Connecticut. The genre that they are out to reach is everyone who knows and feels hip hop, with the entire fan base being the world. “Ya'll remind me of that stuff that hip hop is missing right now, that real raw stuff” says producer Bryan Ramsey of The Specialists out of North Carolina. “They are set to construct the missing area in hip hop today”, says a fan.

• Album release information-1.8.7 Mixtape album “Git Use 2 It” release date is set for August 31, 2006. Record Label/Management contact is Fiya Bars Entertainment’s
• “The Come Up” flyer, look for those in your local clubs, hip hop department stores, malls, etc.
• They will be performing at a block party in Queens, New York and will showcase their talents. They give back to the community by donating their time and talents.
• Contests –, a contest running presently, titled: “The artist of the month for July 2006”
• Purchases - to order future mixtape, ringtones, mp3 and single (My Style).

What sets them apart from other hip hop (rap) groups is their family background. Growing up together, sibling rivalry was never the issue, making that money was. They have stuck together through thick and thin.

The 1.8.7 became to be in 1997. Then came the merge of CD’s instead of cassettes tape, it was all too good from there. The group entered in talent shows, graduation parties, school events, etc. to get performance experience. The early exposure to music from their parents/family, gave them the opportunity to open up to it young. As far back as they could remember, they were surrounded with music whether it was hip hop, reggae, or R&B; slow jams. Their father/uncle would play his stereo so loud, while recording with his camcorder (that would sit on his shoulder). While they all just dancing/sing/rap around in the living room as he’d DJ on the turntables. They also played on his microphone often to have fun. The real push to becoming a rapper began with the death of the greatest performers (Biggie and Pac). During recess/break they would get friends to bang on the table making beats while coming up with flows and alternative beats. Then at home they started rapping on the karaoke machine, originating the hottest songs.

When they perform, they really speak through the music and you get a better perception of the group’s character, as well as each member individually. When performances are over the fans always wonder, when the album will drop, “soon, do not worry”. Like they told everyone, “stay tuned” and wait for the come up, 1.8.7 style.

They are part of the future in rap and their focus being on all present fans and potential ones. Here now today to give the public what they want to hear. With their extensive music background, they have at least two decades of experience, with influences such as Nas, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, D block, Kool G, A-team and old classics (the list goes on). 1.8.7-Always ready to perform and “Shut it Down” at all times.

Ofisho of 1.8.7 says “it is not going to be an easy drive, but I like the bumps in the road, makes me drive harder”.

Mixtape album release August 31, 2006, stay tuned. Was always a dream, but now it is realty.

“GIT USE 2 IT”-1.8.7 Team is Hot!