martyn wright

martyn wright


my music is influenced by everything from classic Rock to Jazz and


playing Rock for me is to share all that I have lived good and bad.
my influences in Rock stem from the Beetles,The doors and bands like the stones for classic rock. than the more electronic from the 70,s like De pesh Mode for example, than the Police and David Bowie. and Mental as anything as an Example from the 80s and more recently Mr bundle. but also all modern music including jazz.
So when I write a song its all from Life,s experiences and observations, making the influences I have mentioned all good tools for improvising when soloing or coming up with a solo part. to this end I give an example my song Mystery night sung by Cindy Appleton. played by me on sax with backing written by me and produced by Terry Halliday.


mystery night

Written By: martyn wright

Mystery sight, high in the sky, beautiful light, high at night.
bitterly cold, white land of old , colors so bold, high at night,
I behold lights, bright in the sky, mystic sights beautiful night,
I long for thrills, with even chills, by my window sill, high up on a hill,
mystery night, high in the sky, beautiful light, high at night,
bitterly cold, white land of old , beautiful light, high at night.

Wind of life

Written By: Martyn Wright

Time-to get-a life, time-to live-your life, wake be a, new,
strive-to end-the strife, peace-to-mend-the-mind, wake be a, new,
life,s like a, wind here for, Time', like a sigh,
life,s like a, wind here for, Time', like a sigh,
come-on be-alive, high-above-lies, too live to sigh,
time-to get-a life, time-to-live-your-life,time-to-re-new,


Mystery night is on You-tube under Mystery night by Martyn Wright.
the video was produced by me using images to produce a feeling of the mystery of the Northern lights in the Arctic circle.