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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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The best kept secret in music


""Putz, Putz, Putz/""


Putz, Putz, Putz. How in the hell do we explain this guy and his show to those who have never witnessed this rampant insanity? This was the first year that Theme Park Adventure had the opportunity to see Marty Putz and his show at Halloween Haunt and we were thrilled beyond words – in fact, words don’t adequately describe the vibe and the sheer fun that this show brings.
Like other shows at Haunt, Putz peppers his set with adult humor – and there are no objections or complaints from the TPA camp; Haunt is supposed to be over-the-top, and that is exactly what Putz is.
We went into the show fully expecting Marty to depend completely on props for his laughs. And there are props and odd gadgets at every turn. However, it’s Marty’s simple and dry humor that really connects with the audience – and keeps people howling with laughter through-out the show. Seriously, minus the prop grags, Marty could hold down a Haunt show with his quit wit and raw on-liners alone. The toys are an added zany bonus, folks. The way that Marty interacts with the crowd is fantastic and perfect for the Scary Farm and the type of folks it attracts. Let’s face it; few Haunt fans won’t laugh at a fart joke or a crude comment. We love it and we all get a serious dose of it whenever we go to the Scary Farm – be it quick comments during The Hanging or funny quips during the Ed Alonzo or Dr.Cleaver shows. But only Marty Putz can pull off jokes such as showing off his “moth balls” or his “jack-off-in-a-box!” Outrageous! In all honesty, we were really surprised at some of Marty’s jokes – not because we(‘re) prudes; because they are so over-the-top that there is no way they would have made it past Opening Night under the Terry Van Gorder/Marion Knott regime.
Marty gets the crowd whipped in to a frenzy and leaves everyone cheering and laughing. Personal favorite moments of ours include watching Marty shoot people in the watching Marty shoot people in the audience with his dart gun (hey, Rick has two on his desk - authentic Haunt souvenirs), watching Marty harass people either arriving late to the show or leaving early and the
ultimate crowd-pleasing portion of his show... Chubby bunny.
Now, for those that don't know (we didn't either), chubby bunny is the name of a game where someone puts a large marshmallow in his or her mouth and says, "chubby bunny." The object of the game is to stuff as many big marshmallows in your face as humanly possible and still be able to say, "chubby bunny" without gagging to death or vomiting the gooey mess all over your pals.
It's a simple bit, but we've never heard a crowd at Haunt react so well to a gag in a show like this before. The routine has people on the floor and others holding their sides because they are laughing so hard. Listening to Marty force the words into the microphone through a mouthful of mess - it's one of those things that is so wrong and so beautifully "Haunt."
Marty Putz’s show is brilliant, hilarious, silly and stupid. It will appeal to the inner teen in all of you (and if you’re still a teen, it will fit you like a glove). The bottom line is, Putz should be experienced at least once. If you love it like we do, it will become a permanent part of your Haunt routine (we’re already so there next year). If you go and don’t - www.Themepark adventures


“This is so cool,” is a phrase comedian Marty Putz blurted out often during Saturday’s matinee of his one-man kids show “The Putz Prank Party,” at the Marion Town Centre and it’s a phrase he most certainly backed up.
Putz mesmerized the mostly pint-sized crowd with a series of goofy gadgets and gizmos that transformed the comic into a living cartoon. From his style-o-matic hair-styling helmet to his inflatable jumpsuit, Marty praced around the stage with reckless abandon, entertaining the kids and just as equally, the grown-ups with his off-kilter physical comedy. Working from a set that is entirely inflatable, Marty walks on stage and immediately grunts to the crowd. They instinctively seem to know how to respond because they began to grunt right back. From that moment on Putz has then where he wants them.
Taking us into his world, a world where he trasforms himself from one wacky character to
the next, Marty constantly boasts about how proud he is to be different because, as he puts it, “different is cool,” which is the message of the show.
It is a message the youngsters seemed to embrace because marty know how to talk to the kids, not down to them. He does not just tell them that different is cool, he shows them. Whether it was having them yell out suggestions or bringing them on stage to help him out, Marty gave the kids permission to have fun and be silly like him. This was especially nice for the parents, who could sit back and enjoy themselves, knowing that Marty backs up his show with a positive message. But during the performance I attended, most of the parenyts joined in the fun, yelling and screaming with their children, making it truly a show that families can enjoy together…and that is cool.

- By Randy Corson, The Daily Gazette

""What a Putz!""


What a Putz!


By Evan Ryan
The Suburban

Finding grocery shopping and soccer games a bit dull these days? Check out "Planet Putz" a hilarious new live show that inflates, bounces, jiggles, launches and explodes into possibly the most imaginative family spectacle since Walt Disney started drawing mice.
This one-man show packed full of bizarre gadgets and incredible inventions keeps the audience hanging on for dear-life. Marty Putz, the
stumbling, bumbling, overseer of Planet Putz has made the impossible possible and families across America can’t get enough.
"Planet Putz" is the must see show of the season and will leave your entire family screaming for more – more marshmallows for the game of “human baseball” that is.
I recommended bringing the whole family out and putting a bit of
juvenile lunacy back into your lives. Just like Marty says "this is so cool."
- By Evan Ryan, THE SUBURBAN

""Putz'n Around Town""

Putz’n Around Town
By Kenneth Zenger, TORONTO STAR

Who wants a screaming good time that the whole family can enjoy?

Fans of "Planet Putz" that’s who. Marty Putz, a Canadian born entertainer has created a one-man show that kind of defies logic. Marty’s unusual brand of humor is deeply rooted in remembering what it was like to be a kid. When chatting with him before a show he stated "To come up with material, I think back about the great times I had growing up and I try to capture the essence of that, the feeling that everything is a new adventure."
Marty has succeeded because everything is an adventure at "Planet Putz" from the moment you see the giant inflatable stage set you get the feeling you’re about to witness something different. Marty’s stage set actually needs to be blown up and not by mouth either. A lot goes on behind the scenes to accomplish Marty’s vision.
The big question is what kind of person dreams up a vision that is part Pee-Wee Herman part Six-Million Dollar Man and something that needs to be seen to be believed? A person like Marty Putz, a man who refuses to forget what it’s like to be a kid. His theory is "Kids view things differently everything is new and exciting and I want to bring that excitement back to people."
Watching Marty work the audience is a unique experience, he has a knack of connecting with kids and taking their parents back in time at the same time. The show comes off part Mouse Trap part Looney Tunes and a whole lot of fun. One thing is for sure Marty Putz has taken his vision and made it a reality with his new stage show "Planet Putz."

- By Kenneth Zenger, TORONTO STAR


- Comedian/Writer/Producer

The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno - GUEST STAR NBC
The Tournament - GUEST (The Ref) CBC
Marty's Party Pilot - HOST CARTOON NETWORK
Just For Laughs Comedy Fest. - HIMSELF CBC
Make Me Laugh
(22 episodes) - REGULAR (Himself) COMEDY CENTRAL
Not Just News
(26 episodes) - SERIES HOST FOX(syndicated)
Comics (Half hour special) - STAR CBC(Canada)
The Jerry Lewis Telethon - GUEST STAR FOX
The Magic Johnson Show
(5 episodes) - GUEST STAR FOX
Comic Strip Live - (9 episodes) - GUEST STAR FOX
Sunday Comics (5 episodes) - GUEST STAR FOX
Xuxa (Children's Program) - GUEST STAR CBS
America's Funniest People - SPECIAL GUEST STAR ABC
The Statler Bros. Hour - SPECIAL GUEST STAR TNT
The Joan Lunden Show - GUEST STAR ABC
Funny People - GUEST STAR NBC
Comedy on the Road - GUEST STAR A&E & BBC
George Schlatter's Comedy Club
Switchback - CO-HOST CBC(Canada)
Friday Live - GUEST STAR LWT(England)
Carlton New Year - GUEST STAR BBC (England)
Tonight Live - GUEST STAR 7(Australia)
Hey Hey It's Saturday - GUEST STAR 9(Australia)
Midday w/ Ray Martin - GUEST STAR 9(Australia)

Fashionistas of Malibu (In Development)
- CREATOR/WRITER/EP FOX Television Studios
The Bunk (In Development
The Tournament USA (Pilot)
-CREATOR/WRITER/EP WB/Tommy Schlamme Prod.
The Tournament UK
Marty's Party (Pilot)
The Tournament Season 1
The Tournament Season 2
Gerald McBoing Boing
Not Just News
Just For Laughs Comedy Festival
Tonight Live
- WRITER 9 (Austrialia)

Yahoo Short Film Competition - WINNER "What is Rhythm"
Kelloggs Pop Tarts - Comedy Video Promotional Give-away
America's Laughing Out Loud - Comdey DVD

Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Montreal, Canada
Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
Halloween Haunt Guena Park, CA
The Last Laugh Theatre Melbourne, Australia
RazzMaTazz 15 cities, New Zealand
The UnderGround London, UK
C.A.F. Tour Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Holland, Arctic



Marty Putz’ unique brand of physical and visual comedy has sold out venues at hundreds of campuses and as far away as London and Australia. Marty’s been on Jay Leno, Fox’s “Comic Strip Live”, Comedy Centrals “Make Me Laugh”, produced “The Tournament” (Canadian Gemini Award Winner) and “Putz Gear” is now available at Spencers. Marty’s live show has critics saying: “…gets the crowd whipped into a frenzy and leaves everyone cheering and laughing”, “…show is brilliant, hilarious, silly and stupid.”
“ …must see show of the season, leaving you screaming for more.” Marty’s quick wit and raw one-liners, along with his child-like traits and enthusiasm, would be funny enough for any comedy audience, but it’s Marty’s traveling show operated by computer and pneumatics, complete with a full-fledged marshmallow war with cannons and toilet paper launchers, that takes comedy to levels never see before! “Comedy so funny you’ll have to duck!”


Starting out in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, Marty began his career in comedy playing small clubs. His unique brand of physical and visual comedy quickly caught on taking him to sold out houses as far as London and Australia.
After an appearance at the “Just For Laughs” International Comedy Festival, agents from the United States (talent, not immigration) urged him to move to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter Marty landed a stint hosting the Fox Network’s Emmy Award winning kids show “Not Just News”. As well, Marty was selected to perform in the Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Comedy Video, a special comedy promotional video which would go on to become one of Kellogg’s largest mail-in campaigns in the history of the company. As his television exposure continued to increase with appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, Fox’s “Comic Strip Live” and Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh”, Marty quickly established himself on the American College and University circuit, twice being nominated “Comedian of the Year.”
As Marty’s live show continued to grow, so did his fan base. With his child-like traits, enthusiasm and his family appeal, it was only natural for Marty’s popular style to family entertainment to expand into other areas. After a sold out ‘family hour’ run at the “Rio Hotel” in Las Vegas and an amazingly popular stint at Knottsberry Farm’s famed “Halloween Haunt”, he was singed to create, write and star in “Marty’s Party, a kids live action pilot for Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network.
Marty continued to expand his talents. This time, behind the cameras where he produced two seasons of the Canadian Gemini Award winning show, “The Tournament”. This mockumentary series for CBC Canada, which he created and wrote, is loosely based on Marty’s peewee hockey days. “The Tournament” follos a peewee hockey team and its ovsessive parents on their hilariously insame journey to win a national hockey championship.
In 2006, “The Tournament” aired on American television. Although short lived it garnered rave reviews from both the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. This lead to Marty signing a deal with Warner Brothers Television and BBC England to create and consult on versions for both the United States and Britain.
In addition, Marty was awarded a “Yammy Award” for his submission to the Yahoo on-line short film competition and most recently has ventured into new comedy territory yet once again.
Teaming up with CAN YOU IMAGINE, the premier manufacturer of creative products, Marty’s inventive silliness is now available to the general public in the form of “Putz Gear”, a line of specialty pranks and gags sold at Spencer’s stores nationwide.
With the launch of his product line, sold out live shows, and increasing web and TV exposure, Marty is sure to be making an appearance in your area soon.