Martyr Reef

Martyr Reef



In 1998, three friends formed a band called The Remedy. Those friends were Shawn Stephens, Ryan McCluskey and Erik Johnson. They got their start writing songs and performing them for churches and talent shows. One year later, Shawn moved to San Diego, CA. Shortly after, CJ Anderson joined the band as bassist. They decided to change their name to Martyr Reef, opting out names like, Flying Insect Nuebers. After a few months, CJ decided to pursue other interests and once again, the band was shorthanded.

In the year 2000, Naphtali Smith joined the band and they settled into the music, with writing, recording and touring. In 2004 Shawn moved back from San Diego to rejoin the band. Finally, the group was whole. With like minds, and undeniable determination, they moved up to Seattle in pursuit of their dreams.

In November of 2006, Ryan McCluskey quit the band for personal reasons, and the band was back to 3 members for a short period of time. In January 2007, Esteban Jimenez joined the band on drums, and they continue to tour and write new songs, reaching audiences across the nation.

Since their start in 1998, they've put on two Nationwide Tours, one West Coast tour and most recently, General Tire's "Take It To The Max Tour" spanning most of the south. They recorded two LP's and one EP, and are currently working on demos for a new album. The band has been featured on two Compilations, and their song "Academy" has recently circulated college radio stations across the country.

Martyr Reef has played with bands such as; Bon Jovi, Candlebox, Jenoah, Anadavine, Project 86, Emery, Falling Up, As Cities Burn, On A Dead Machine, Number One Gun, The Beautiful Mistake, Trivium, Greeley Estates, and The Classic Crime.

Just as determined as the day they started, and passionate about music that changes lives, they continue to follow their dreams, and encourage their listeners to follow theirs.

Set List

Show Me
Till You Say So
Your Name
The Ocean
Dreams May Come
Lose It All
Falling Down