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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Comedy Pop




"Our Top Ten Comedy Shows of 2014"

... but the discovery of the night for us was Marty Topps, who entertained us with his musical stylings and later went on to win the top prize at Laugh Sabbath’s NXNE comedy shorts festival. - Torontoist

"Marty Topps looks to save his marriage on ‘LIVE! From the Rotary Club’"

Toronto-based performer Marty Topps entered the spotlight after releasing a whole album of songs dedicated to action sports brand “TapouT”. Between then and now Topps took top prize at the Laugh Sabbath Film Festival, released a TapouT Christmas album and has been performing regularly in shows all over Toronto. Unfortunately, all this recent activity and success seems to have put a huge strain on his marriage to his wife, Jean Pants. Now, you may think we’re being rude by passing on this bit of seemingly private news, but in an effort to win back Jean, Marty has released a brand new, very public album that deals with his troubles called LIVE! From the Rotary Club.

Recorded one magical night at The Rotary Club in Toronto, the album features 15 tracks inspired by Jean with the goal of getting her back. Since Jean was in attendance for the recording, we the audience are able to audibly follow Marty’s journey toward reconciliation, all backed by the catchy, keytar-supplied synth jams that Topps is known for.

Funny, sad, sexual and toe-tapping, this album has it all and features appearances from local talents Bridget Tobin, Brandon Brackenbury, James Hartnett, Tim Gilbert, Eric Andrews and Adam Kemp. Give it a listen below and if you like what you hear or need to show your wife that maybe your own problems aren’t so bad compared to Marty’s, buy it for her! And if you want to get crazy and live in Toronto, there’s a huge album release party tonight at Double Double Land. - Comedy Network


Another fantastic addition to the “What the hell did I just watch?” file. Marty Topps is a solo act from Toronto who absolutely blew me away with his hilariously weird, synth-heavy odes to TapouT Gear (whatever the hell that is.) I can’t explain it. You just have to see him to believe it. Word on the street is he’ll be stopping by Sketchfest again on Saturday night – don’t miss it. - Bloody Underrated

"NXNE 2014: Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better"

Comedian Marty Topps, who recorded a whole album of satirical tributes to the Tapout MMA brand, won the second annual Laugh Sabbath/NXNE comedy shorts festival with his similarly brand-obsessed “Beep Beep (Buy Me a Jeep).” - Torontoist

"Check out the winners of the NXNE / Laugh Sabbath Film Festival"

On Sunday afternoon, NXNE hosted the second annual edition of the Laugh Sabbath Film Festival featuring comedic shorts from Canada and the U.S., screened at the Bloor Hot Docs Theatre. Presented by the Toronto-based comedy collective and judged by industry professionals, the festival is a great opportunity for unique comedy voices to have their work screened on a large format in front of a big audience rather than over the Internet where reaction is gauged solely by views.
The winner of the big $500 prize was Beep Beep (produced, written and directed by Isaac Winter & Adam Kemp) featuring an extremely catchy song about Jeeps amidst a horrifying tale about a kidnapping and a Jeep. - The Comedy Network

"You Can't Do That on St Catherine St."

Next, Marty Topps continued the hilarity with a set completely dedicated to Tapout Gear. With a keytar, and some great background music paired with it Marty was fantastic. It was almost too funny to believe he was actually going for it, which is never a bad thing. - Montreal Rampage


#2: A Loving Tribute to TapouT - Marty Topps

When making an album, it’s important to tie it all together with an overall theme. Sometimes it’s love. Sometimes it’s pain. And sometimes it’s TapouT gear. Yep, you heard right – comedian Marty Topps put together an entire album featuring only songs about TapouT gear. And you know what? It’s great. - BiteTV

"Magnet Spotlight: Marty Topps and Three Non-Threatening Males"

Where are you from originally?…and what’s that place like?!

I’m originally from Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is a nice town. It was pretty wild growing up in the shadow of the undisputed King of Pop, Justin Beaver but I also found it really inspiring because it made me #believe I could grow up to be a song-and-dance-man just like him. - MBlog!

"Comedy Spotlight: Marty Topps"

Marty Topps is a comedian, videographer and producer from Toronto.

He’s known for his Marty Topps House Party, which was a live comedy variety show performed at local bars since 2008.

He’s also created some pretty interesting (insane) videos:

This one ( was a collaboration with Smearballs and features a well-known staple from downtown Toronto. You may have seen this guy around Bloor street, perhaps talking about his spiritual expertise or expressing his thoughts on bedbugs (“sometimes I think I’m a bedbug.”)

This video ( clears up the annoying “where do you get all these jokes from?” question I’m sure comedians get all the time.

And finally, ( here’s a tribute to the TapouT sweater. Anyone who has ever lived in a small town knows these sweaters all too well. - BiteTV

"Marty Topps’ Odes (Plural) to TapouT Gear"

Putting on a killer comedy show can be expensive, especially when you go above and beyond a brick wall and a microphone. That’s something Marty Topps knows all too well – his Marty Topps House Party shows feature a DJ, confetti cannons, a professional dance pack, special effects, the whole wazoo. A growing list of expenses has pushed a number of local producers to seek out sponsors and Topps is no different. Recently he recorded some new theme songs in hopes of attracting some sponsorship dollars from his favourite brand: TapouT Gear.

“I made the tunes as a proposition to TapouT for a rebranding,” Marty told me. “Their marketing dept ( ended up blocking my e-mail address after I wouldn’t stop sending in my songs (true story).. so I put a couple of them up on Soundcloud.

“As far as an actual sponsor, I am currently on a sponsorship campaign, generously giving TapouT Gear unsolicited, free advertising at my shows and on my social media. I just love the shirts. Think they’re great shirts!”

While the money may not be pouring in from TapouT yet, Marty’s next show March 2nd (that’s tonight!) hopes to raise some much needed cash for his show’s producer. From the invite:

Tragedy has struck our producer Brandon, but WHATEVAR! Who cares! Cuz it’s given us an excuse to throw the biggest, highest profile Marty Topps House Party show we’ve ever done! We’re raising $1,000,000.000 one penny at a time so don’t forget to bring your pocket book.

With dubiously promised appearances from big time Canadian celebs like Kim “Kitty” Katrall, Paul “Gross!” Gross and Brent “The Butt” Butt, it should be a great show. - InTOComedy


2014 LIVE! (from the Rotary Club) (full album)
2014 BEEP BEEP (Buy Me a Jeep) (EP)
2013 A Loving Tribute to TapouT (full album)



Marty Topps is a Toronto comedian unlike any other. He wields a keytar and loves to sing inspirational jingles. His debut album "A Loving Tribute to TapouT" was ranked the #2 Comedy Music Album of 2013 by BiteTV and his live performances won him Best Newcomer at Montreal Sketchfest and Best Musical Sketch at Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

Marty's follow-up (a musical short film called "Beep Beep (Buy Me a Jeep!)") won First Place at the 2014 NXNE/Laugh Sabbath Film Fest.

Highlighted by Torontoist under the Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014, Topps just released his sophomore album "LIVE! From the Rotary Club". A collection of toe-tapping, desperate love songs sang live to/at his wife, who has no interest in hearing them.

Marty's live act has been described as a "have to see it to believe it" combination of silliness, synth pop and "what the f*ck did I just watch?"!

You can catch Marty the first Thursday of every month co-hosting Laugh Sabbath with Tim Gilbert.

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