Marujah is a High Energy professional touring band. Combining styles ranging from Rock to Reggae, Dub, Funk, Tribal-south American, Electronica, and Indie rock!! Their electric live shows speak for themselves when entire clubs and colleges turn into a one-of-a-kind experience!


Irreverent, outspoken and hilarious. Marujah is a cutting edge Latin Alternative Band with a twist of reggae, disco ska and punk, hailing from Nashville, TN. Their sound is forceful, and yet, melodic. The lyrics, sung in Spanish with a mix of English, cover a vast spectrum, from social commentary to heartbreak through unusually twisted prose. Marujah’s writing style is heavily influenced by Latin American existential poetry, which by nature is cryptic and creates an interactive atmosphere for the listener. “I want the audience to make up their own mind; it helps make the song a part of them,” lead singer Enrique explains. Their debut album is being produced by Neil Harris at Purple Mountain studios in Nashville, and is due to drop in early 2009.
During 2005 and 2006, Marujah had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Foreigner, Snoop Dogg, Tool, Kinky, Pepe Aguilar, Lupillo Rivera, Rostros Ocultos, Locos por Juana, Alejandra Guzman, RBD, Orixa, Café Tacuba, and many others.
Marujah is on the brink of reaching the next level. Playing headlining shows from Atlanta to New York City and every where in between, the bands' first single "indocumentado" has been on top forty radio in Colombia, and this summer they will tour parts of Peru. Their anti-war anthem "culero" has become a staple on internet college radio and landed them on a spot for Voto Latino. Their shows are revered as the most high energy shows, and the band is seen as the ultimate party band. Marujah is bringing their version of Latin Rock to as many cities in the United States they can. Be on the look out for Marujah at a venue near you.


MARUJAH- Street EP 2008
new album to be released at SXSW and LAMC 2009 recorded at Purple Mountain studios in Nashville!!

Set List

We plan our set to immediatly set the mood as a high energy turn you head and get the feeling your about to be rocked.
typically hour and a half sets. up to 4 sets.
sets can be arranged to be funky, rock, dub, electronic, latin, or indie rock.