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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | SELF

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | SELF
Band EDM Metal


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"EXSTREAM!!!!!!!!! review" - Grind to Death

"Maruosa Interview: Parisrocks"

for French - Parisrocks

"Maruosa Interview: SXSW 2010 - Spinner"

In 2003, Maruosa, a self-described "Extream Laptop Musician," played the first of five gigs in the US. Now, seven years and multiple European, UK and Japanese festivals later, he's coming back to the States in March for what's set to be an explosive Trans America Ultra Tour 2010, including SXSW. - Spinner

"Maruosa – Mushimamire 7" (Hirntrust Grind Media / 006)"

Nicht ganz so mein Fall diese einseitige 7? mit 3 Tracks einer spanischen Breakcoreband, die vor allem losbrettern will. Auf die Dauer wirkt das einfach nur so wie Energie, die ungehört verpufft. Vielleicht wären die besser live, weil, wenn Japaner so etwas machen, sieht das immer ganz schon albern aus. - DE:BUG

"Exercise and Hell CD review"

Once upon a time there was a long-haired noise artist named Masonna who liked to throw himself around the stage while creating the most god-awful racket imaginable (actually he’s still around, but let’s not knit-pick). Now cometh the breakcore variant on the same theme, Maruosa. Put a laptop in the corner of the stage, have it set to play complex yet hideously distorted breakbeat patterns while you roll around on the floor screaming like Cousin It going through heroin withdrawal. Repeat for 30 minutes or so until you get tired or your laptop batteries die. Get the picture? Let’s face it, there’s a lot to appreciate in this kind of ‘anti-performance’, and musically, Maruosa has Masonna beat in spades (especially assuming you have a secret Alec Empire fetish). As for Exercise and Hell, it’s alternately funny, fast, loud, goofy, noisy and incredibly annoying. Those of you into noisecore demons like DJ Scotch Egg, Bong-Ra and ONOMATOPEEE already have a good idea what to expect, and this is probably about as close to a “must-buy” (or “must-illicitly-download”, as is more likely the case) as exists. Those into old-school noise artists like Merzbow and Hijokaidan will also find more than a little to appreciate, but ‘normal’ (sniff) music fans need not apply. Kudos to Rendarec for releasing the most hideously bizarre Japanese electronica of the new millennium. - Seek Japan

"mushimamire 7" review"

Dig this: ?mushimamire? is a japanese word describing the body being covered by insects. I have no information if it has to be cockroaches like pictured on the cover but nevertheless, it is an interesting fact. Linguistically it is proven that if in a language a certain word exists for something ? so it does not have to be described by an arrangement of other words ? then this means that this word and the thing it describes have certain importance and that this word has to be used at least enough to make it economically sensible to have a special word for it. For example, the inuits have approximately twentysix different words for different kinds of snow. That means, where we have to use circumscribing phrases like mushy, wet snow or freshly fallen snow or icy and frozen snow, they have special words for that. Because snow is very important in their surroundings. Now I wonder how important ?Being covered by insects? is for the Japanese? And I don?t even want to think about how it feels. Ask anybody who participated in ?I am a star, get me out of here? or any somesuch nonesense.

In some way it would be consequential and closely related to ask Maruosa himself, after all he chose this title for this one sided, three-track seven inch. But on the other hand, I am not sure. The synthetic grindcore tracks on this little record are so fucked up, harsh and in your face brutal, that you might not dare to get close to him. They are an unbelievable array of killer blasts of drum machine percussions, wildly mixed noises and samples and screaming vocals all through. There are only a few holes that allow you to breathe through. Other than that ?mushimamire? is one blazing wall of noise fire in your face. Make no mistake, this music is to be enjoyed and it is definitely not any kind of testing of your listening patience or abilities.

Is there any point in time where it is socially acceptable to play this kind of music to other people who have never heard such a racket before? Apart from those minimal noise rock shows in urban basements, I mean, where the same twenty to fifty fans meet on a regular basis (I would be there too if I could be bothered to go out at all). I would like to see Maruosa enter the stage at the Electronic Beats festival in Vienna and then scare the shit out of the Bobos in the audience and even more out of the marketing executives of the big telecommunications company sponsoring the whole festival. I would like to see their faces drop and have them check their blackberries and mobiles for information on what the fuck is going on here. And finally I?d like to see Maruosa take a motor chainsaw to Goldie?s multimilliondollar DJ desk and reduce it to little bits and pieces. Yeah, that would be a happening with a meaningful symbolism and a lot of action on top. And please let nobody of the big media talk about it.

The Japanese are a mysterious, enigmatic and fascinating folk. Or they wallow in this image for the pleasure of us Western pinkskinned punks. Three tracks of hellish noise racket without titles and without description later, I am ready to relocate my self and to give up, give in and waste away. But also filled with energy and the will to keep on going strongly. Maybe that is the lesson of all of this: there is a place and a time for everything, just you wait. -


EXSTREAM!!!!!!!!! (digital ver.) Grindcore Karaoke/US 2011
untitled (10" color) KRISS/NEL 2008
mushimamire (one-sided 7") Hirntrust Grind Media/AUT 2006
bibibibibibin vol.1(s/t CDR) RENDAREC/JPN 2002

Black Long Hair Nice Wah Pedal (CD)?????/JPN 2009
Watermelon Dude Zone (CDR) Megapixxels/UK 2006
Tracks Appear On:
OSAKA INVASION MixCD by DJ MIGHTY MARS (mix CD) de-fragment/JPN 2008
Statement Of Intent (CD) Noize:tek Recordings/UK 2007
Can Buy Me Love IV (2CD) Digital Vomit/UK 2007
CTM.07 Audio Compilation (CD) rx:tx/SLO 2007
Tough Titties (CD) GPFS/AUS 2006
ROMZ 4th Anniversary (CD) ROMZ/JPN 2006
MCP2005gb (CD) IHIHI/JPN 2005
Hard Marchan in osaka (CD) NAZNA OIRAN inc/JPN 2004
SPICE by punquestion (CD) M.O.P. Recordings/JPN 2003
G2 Compilation CD (CD) G2 PRODUCTS/JPN 2003
j-pop terrorizm (CD) IHIHI /JPN 2003

Bringers Of The Apocalypse (7" Black/grey) Hirntrust Grind Media/AUT 2009
We are deathstorm (12" clear) Fathme/US 2008



Born in Osaka, Japan. MARUOSA an Extream laptop musician.
MARUOSA started this project and own label "RENDAREC" on 1999, relased debut album "EXERCISE AND HELL". and releases some works and compilation in the world by present.

And toured US, Europe and UK from 2003 to 2006.
on 2006, was invited to media art festival "club transmediale" in Berlin. in Ireland, one of the audience got excited and the spine was fractured.

on 2008, toured Europe and UK (10 countries, 25 gigs) again, was invited to "SONAR", "Roskilde Festival",Autumn of the year, "Supersonic festival" and a lot of festivals.
Autumn of the year, was invites to "THIS IS NOT ART / Electrofringe" and some gigs in Australia.

on 2009, toured Europe for the third time, was invited to Japanese art biennale. "L’Experience Japonaise 2009" in France and Spain.

on 2010, toured US and China, was invited to SXSW and some gigs.

club transmediale (Berlin, Germany)
SONAR(Barcelona, Spain)
Nowa Muzyka Festival (Katowice, Poland)
Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)
5 Days Off Festival (Amsterdam, Holland)
Metropolis Festival (Rotterdam, Holland)
Supersonic Festival (Birmingham, UK)
Glade Festival (Berkshire, UK)
THIS IS NOT ART / Electrofringe (Newcastle, Australia)
L’Experience Japonaise (Niems, France)
SXSW(Austin, US)