Marvel Hill

Marvel Hill


MCKENZIE MUZIK// LANZAMIENTO - 15/12/2007 ................................................................................ MCKENZIE MUZIK// REALEASE OUT - 15/12/2007


Let's set an example: Before becoming a massively selling band, Biffy Clyro had to wait some years and produce 2 albums to perfect their sound. Marvel Hill's story is somewhat brief and yet is still characteristic of the 'unstoppable rising of a band'. How so? One example is that in less than two years since formation, the band debuted their premier EP: Machinelike Freaks. The EP is embedded in deep rock epistemology and especially crafted with potent lyrics and was produced in the Guamasa Recording Studios with the perfectionism and guidance of Ayoze Hernandez, one of the most important advisers in Tenerife's alternative music scene. This is an EP that sounds mature despite the band's youth. The strong yet slightly broody voice of Jon Ramsden blends perfectly with the skilfully contending walls of guitars. The rhythms collide yet fuse into a form of harmonic energy exemplified in songs like High, Save, Dawn or Laughing or the ideal-alternative-anthem Train to Anywhere.
Let's set an image: a beaten old Pontiac speeds across a long and isolated desert road. A dying cigarette butt is thrown over a dark tinted side window . The sound of the engine turns into the humm of a deep voice yet there is something, more like a whisper… "Eddie Vedder was right, he’s alive, we can condemn him of many things, but not of been always standing there, resisting....Everything here sounds like it, sounds like rock, damn good rock.

Pongamos un ejemplo: Biffy Clyro tardaron un par de álbumes y algo más de tiempo en perfeccionar su sonido y en convertirse en superventas, lo de Marvel Hill suena, en cambio, a imparable aceleración de una banda que en menos de dos años de vida se presenta con este EP de debut de 5 canciones de profundo calado rock, con letras de cuidada confección y sonido contundente, directo y elaborado maderado por Ayoze Hernández en Guamasa Estudios, una de las piezas clave dentro del inmejorable estado de salud de la escena de rock alternativa en la isla de Tenerife. Un EP que suena a madurez a pesar de la juventud de la banda en la que la potente voz de Jon Ramsden, se adapta a la perfección a las murallas de guitarras y ritmos de tiempos hábilmente contenidos, en las que la energía (en High, Save, Dawn o Laughing) se junta con el himno coreable perfecto (Train to anywhere)
Pongamos una imagen: una carretera recta y desierta, un coche la atraviesa a toda velocidad, alguien tira una colilla y tararea algo, más bien murmura... “Eddie Vedder siempre tuvo razón, él sobrevive, y lo podemos acusar de todo menos de no haber estado siempre ahí, resistiendo...” Todo aquí suena a algo así... a rock y del bueno.




All the kids are gone
from their broken homes
they’re all searching for the promised land
in the place within, where the people sink
and the light hovers out to sea

So the lights fade down
as your breath runs out
and you loose you’re last pocket of air
as the cold creeps in
in your final drink
and the light falls into the sea

I just wanna burn up high and bright
break this silence that can be so loud
so lets drink to the friends that’ve gone
never to return(ed) ‘till the sun is back

All they’re searching for
is a place to go
and the light hovers out to sea…

Never coming ‘till the sun is back…

Never coming to the promised land…



Walking, through the alleys of the city
let you’re heart calm down
breathe some air into you’re lungs.
but it don’t come

Light goes much quicker
the city shrinks
pain in my arms
blood in my hands

Silence, is no longer necessary
I can see her eyes
you can feel her fear
but she doesn’t…

Scream, is no longer necessary
I can hear his voice
you can touch his smell
but I can’t see the man

I can hear the sirens
they’re passing by
a young girl lives…
...and the old man dies



When I see you, coming round
rippin’ people, on the ground
I don’t wanna, see you’re show
I’m afraid of, what might go

Sticking knives into their backs
Lauhing, laughing without you

You’re just thinking, ‘bout yourself
watch you’re back as, you walk around
with you’re eyes closed, pick the one
have no mercy, second thoughts

Motherfuckers you will fall

With you’re nice looks, you’re big car
can’t be faker, than you are
crall the ladder, don’t look back
have no mercy, hit and run



Well I’m walking down a sideway, searching for a friend
a sense of realisation passes through my head
I’m fighting for the next day, I don’t wanna be afraid
whatever comes will have to, we’re too tired to pretend

And the dreams they come and go
as we run against the clock
in the closing of my day
I’m on a train to anywhere

Thinking ‘bout the future, some thoughts cross my head
we’ll try to make them happen, and wish for the best
you talk about tomorrow, we’ll babe I’m here today
whatever comes will have to, we’re too tired to pretend

And the dreams they come and go
as we run against the clock
in the dawning of my day
I’m on a train to anywhere

It’s the eyes that we see through, they can show us who we are
and the light we reflect, I’m on a train to anywhere

To anywhere…



You wanted to leave this place so bad
you were back before you were gone
you lost and found yourself in the process n’ the cause
It’s only an imaginary picture of the past
you follow what you think to the corner in the back

I’ll be up with the sun
I’m not coming

Looking for you’re soul in the words of a pre-recorded tape
you felt so smart and fell so hard on the way
It’s only an extraordinary feature in you’re mind
you’re falling through yourself to the bottom of the well

I’ll be up with the sun
I’m not coming down…

Sun, sun here it comes, here it comes to wash my face
Sun, sun here it comes, here it comes again


Mckenzie Muzik.

Set List

1. High & Bright
2 Loser's day
3. Save
4. Scattered
5. Train to Anywhere
6. Are you gonna be my girl (Jet)
7. Beatles Medley
8. Dawn
9. Laughing