Marvel Hill

Marvel Hill


High energy and extreamly entertaining. Deffinately a band to see live!


Early in 2006, Marvel Hill was formed by the idea and vision of 4 guys set
on creating original material, inspired by eclectic modern and alternative
rock of the last 30 years.

It was in August of that year a demo was released, the first for the young
band and with only three songs to its name, the self titled demo was
received with success by a few supporting punters.

Gigs came soon after, and by October the name`Marvel Hill´ began to
spread into local bars throughout Tenerife´s musical hubs of La Laguna
and Santa Cruz. By December, Marvel was playing in the neighbouring
island of Gran Canaria, making their way to Las Palmas for a gig in the
privileged mythic pub `La Calle´ where years before bands like the
Ramones took the same stage.

In March 2007, a little over 1 year since inception, Marvel Hill won the
University La Laguna/ Radio 3 Battle of the Bands. The band gained
significant media attention and publicized that this little band has a lot to
say within the Canarian Music Scene.

It was through Marvel Hill's presence in Tenerife´s Aguere Rock Festival
MAY 07, that the band was inaugurated a `serious´ Tenerifian band,
playing alongside the nationally recognized The Mistake, Nueva Vulcano
and Los Tiki Phantoms.

The immediate future looks promising for Marvel Hill with an EP recorded
in Estudios Guamasa with Ayoze Hernández in the production, expected by
August 2007, we can expect great things to come from the boys of Marvel