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Marvelkind - Conquering the Universe Chorus Verse (Independently released CD, Electronic pop/rock)
Marvelkind is something of a modern day Devo with a more abrasive, updated sound. The band's electronic music is counterbalanced by their very strong visual image...and yet their songs are surprisingly strong given the medium they are working in. The band released their first EP in 1998 (produced by David Baker) to a very favorite response and then toured the states to promote the disc. Afterward the band created their own home studio and recorded Conquering the Universe Chorus Verse. Particularly considering this was an independently produced project, the quality of these recordings is impressive. The band combines cool electronics with fuzz guitars and thumpy rhythms, all of which are used to support catchy and inventive pop tunes. Smart, upbeat compositions include "We Don't Need to Belong," "Plug In The Drug Machine," "Same Mistake," and "Cherry Wine." The lyrics are particularly intriguing. (Rating: 4+++) -


Height 7"
Cherry Wine 7"
MK Mini E.P.
Two Sides 7"
Conquering the Universe Chorus Verse L.P.
A (Not So) Merry Christmas CD Single
State Of The Artificial L.P.




GONZO ~ Bizarre; unconventional.
ELECTRO ~ Pertaining to electricity, produced by electricity
NOISE ~ A loud outcry or commotion
POP ~ Of or for the general public; popular or popularized

1998 saw the first MARVELKiND release Mini E.P. on Chris Allen's Throwrug Records. It was produced by David Baker (Mercury Rev, Shady). Mini received rave reviews, radio air-play, and overall excitement for this very young group.
The industry shifts and MARVELKiND are no longer sought after by labels as Rap Metal and Super-Pop reigns supreme. The boys take it upon themselves to record entirely void of outside influence or distraction. The result is Conquering The Universe Chorus Verse, and it too, recieves praise for diversity and an independent spirit.
Frontman BenJammin Hughes, heads to Los Angeles, and begins acting in movies, commercials, and singing jingles. The remaining boys continue to work on new projects that do very well (Assassins).
MARVELKiND continues to get together a few times every year and continue to send tracks, songs and ideas back and forth, as well as perform.
Recently, a unanimous decision to release a new album was set into motion. They recruited the help of long-time friend and engineer Adam Olmsted. The new MARVELKiND record is due out in August of 2007 on their very own Crashfinder Records.