Marv G

Marv G

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Christian hip hop and its not just music but its a ministry as well. As long as my music can reach one person and help bring that person closer to god, then I feel that I have done my job. My music is for everyone but mainly the ones that are lost.


My influence is Jesus Christ and I am a promoter of his kingdom. What sets my music apart from every other artist that you hear doing my type of music is that I tend not to sugar coate anything. Im straight to the point and blunt about everything I write about. My music is based off of real life situations and Im letting everyone know that Christ is the answer for whatever situation you may be in or going through. I started rapping at the age of 16 and as I got older I started recording some of the material I had written in my earlier days. I was always in church and one day I came to a conclusion that I could not serve two masters. So I gave up secular music and started writing music to help promote the kingdom of god.


I have an album that will be out October of 2008, but right now I have three singles out. The titles of the songs are Devil in Disguise, The Best (I See), and The Cure. Nothing has touched the radio yet but hopefully in due time. The title of the Album is New Beginning and its due out October of 2008.