Marvin Sunk

Marvin Sunk

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"You should just really listen to the band, otherwise your face is 9:30..."


Marvin Sunk is six piece live band "experience" from the Bayshore of New Jersey. Their own unique brand of genre-bending rock, jazz, hip-hop and electronica: to which the members and their fans lovingly refer to as “TRUE GRIT”, have been delightfully confounding audiences all around the state of New Jersey for the past 4 years.

From it's humble beginnings as an "in-house" studio project, Marvin Sunk expanded it's lineup to:
Casey Burd - vocals, trombone
kilday - guitar, vocals
Mike “the Haug” Haughey - guitar
Perry Perez - bass, flow
Ed Marshall - keys & bass
Tristan Berry - drums

Marvin Sunk have released 4 e.p.’s and are currently writing and recording for their debut album, "50,000".


Broadcast : Energy : Transmit
everyone wants to be a dead rockstar
The True Grit Radio Edit E.P.
The Looking Back CD