Marv Machura

Marv Machura


I am a singer-songwriter of Western Canadian Roots music in the vein of artists like Fred Eaglesmith, Ian Tyson, James Keelaghan, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.


My name is pronounced Ma-chúra, as in “mature-a” and I’m a singer-songwriter from Alberta, Canada.

If there were such a commonly used term, my music would be described as"Canadiana"...the northern version of "Americana."

I have been playing music semi-professionally around my hometown (Edmonton) since I was 15 (that’s 25 years, if you’re counting).

I released my first professionally recorded and produced CD this past year: the CD was produced by Gary Koliger and features some great session players.

In my twenty-five years of performing, I’ve lead bands and also played in others’ groups. I also published 20 songs in Nashville during the mid 1990’s. I’ve also performed very often in the singer-songwriter solo tradition.

My goal is simply to keep writing and performing the music that I love: you won’t see me on Canadian Idol, but I hope that we can meet sometime down the road: maybe at a tavern, pub, house party, dance, folk club, or festival...and be sure to have a good time!

Thanks for your interest in me and my music.

See you soon!


Hockey Town

Written By: Marv Machura

Hockey Town

Verse 1:
I grew up in a hockey town; I’m still hanging around;
I have no plans to move away.
There’s a hockey game tonight; she’s coming to see me play,
I know this is the way.

Verse 2:
Me and her go back, to my high school days
When I played Junior A.
We married at twenty-one; now we have two sons,
And yes, they play the game.

In a hockey town, life goes round with the seasons,
Let the snow fall down, living in a hockey town.
In a hockey town love goes down; wheels keep turning around and around
Living in a hockey town, keep me in a hockey town.

All my dreams are right here; I see everything so clear.

Repeat chorus, coda.

Words and Music by Marv Machura
© 2002

Diamonds for Fields of Clover

Written By: Marv Machura

Diamonds For Fields of Clover

Verse 1:
It’s been a long cold winter, working way up north,
Digging diamonds out of the rocky, frozen earth,
It’s springtime on the prairies, five more weeks—I’ll be there too,
I swear to God this time I’ll buy some land with the money that’s in my hands.

I’ll trade you diamonds for fields of clover, rocks for green, growing land,
Leaves, trees, and bumble bees, her hand in my hand.
I’d give everything in this diamond mine for that farmhouse on a hill…
Diamonds for fields of clover and that love I’d have still.

Verse 2:
How many years have I kept saying, I’d save my money this time.
Not blow it all on fancy pick-up trucks, drugs, women, whiskey and wine.
I’d come down south every summer with plans that just fell through,
In the bars of good-old Edmonton like I had nothing better to do. –then trade you
diamonds... (repeat chorus)

This time I have to do; I don’t want to come up here no more.
Though they pay us so damn much money, it’s not worth it anymore.
(repeat chorus)

Diamonds for fields of clover and her love I’d have still.

Words and music by Marv Machura © 2003

CN Grain Train

Written By: Marv Machura

The CN Grain Train

Verse 1:
I like trains like Fred Eaglesmith; I like them big or small.
And the train I’m talking about is the best train of all.

Chorus 1:
A CN grain train, two diesels on.
A CN grain train, 150 cars.
A CN grain train, golden wheat painted on the side, a CN grain train.

Verse 2:
When cars come back from the coast empty as my heart,
Farmers on the fields bring the harvest in.
It doesn’t take long to fill them up and send them on their way,
Headed west to Vancouver, or east to Thunder Bay.

Chorus 2:
A CN grain train, two men drive her down.
A CN grain train, 8000 horsepower strong.
A CN grain train, golden wheat painted on the side of a CN grain train.

Verse 3:
When I see that train go by, I think about our land,
I wonder how many acres fills the train up.
Golden wheat waving against a blue prairie sky,
Though Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Chorus 3:
A CN grain train, golden wheat painted on the side.
A CN grain train, and a clear-blue sky.
A CN grain train; they can really fly; a CN grain train…a CN grain train.

Pounding along the rails, pounding along the tracks
Fifteen thousand tones of grain headed for Japan.
(repeat chorus 1)

…a CN grain train.

Words and music by Marv Machura © 2003


Diamonds for Fields of Clover (released September 2003)
Big Hill King (re-release planned for September 2004)

Set List

This varies upon the show, of-course. But what I like the best is one or two sets of primarly my own songs from my two CDs. I also like to do a few covers from some of my favourite songwriters like John Denver, Ian Tyson, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, etc.