Mary-Catherine Pazzano

Mary-Catherine Pazzano

 Kitchener, Ontario, CAN

Mary-Catherine Pazzano: Jazz Vocalist


“As impressive as these artists were, it was singer Mary-Catherine Pazzano who truly stole the show. Whether she was scatting her way through a fast number or slowing things down for a powerfully belted tune, Pazzano had the audience enthralled throughout the entire show. Her performance was probably best summed up in the quiet moments that occasionally appeared between the notes, when the room sat in anticipation of her next line – completely silent and breathless.”

Jon Svec, Reporter

A jazz vocalist from Kitchener-Waterloo, Mary-Catherine has been described as a rising star of the Canadian music scene. Since her childhood, Mary-Catherine’s passion has been singing and performing. She loves exploring the endless repertoire of the Great American Songbook, and making the sublime lyrics her own with a nostalgic, yet modern, flair. From a young age, Mary-Catherine has identified with the music of Old Hollywood films, and musical theatre. She believes she was put on this earth to interpret this repertoire, and to compose and perform modern repertoire in a similar milieu.

Mary-Catherine's performances are introspective and personal. She surrounds herself with musicians who help her tell her story, in the style and atmosphere she sees fit. Her busy performance schedule has included a jazz tour in New Zealand, the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival, concerts at Kitchener’s Registry Theatre, and performances at high-profile jazz clubs such as Toronto’s The Rex and The Jazz Room in Waterloo.

Mary-Catherine has also been a a soloist with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.

A very select roster of Mary-Catherine's performance calendar has been uploaded here. For a more comprehensive list (past and upcoming), please visit her Events page on her website. You can also view her Videos page for additional media examples. Mary-Catherine is currently in the studio recording her first full-length solo jazz album, releasing October 27, 2017.


A Simple Conversation

Written By: Mary-Catherine Pazzano,Don Buchanan

I sit here, in my solitude
I wonder if I should intrude
Or will it be like all those other times

But I thought I saw a gleam in your eye
Oh should I just give it a try, take a chance?
Can't bear to miss
But what I fantasize is this

A simple conversation, just could be the beginning
Of a new romance, that I've been waiting for, for so long
And as I gaze across at you, I know what I should do
There's no way I can deny what I'm feeling

I will myself to say hello
Your smile and look leaves a glow
The hours go by, we laugh, and share the stories of our lives
I really don't believe it's true, it seems I've known you for all time
It's more than just a simple conversation

And as we rise to say goodbye, the spark has grown into a flame
I finally know the moment has arrived at last!
It seems as if it were a dream, but I know it's all come true
Just because we had a simple conversation


"You're Gonna Hear From Me" Debut Studio Album: To be released September 2017
-Recording at Inception Sound Studio, Toronto (Michael Haas, Engineer), Featuring Pat Collins, Don Buchanan, Jason Hunter, and Steve James

Phoenix Jazz Group, "Intrinsic Value" (Guest Vocalist): Released 2016
-Recorded at Merriam Music, Mississauga (Mike Tomba, Engineer)

Mary-Catherine Pazzano EP: Released 2013
-Recorded at Cedartree Recording Studio, Kitchener (Rick Hutt, Engineer)

Mary-Catherine Pazzano, "It's Christmas Time" Single: Released 2011
-Recorded at Inception Sound Studio, Toronto (Michael Haas, Engineer)

Set List

Available upon request. Mary-Catherine tailors her set lists for each show to suit theme, audience, band roster, etc.