Mary Ancheta and the Mantra

Mary Ancheta and the Mantra


If you can imagine Morcheeba meeting Lenny Kravitz to tak about the songwriting of Jeff Buckley then you are getting close.


Live Life is the long awaited debut album from Vancouver songwriter/singer/pianist Mary Ancheta. This self produced album was recorded in Ancheta's very own home studio, Transientworld Audio along with the help of co-owner/musician/engineer/ and co-conspirator Mark Lazeski. Mixed by Roger Swan (k-OS, Swollen Members) and mastered by Todd Simko, (Pure) 'Live Life' is a heady mixture of British influenced soul music and live drum and bass all added to songs with uplifting anthemic choruses. If you can imagine Morcheeba meeting Lenny Kravitz to talk about the songwriting of Jeff Buckley then you are getting close.

Who is Mary Ancheta? You've probably already seen her playing keyboards at one time or another with Lily Frost, Adrienne Pierce, Mark Browning of OX, Bocephus King, The Vincent Black Shadow and many more. She now has her own project and a debut album which features Mary's band The Mantra - Trevor Grant on drums/percussion (Paula Toledo), Darren Parris on bass/vocals (Daniel Powter/Kia Kadiri), Paul Rigby on electric guitar (Neko Case), and Mark Lazeski on acoustic guitar/vocals (Retrograde). The album also features Juno award winner Jesse Zubot (Zubot and Dawson/Jim Byrnes) on violin and the multi-talented J.P. Carter (Great Aunt Ida/Carsick) on trumpet. Together, along with Ancheta herself on vocals and keyboards 'Live Life' is a poignant reminder of the simple beauty that envelops our life.

Mary has played to many large audiences across Canada and the U.S., having shared bills with such artists as Nickelback, John Mayer, Hawksley Workman, Default, and Emm Gryner to name a few. MaryĆ­s vocals have been featured in Michael Jackson's VH1 Biography for the Transientworld track, "Shelter", and she recently scored the film "Everyone" which was awarded the Golden Zenith Award for Best Canadian Film at the 2004 Montreal International Film Festival. Mary is also the two time winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest featuring her vocals for the track "Forever in the Sun" judged by Bjork, Elton John, and Meshell Ndegeocello with over 250, 000 entries. With all of this inspiration and more to build on, Mary is now ready to release her highly anticipated debut album, Live Life.

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Live Life LP

'All That We Are' in regular rotation on ClearFM 104.9

Set List

Typical set list is 10 - 12 songs.

All That We Are
Moving On
Pass You By
Right Light
Beautiful Gift
How Many Times
To the One
Boyfriend (Cover)
Ordinary Love (Cover)
Approximately 40 - 50 minutes long.
Originals - possibly 1 or 2 covers.