Mary and the Giant

Mary and the Giant


Mary and the Giant bring a unique sound. Believe it. Listen to it. Raw bluegrass type violin, driving guitar, smooth vocals and tight bass make this a great sound to listen to. Some of it could be a sound track.


Michael and Jason worked together at Cracker Barrel in Columbia. When the subject of music came up, they decided to get together and jam with the other guys Jason played with. They had never had a violin player before and were intrigued. The rest of the group did a tour at small venues last year before they met Michael. That pretty much changed things up as far distinctiveness. Michael was the last one to stop his education at Missouri University in order to pursue their career in music. At this time they all work regular jobs, but that will all change as they take the world by storm, of course.
The band has different stories as far as background and influence, but they have gelled into something raw and unique in the world of…well, whatever kind of music it is. Pop/folk? Well, listen to them. You’ll want to have them for a show. You will enjoy the listen.


Happy For You

Written By: Zac Fiddes

She met a nice man, with a nice plan
She’s seen the world and I’ve seen enough to know,
That it’s all fleeting, oh, it’s all repeating, oh, I’m done competing, oh, here’s to letting go!

And I’m so Happy for you, And I’m so happy for you
And if I was to say, tell me what would that change?

I am elated, thank God you made it,
You do things right, you find it’s amazing
I’m so happy for you oh oh, I’m so happy for you oh oh, oh oh
I’m so happy for you oh oh.

Two years and it came to this, I’m so proud of who you are.
Was it worth all you’ve lost, have you even come that far?
And all these accolades hang silent in an empty room,
But I would never blame you I was never there for you.
And if I were to change, tell me would you still stay?

I am elated, Thank God you made it,
you do things right you find it’s amazing,
I’m so happy for you oh oh, well I’m so happy for you oh oh, oh oh
I’m so happy for you oh oh.

This world won’t be enough to overcome all we’ve been through
But just to see you smile would be worth a lifetime anyway.
This world won’t be enough to overcome all that we have been through but,
Just to see you smile would be worth a lifetime baby ya.
Now I know what they mean, Cuz now I’ve seen what they’ve seen.
And I still care to dream yeah.
I am elated, we finally made it, we did things right you found it’s amazin,
I’m so, My God your so amazin!

I’m so happy for you yaaa.


We just finished recording our first EP titled "Music for a Nervous Breakdown." Release is scheduled for Jan.15. We are currently getting them pressed. We are on a couple of local radio shows run through Stephens college as well as Columbia college.

Set List

Our sets are different depending on the shows we are at. A bigger set would be as followed. (in no particular order)

1.Texus Lexus
2.I'm no different
3.Beg me please
4.This must be the high life
6.Margret Rita
7.Summary of a beginning
8.Like you know what your doing
9.Wagon Wheel (cover, Old Crow Medicine Show)
11.Birdman/Two for flinching
13.Enjoy it on the inside
14. Happy for you.

This set would probably be around an hour and 15 or 20 minutes