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To a Lover and Friend

Written By: Mary Ann Douglas

Copyright 2000 Mary Ann Douglas
“Songs by Mary Ann Douglas, Vol. 5”


He’s been too long without love.
He cannot remember
What it felt like
To be held tenderly.

He is good at his work.
That is all that he does.
And the softness of love –
He’s forgot what that was.

He doesn’t have daydreams –
Least none that he claims.
When he sleeps and awakes,
They are one and the same.
He plans out his future,
And he takes what life gives,
But he knows that he never has lived.

Take this man home.
Let him start over.
What he knows now,
Let him know then.
Bring back the girl,
And bring back the power
To give all he is
To a lover and friend.

Each day we make choices
And think we’ll go back.
What mistakes we have made
Turn from fiction to fact.
When you waltz by love slowly
You are given a chance.
You don’t know if this one’s the last dance.

(Repeat chorus)


Written By: Mary Ann Douglas

Copyright 2000 Mary Ann Douglas
“Songs by Mary Ann Douglas, Vol. 5”


Mama’s fading.
No more colors left but gray.
All she talks about is Daddy.
Longs to see him every day.
When I go to see her
I die a little with her, too.
Don’t seem right what she goes through.
Oh, Lord, why does leavin’ take so very long to do?

Baby’s crying.
He can’t understand this world.
Things moving all too slowly
So he makes his voice be heard.
Someone come and free him.
Let him see a friendly face.
Can’t seem to hurry up this old world’s pace!
Oh, Lord, these two waiting – one to leave and one to take her place.

Old planet spinning –
Only you know the truth!
What it’s all about –
But you hide all the proof.
You’ve got your own way, don’t you,
Of making things run.
And we here struggle blindly
For control never won.

Mama’s fading.
She has little left to say.
I hold on not too tightly
So that she can slip away.
Baby, stop your crying.
Pretty soon you’ll have your turn.
Then someday, sad but true, you’re gonna learn –
For your trouble, many times, waiting’s all you’re gonna earn.